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Electronic colour touchscreen thermostat/timer

Heat Mat’s exclusive NGTouch thermostat is a simple to use colour, touchscreen electric underfloor heating thermostat, ideal for controlling any of Heat Mat’s electric underfloor heating or other manufacturer’s systems. This thermostat is the latest model in Heat Mat’s popular NGT range, and like all other Heat Mat thermostats, it is manufactured in Denmark in collaboration with OJ Electronics. The NGTouch provides fully-automated and flexible underfloor heating control to suit the owner’s aily schedule. The simple touchscreen interface and menu navigation structure are easy to use. The thermostat is supplied with various lifestyle modes including holiday, comfort, frost protection and boost for an hour of full-power warmth. The NGTouch allows different week types to be programmed depending on the owner’s routine. Each day is split into distinct ‘events’ allowing the homeowner to create a personalised heating schedule. This intelligent thermostat has energy-saving features including an Eco mode and energy-monitoring data graphs allowing the owner to keep track of their electricity consumption on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Another intelligent feature is the ‘Adaptive Function’ designed to learn the heat characteristics of a room and turn the underfloor heating on before an event, to ensure the system is operating at maximum efficiency. The NGTouch can also be operated in manual mode, by simply increasing or decreasing the temperature using arrows on screen.

NGTouch screensHeat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat 1

HC90 WiFi Features

  • Easy to use, quick to navigate
  • Fast reacting screen – uses a premium processor
  • Full colour resistive touchscreen
  • Available in ivory, silver or black with the option to upgrade to a premium frame in chrome, glass, brass, wood or brushed aluminium
  • Features four lifestyle modes
  • See energy use over a week, a month or a year
  • Monitor energy use in kW and £’s
  • Switch the thermostat to manual for the simplest control
  • Download diagnostic data using a QR code for technical support
  • Exclusive to Heat Mat
  • Floor and room sensors
  • Controls up to 16 Amp of underfloor heating directly without the need for a contactor
  • Includes built-in interrupter
  • Made in Denmark
  • Covered by a Lifetime Warranty

Compatible with

  • Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat 1Heating mats
  • Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat 2Undertile heating cables
  • Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat  3FlexHeat cables
  • Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat  46mm heating cables
  • Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat 5Under laminate heating mats

FACTSHEET NGT-2.0-STND-2015Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat 2

Lifestyle Modes

The thermostat offers a number of lifestyle ‘modes’ for easy temperature control. These modes are accessed via the Mode menu on the home screen and include: Comfort, Boost, Frost Protection, Holiday and Eco (found in the Advanced Options menu). These modes override the programmed heating schedule and provide homeowner’s with a quick way to adjust the thermostat, whilst retaining their day-to-day heating settings. Comfort mode – This will override the current heating program and allow manual adjustment of the target temperature for up to 24 hours. This might be used if the owner wanted to heat a room, that might normally be unheated, for a short time. Boost mode – the underfloor heating is boosted to full power. After one hour, the thermostat returns to the ‘default schedule’ or programmed operation. This could be used when returning to a cold room to warm the space as quickly as possible. Frost protection mode – used when heating is not needed but the temperature must be kept above freezing. This is usually used in holiday cottages, outbuildings or properties that may be left unattended for long periods of time. Holiday mode – this allows the heating to be set to a minimum while the homeowner is away on holiday, saving both energy and money. Holiday start and end dates must be set and the thermostat will ensure that your floor is kept above freezing and your home is warm when you return.

Heating Schedule
The thermostat comes with a pre-programmed ‘event’ schedule for easy and economical heating control. This can easily be personalized to reflect a homeowner’s routine and automatically follow a 4 or 6-event schedule for each day of the week.

Eco mode and energy efficiency
Eco Mode reduces the energy spent on unnecessary heating if a room or house is temporarily vacated during a scheduled heating event, or a homeowner’s routine is interrupted.

Adaptive function
The adaptive function remembers the heat characteristics of rooms and adjusts the thermostat accordingly, to bring the room up to temperature for the start of each programmed event. After a few days, the adaptive function will have automatically calculated when the heating must be turned on/off to achieve this and it will adapt with the seasons to ensure the system runs efficiently. If enabled, the adaptive function will be active prior to every event to reach the target temperature.

QR data for technical support
The NGTouch has a diagnostic function for use with smartphones. The thermostat provides a QR read-out of each individual thermostat’s technical data to provide energy usage graphs and diagnostic assistance. Once the QR code has been scanned using an app, the data can then be emailed to Heat Mat’s Technical Support Team.


NGTouch Underfloor Heating Thermostat Technical

  • Supply Voltage 100-240 V AC + 10% 50/60Hz
  • Output relay Max 16A, make contact
  • SPST – NO
  • Interrupter 2-pole, 16A
  • Temperature range +5 / +40oC
  • Floor limit range +5 / +40oC
  • Heating schedule 4- or 6-event program
  • Wireless No
  • Battery backup 5 years
  • Ambient temperature 0/+40oC during operation
  • On/Off differential 0.4oC
  • Regulation principle PWM/PL
  • Housing IP21
  • External sensor type NTC (12 KΩ) 3m
  • Dimensions (H/W/D) 82/82/40mm (23mm depth)
  • Display 176×220 pixel TFT – Resistive touch
  • EU registered design DM/082270

Heating systems must always be controlled by a suitable electric underfloor heating thermostat with floor temperature limitation. Heat Mat thermostats are rated to 16 Amps, and if a system exceeds this loading a suitably rated contactor should be used. The circuit must be protected by a 30mA RCD and suitably rated fuse or circuit breaker

About Heat Mat

With more than 1,400,000m2 of underfloor heating installed, 22 years’ experience of the UK underfloor heating market and a wealth of knowledge on Scandinavian ice and snow melting systems, you can rely on Heat Mat to understand your needs and supply the products to satisfy your requirements. This is why we are the Professional’s Choice, the number one supplier of electric underfloor heating and ice and snow melting systems to the UK’s professional installation market.

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Download Manual:

Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat Product Specification Guide

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Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat User Manual

Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat User GUIDE

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Heat-Mat NGTouch Programmable Thermostat Product Specification Guide


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