Bosch ‎BCC100 Smart Phone Thermostat Instruction Guide


Bosch ‎BCC100 Smart Phone Thermostat 



The Bosch Alexa and Google Home Connected Control Wi-Fi Thermostat can help you save money and energy. By speaking to the Alexa smart device, you may easily change the temperature of your house. While you’re gone from home, the touchscreen thermostat with a 5-inch full-color display automatically switches on and off. You can choose a temperature for various times of the day using comfort settings and intelligent scheduling without having to worry about your home being too hot or cold while you are away. It is Easily connected to Wi-Fi and checks the outside temperature to monitor your home’s temperature all day long. Date, time, temperature control, humidity management, fan operation, and general mode are all available on the touch screen’s main menu.

Any smartphone or tablet can be used to view the main interface and configure the thermostat. The Bosch Thermostat works with any 24 VAC HVAC system, as well as any humidifier or dehumidifier, that is available on the market. The unit must have a C-wire (common wire) to be powered. The C-wire is present on the majority of HVAC systems today that have three or more wires and is used to power the thermostat. If a C-wire is absent, third-party aftermarket items can be used to add powering alternatives. has a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The thermostat can control both evaporative and steam-type external humidifier accessories thanks to the humidifier algorithm update.

When linked to devices with a Hot Gas Reheat coil, such as a Bosch Water Source Heat Pump, the Dehumidifier Algorithm update incorporates Hot Gas Reheat compatibility that enables the thermostat to achieve the humidity set point. When employing Bosch Water Source Heat Pumps with an ECM Motor, this feature also enables the thermostat to achieve the humidity set point by passive dehumidification. When connected to an external dehumidifier accessory, the new Cool to Dehumidify feature enables the thermostat to reach the humidity set point during cooling operation. The thermostat can operate as a humidistat in either configuration to achieve the desired humidity level.




  • 8″ Non-Touch LCD Screen (240 x 320)
  • 5 Back-lit Touch Buttons
  • 6 Relay Terminals: G, Y, Y2, W/E/AUX, O/B/W2, H/DH
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • FCC and IC Certification
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

(see website: for details)


  • Conventional (Gas, Oil, Electric): Up to 2 Heat / 2 Cool
  • Heat Pump (O/B/W2 to energize reversing valve in cool/heat): Up to 3 Heat / 2 Cool
  • Supports up to 1 Accessory Unit: Humidifier or Dehumidifier (not provided by Bosch)
  • Unit Modes: Heat, Cool, Auto, Em Heat (Heat Pump & Dual Fuel only), Off
  • Fan Modes: Auto, On, Circulate
  • Supports 2 Transformer Systems (Rh and Rc)
  • C-Wire Required for Installation

Supports Active and Passive Dehumidification without the need for external relays, such as Bosch Water Source Heat Pump products equipped with a Hot Gas Reheat Coil and/or ECM motor

Models and Part Numbers
Description Part Number Heat Cool Humidify / Dehumidify*
Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat 8-733-952-994 3 2 Yes
Physical Data
Description Value
Electrical Rating: 24 VAC (18-30 VAC), 1 amp maximum per output terminal, 6 amp maximum total load
DC Power: 5 VDC (USB)
AC Power: 18 – 30 VAC
Temperature Control Range: 45°F to 99°F (7°C to 37°C) Accuracy: ±1°F (±0.5°C)
Anti-short Cycle 1 min – 5 min (3 min default)

Backlight Operations:

Brightness: Low, Medium, High(default) Screen Timeout: 20 sec, 60 sec (default), 180 sec Enable Idle Mode to leave the screen on at all times
Humidity Control Display Range: 0% – 100% RH +/- 5%
Humidity Control Setpoint Range: 30% – 90% RH

Humidifier and dehumidifier accessories are not provided by Bosch.







Other Manual: Bosch BCC-100 Thermostat Quick Start Guide

Bosch BCC100 Smart Phone Product Sepcification Manual


Bosch ‎BCC100 Smart Phone Thermostat Instruction Guide





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