WYZE Smart Thermostat User Guide


WYZE Smart Thermostat 



In the Box

  • Wyze Thermostat x1
  • C-Wire Adapter x1
  • Back Panel x1
  • Wall Cover x1
  • Mounting Screws with anchors x2
  • Wire Labels x1
  • Screwdriver x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-1

Thermostat Compatibility

Ensure that your system is compatible with Wyze Thermostat before installing. Check the compatibility by reviewing your current wiring.
Remove the cover from your old thermostat. Use the Wyze app or Compatibility Checker website to select the wire labels you currently have. The thermostat is compatible with most residential heating and cooling systems in North America, including gas, oil, electric, and dual fuel systems.
Below are some compatible and incompatible HVAC systems:

Compatible systems:

  • Electrical Requirements: 24VAC
  • Wires: No need for Common (C-wire)
  • Conventional (Furnace and Air Conditioning)
    • Up to 2 stages heat
    • Up to 2 stages cool
  • Heat Pumps:
    • Up to 4 heat stages
    • Up to 2 stages cool
  • Accessory (Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Emergency heat , Ventilator): One Accessory support available
  • Transformer (Boiler and Air Conditioning): Can support all combinations of dual and single transformers

Incompatible systems:

  • Non-standard labels (for instance 1,2,3, or A, B, C).
  • Electric baseboard (110-240v).
  • System with only two wires (R/Rc/Rh & W/Y), and have no Common wire.
  • Millivolt systems. (They use much less electricity than low voltage systems and can’t deliver the right amount of power.)
  • High voltage systems.
  • Not compatible with modulating equipment (Redlink, Comfortmaker, ClimateTalk).
  • House units that do not have C, Y, and G wires.
  • Communicating equipment (furnace, heat pump).
  • Systems that use coal, wood chips, pellets, anthracite, or other biomass materials are typically incompatible.
  • No R/Rc and Rh wires.
  • No C and G wires.

Regarding Proprietary Systems:
Wyze Thermostat is not compatible with communicating equipment. To determine whether or not your current thermostat is communicating:

  • Look up your current thermostat model.
  • Check terminals of your current thermostat and look for special terminals such as: A, B, C, D or 1, 2 ,3.

Is the thermostat compatible with zone boards?
Wyze Thermostat is compatible with most zone board models. You do not need to do anything special to set up Wyze Thermostat with a zone board and you don’t need to set up a zone controller as an accessory. Just follow the guided setup instructions to install your zone board.

What do my thermostat’s wire labels mean?WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-2

Common     Wyze Wire
terminals    terminals      Meaning

  • G                 G                    This wire controls the blower fan, which is responsible for pushing warm or cool air through all the vents in your house.
  • C                 C                     This stands for the “common” wire in an HVAC system, and it provides power to the thermostat.
  • Y, Y1           Y1                   The Y wire is used to send a signal to your HVAC system telling it to fire up the air conditioner. For cooling. Y2 Y2 Second stage cooling.
  • W, W1        W1                  Just like the Y wire, the W wire(s) control the heating aspect of your system.
  • E                  *                     This works nearly identically to auxiliary heat, but for emergency purposes only. It has to be turned on manually, whereas auxiliary heat can turn on                                                      automatically if need be.
  • O, O/B       O/B                These wires are responsible for switching the changeover valve in a heat pump system. The O wire reverses the valve from heating to cooling, and the B                                                wire switches the valve from cooling to heating.
  • W2, Aux     W2                 Second stage heating, usually auxiliary (electric) heating.

Less common thermostat wires:

Uncommon               Wyze Wire
terminals                   terminals         Meaning

  • X, X1, X2              W1, W2 or C        X wire is for back-up on a heat pump and allows for auxiliary heating from the back-up heat source.
  • B                             C or O/B              Some systems use B for common wire. Determine if your B wire is a common or O/B wire.
  • ACC, H, Hum,
    Hum1, H2, Hum2,
    D, DH, Dhum,
    D2, DH2, Dehum2      *                    Some thermostats have this terminal to connect equipment like a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier.
  • L                              Not needed         The L wire is a system monitor and used to light a light on the thermostat.
  • S, S1, S2, T            Not needed          These wires run directly outside and provide outdoor temperature information to the thermostat.

Installing Your Wyze Thermostat

Installing a Wyze Thermostat is an easy DIY project that takes about 20-30 minutes. The Wyze app provides step-by-step instructions to make it easy to install and wire your thermostat, so follow the app setup as your main guide. We hope you have a great experience installing your Wyze Thermostat.


In the Box:

  • Wyze Thermostat x1
  • C-Wire Adapter x1
  • Back Panel x1
  • Wall Cover x1
  • Mounting Screws with anchors x1
  • Wire Labels x1
  • Screwdriver x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Tools you will need:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Your smartphone with enough juice
  • Home WiFi (2.4 GHz) name and password
  • Drill and drill bit for mounting (optional)
  • Wire stripper (optional)
  • Pencil (optional)

If you’d like to pre-drill holes, use a 3/32” drill bit or if you’re drilling into hard materials such as stone, brick, concrete or marble, use a masonry drill bit and drill.

Complete Installation Instructions

The Wyze app provides a thorough installation guide. However, here are some more detailed instructions to walk you through the process of installing your Wyze Thermostat.

Begin installation with the app

  1. You must have the latest version of the Wyze app to complete setup. Download it from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. If you don’t already have a Wyze account, the app will ask you to create one and sign in.
  2. Tap the plus sign (+) on the upper left corner of the screen on the app’s home screen.
  3. Select Add Device, then Home and Wyze Thermostat to start the setup guide.
  4. The app will show you how to install your thermostat. It will also ask you some questions about your current thermostat’s wiring. Answer these questions as accurately as possible.

You’ll get a custom wiring diagram for your system after you’ve selected your wires.

Step 1. Turn power off
To protect yourself, turn off the switch that controls your heating/cooling system at the breaker box or use the switch on your furnace or air handler. If necessary, turn off the main power at the breaker box. After verifying the power is off, confirm in your app by tapping Next.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-3

Note: Try changing the temperature on your old thermostat. Wait 5 minutes to make sure that the system does not run.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-4

Step 2. Remove your existing thermostat cover
On most thermostats, you can take off the thermostat cover by grasping and gently pulling it off. Some thermostats may have screws, buttons, or clasps to undo. Use the included screwdriver to remove all the screws or use the button/clasps to remove the cover. You should have wires that run from your heating/cooling system attached to the back panel of your old thermostat, and your thermostat’s back panel is screwed to the wall. Tap Next to confirm.
Note: Do not remove any wires at this step! If you don’t see any wires, you may have a mid-layer that needs to be removed by unscrewing.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-5

Step 3. Make sure you are not using a high voltage system
If your existing thermostat has:

  1. 110/120V thick wires capped with wire nuts,
  2. Caution label saying 120/240V,
  3. Only two terminals labeled as L1 and L2,

Then it is a high voltage system and is not compatible with Wyze Thermostat. You can find information about our Wyze return policy at https://wyze.com/return-warranty-policy. If you do not have a high voltage system, confirm in the app by tapping No to continue.

Step 4. Take picture of your current thermostat wiring
Don’t forget to include the letters next to the terminals where the wires are inserted. This will be a helpful reference when wiring your thermostat. We’d greatly appreciate it if you shared your old wiring pictures with us so we can improve our training materialsWYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-6

Step 5. Remove jumper wires
Your old thermostat may have a jumper wire connecting one terminal to another. It may look like a small staple or a colored wire. Use a screwdriver or press a lever to release the wires from their terminals and remove the jumper wire. Your Wyze Thermostat does not require any jumper wires.
Note: Do not disconnect any other wires in this step.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-7

Step 6. Get a wiring diagram from the Wyze app
To get a custom wiring diagram for installation, simply follow the Wyze app’s thermostat installation instructions. Select the letter(s) of all the terminals with wires connected on your old thermostat. The Wyze app is confirming the thermostat’s compatibility before moving to the next steps.
The Wyze app will generate a customized wire diagram with how your wiring should look like to make your installation easier.
Note: If you don’t have a C-wire selected in the compatibility checker, you will need to install a C-wire adapter to supply power to your Wyze Thermostat.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-8

Some common issues:

  1. Thermostat with 2 sets of labels: Some thermostats may have 2 sets of terminal labels, including “conventional” and “heat pump”. Please select the terminal names based on your actual system.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-9
  2. Unused wire(s): It is best to identify if the wire is used at the control panel as well. If the wire is being used at the control panel, please label it clearly with the included label. If it is not being used, label your unused wire with the empty sticker label.
  3. Two wires in one terminal: You may have a dual transformer system.

Incompatible wires:

  1. Stranded wires: Wyze Thermostat is not compatible with stranded wires. Do not connect Wyze Thermostat to stranded wires. WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-10
  2. High voltage wires: If your thermostat is labeled 120V or 240V or has thick wires with wire nuts, your system is high voltage and isn’t compatible with Wyze Thermostat. Do not connect Wyze Thermostat to high-voltage wires.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-11

Step 7. Label the wires
It is time to install your Wyze Thermostat! Using the old thermostat base as a guide, put the provided sticky label on each wire as you disconnect it. Make sure all wires are disconnected from the old thermostat.
Note: Label wires according to old thermostat terminal designations, NOT by wire color.

Step 8. Disconnect and remove your old thermostat
Remove the old thermostat’s back panel by unscrewing it from the wall after wires are all labeled and disconnected. Make sure the wires do not fall back into the wall due to gravity.

Step 9. Mount your Wyze Thermostat back panel
Thread the wires through the center of the back panel (the wall cover is optional). Hold the back panel to your wall, use a pencil to mark the holes for your thermostat to be placed. Drill mounting holes for the drywall anchors (e.g., 3/16 inch holes for drywall).WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-12

Use the included drywall anchors and screws to mount the back panel to the wall. Keep centering the bubble on the built-in level to make sure your thermostat is in alignment.
Note:You may use your existing wall anchors. Hold the back panel up against the existing anchors to check for alignment.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-13

Step 10. Connect the wires to Wyze Thermostat
Push down on the levers to insert the wires into the inner holes of their corresponding terminals on the wall panel (only one wire per terminal) until it is firmly in place. Gently tug on each wire to verify they are securely connected. If you need to release the wires again, push down on the terminal levers.
Note: Make sure the wires have at least 1/4” exposed for inserting to the back panel terminals

Step 11. Attach Wyze Thermostat to the back panel
Push excess wires back into the wall and snap your Wyze Thermostat into the back panel. After a satisfying “click” sound, your Wyze Thermostat is ready for setup.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-14

Step 12. Turn on on the power
Go back to the circuit breaker or where you powered off your system to turn on the power. Wait a moment for the Wyze logo to appear on your screen. It is now in pairing mode. Follow the app instructions to personalize your thermostat settings and enjoy!

Installing a thermostat with less common configurations

3-wire heating-only thermostat system (R, G, W)
For a heat-only system that only contains connections R, G, and W, The G wire can be repurposed as a C-wire.

  1. Identify the G wire at your control board.
  2. Remove the G wire from the G terminal on the control board and connect it to the C terminal at the control board.
  3. Connect a jumper wire from the W terminal to the G terminal on the control board.
  4. At the thermostat, label the G wire from the old thermostat as the C-wire.
  5. Follow the Wyze app to complete installation, selecting the Rc, C, W wires.

NOTE: To keep fan power, you’ll need to add an additional jumper wire between the G terminal and the W terminal. You will lose independent fan control.
Installing your Wyze Thermostat with a boiler and AC (dual transformer system)
If you have a boiler as well as an air conditioner, you have a dual transformer system. The installation process for a dual transformer system is different from a standard installation, so please refer to the information below.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-15

With dual transformer setups, you will have two R wires—one from the cooling transformer (RC) and one from the heating transformer (RH). It’s also important to note that your C-wire must come from the cooling side. If your current thermostat has a C-wire that’s coming from your boiler, this will not work with Wyze Thermostat. If you don’t already have a C-wire coming from your air handler, you have two options:

  1. Run an additional wire from the air handler to Wyze Thermostat to use as a C, or
  2. Repurpose your G wire as the C using the CWA.

Setting up your Wyze Thermostat

After installing the thermostat and powering it, your Wyze Thermostat will guide you through a series of simple questions about setting your temperature preferences, and about your heating and cooling system. This information is used to set your comfort preferences and save on energy.

Configuring your Wyze Thermostat for the first time

Turn the knob on the thermostat like a dial to highlight different options and press it like a button to make your choices. Below are the topics your thermostat will cover during setup. Select each to learn more.

Equipment detected
Your thermostat will show you the wires it detects in its connectors.

  • If there’s a wire missing, pull off the thermostat display and check that each wire is fully inserted into their connector, and that the connector button stays down.
  • If you see a wiring error on your thermostat you’ll need to fix it before continuing. If you selected less wires in the wire selections stage in the app than you connected in the thermostat terminals, ensure that the wires connected are correct and restart the installation process in the app to select the correct wires. Once you’ve confirmed the wiring is correct, your thermostat will ask some questions about your system, such as what kind of fuel it uses and what type of heating you have.

Fuel Source
If you have a conventional system installed, your thermostat will ask about the fuel source for your heat and how that heat is delivered. Wyze Thermostat uses this information to determine how to control your heating and cooling system.
If you know your fuel source, select it from the list. You can also choose “I don’t know/Others” if you’re not sure.

Type of heating
You may also be asked whether you have a furnace/forced air, in-floor radiant, or a radiator system for heating. For help determining what kind of heating you have, go to the following article.

How can you tell which heating system you have?

Forced Air With this kind of heating system, warm air comes out of vents throughout your home.
In-Floor Radiant This utilizes electric coils or hot water pipes under the floor of your home to provide heating.
Radiators Radiators are sealed metal containers filled with hot water, steam or electric coils. They’re similar to in-floor systems, since they don’t use vents or fans, but radiators aren’t installed under the floor.

Finish setup with the app
Once your thermostat is connected to your account, the Wyze app will ask you a few more questions about setting a temperature schedule and testing your system.

Basic Functions

Adjusting the temperature preferences 
To access your preferences, tap Menu > Settings > Thermostat Preferences. Refer to the User Guide (Configuring Personal Preferences).WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-16

  1. Tap on the State (Home, Away and Sleep) to edit that specific temperature.
  2. Tap on the temperature to change it.
  3. Tap Save to go back to the temperature preference page and tap on Save again to confirm the changes.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-17

Adjusting heat/cold comfort settings
Auto mode on your Wyze Thermostat will display two set points—one for heating and one for cooling. The cooling set point is blue while the heating set point is red.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-18

To enable this system mode, tap on Controls on the Main Menu to display the control options and then select Auto under modes to activate it.

Setting Schedule on Your Wyze Thermostat
Go to the schedule tab from the main settings menu: Settings > Schedule. You will see your schedule for the day. Tap on any of the already existing schedules to view or edit your schedule for that specific day. If you wish to add a new schedule into your schedule list, tap the + icon in the bottom left corner.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-19

You will have the option to choose the State for the schedule (Home, Away and Sleep). Select the State you wish to add and then set the time for the schedule. After setting the time, tap Heat to and Cool to to set the heating and cooling temperatures, respectively.
Tap Save in the bottom right corner to save your new schedule.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-20

Adjusting the fans of your HVAC system
The fan control under advanced settings allows you to either control the HVAC fan using the thermostat control logic or use the control logic of the HVAC. It also allows you to either run the fan in Auto Mode or On Mode Wyze Thermostat has 3 fan control modes as shown below:

  • Auto: The fan will only run with the cooling stage. (It is always necessary for any system to run the fan with the cooling system).
  • Cycle: Configurable in Settings > Advanced > Fan Cycle. Cycle is configurable from 0 min/hr to 55min/hr. Note: This is the minimum amount of time the fan will run each hour. This means the time the system is in the cooling stage and running the fan is counted towards the fan cycle time.
  • On: The fan will run continuously.

Fan Control

Under the fan control, you can choose On (the fan runs continuously) or Auto in which case the fan will run according to the fan cycle time selected in Settings > Advanced > Fan Cycle. The default 0 min/hr fan cycle time means that the fan will turn off immediately after the heat is turned off. Any of the other fan cycle times mean that the fan will run for that duration within every hour.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-21

Fan Activation Delay:
This setting allows you to determine when your furnace blower fan should turn on during heating. Users can either select By Furnace, 15s, 30s, 45s or 60s. If you select By Furnace, the furnace fan will be controlled according to the furnace control logic during heating. However, if you select any of the times listed, the thermostat will turn on the furnace fan at the set time during heating. This means that if you select 15s, the fan will turn on after 15 seconds of heating.
To set this, go to Settings > Advanced > select fan activation delay and choose your desired setting.
Note: The default setting for fan activation delay is By Furnace. For conventional units, Wyze Thermostat is automatically configured to have a 15 second Fan delay. This means that, when the furnace is turned on, the fan does not turn on immediately. The fan only turns on 30 seconds later to allow enough time for the furnace to heat up.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-22

Customizing Your Thermostat

Renaming your Wyze Thermostat
Go to Settings > Name. You can choose from a list of suggested names, or enter the name you wish to use for the device in the text box. If you have multiple devices, this will help differentiate where in the home the thermostat is located and will be used for device organization and voice commands.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-23WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-24

Smart Home/Away

Auto Switch is a feature that can be turned on to use geofencing when the Away routine starts, and return to your scheduled temperatures when the Home routine starts.

To access this feature:

  1. In your phone settings, allow the Wyze app to access your location.
  2. In the Wyze app, add a home address for the app to know if you are home or away by tapping Wyze Thermostat > Settings > Location > Enter your home address.
  3. In the Wyze app, tap Wyze Thermostat > Settings > Auto Switch > Turn on.

Smart Home Integration (Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT)

Alexa Commands

  • “Alexa,what’s the <thermostat name> set to?”
  • “Alexa, what’s the <thermostat name> temperature?”
  • “Alexa, Set the temperature to <number> degrees”
  • “Alexa, Set the <thermostat name> to <number> degrees”
  • “Alexa, Set the <thermostat> between <number> and <number> degrees” (Auto mode)
  • “Alexa, decrease the <thermostat> by <number> degrees”
  • “Alexa, increase the <thermostat> by <number> degrees”
  • “Alexa, set the the <thermostat> to <mode>” (modes: heat, cool,auto, off)

Google Assistant

Coming soon.

Thermostat Lock Access Control
Now you can stop your kids (but not your spouse) from accessing the thermostat. The locking feature is available from both the app and on the device itself. No passcode needed.
To turn on or off the Lock Thermostat feature in the app:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Wyze Thermostat > Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Lock Thermostat and toggle it on/off.

To turn on or off the Lock Thermostat feature on the thermostat;

  1. Press the thermostat knob once and then turn the knob clockwise to the Settings icon.
  2. Press the knob again to enter your settings.
  3. Turn the knob clockwise again to the Lock icon.
  4. Press the knob to lock or unlock the thermostat.

Setting Weekly Schedules

Time-Based scheduling: Program your thermostat for one week; each day (each day is a different schedule); or any group of days, like Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun, or Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun. You can further customize the temperature of a specific time period without changing the rest of the time slots.

Deleting Schedule

To delete a schedule from your list of schedules, swipe left on that schedule. A Delete icon will appear. Tap the icon to delete the schedule.

Auto Switch
When the Auto Switch feature is enabled, we’ll use the motion sensor in the thermostat and the location of your phone to switch between Home and Away status. Your thermostat will switch from Home to Away when your phone is 3 km away from home, or switch from Away to Home when your phone is within 3 km from home. Once the motion sensor detects movement in front of the thermostat while the status is Away, it will switch to Home.
The Auto Switch feature can be toggled on/off in your settings.

Coast to Cool
Wyze Thermostat can send a signal to turn off your compressor or furnace before the end of a cooling cycle or heating cycle, and keep the fan on to blow the remaining cool air or warm air into your home. This feature can help save energy during summer or winter months.

Humidity Preferences
If the * terminal has been connected with an integrated (whole house) humidifier or dehumidifier, the thermostat can turn the accessory device on to moderate the humidity level. Go to Settings > Humidity Preferences to adjust the desired humidity level.

Safety Temps
Safety Temps can help protect your home from extremely cold or hot weather by turning on your heating or cooling system when your set limits are reached, even if your thermostat is set to Off or no heating is scheduled. You will receive a notification when the safety temperature is reached.
By default, your heating Safety Temp is set to 40°F / 4°C and cooling is off. But both can be adjusted by going to Settings > Advanced > Safety Temperature.
For example, when the weather becomes lower than the frost point when you are away from home, Wyze Thermostat can heat the room up to prevent low temperatures from damaging your water pipes. Another good use of this feature is when you have to leave plants or pets at home. You can set the Safety Temp higher in the winter and lower in the summer to keep them comfortable during extreme temperatures.
Note: This feature works without WiFi.

Differential Temp
You can set the value of the minimum difference between the current temperature and set temperature before the system calls to heat or cool. A smaller difference means shorter cycle times, whereas a larger difference results in longer cycle times. By default the differential temp is 1°F which means if the heat is set to 65°F the thermostat will turn the HVAC on when the temperature falls to 65°F. A higher differential temp will help prevent unnecessary short cycles from wearing out your heating/cooling system and reduce starting cost. The temperature range is adjustable from 0.5ºF to 3°F (0.5ºC to 2°C) by going to Settings > System > Differential Temp.

Minimum Comfort Zone
Minimum Comfort Zone is the minimum difference between the heat mode set temperature and the cool mode set temperature when the system mode is in Auto Mode. The delta is adjustable from 3ºF to 10°F (1.7ºC to 5.5°C). The default value is 5°F (2.8°C).

Temperature & Humidity Correction
Wyze Thermostat has built-in temperature and humidity sensors that are calibrated during production. If the sensors seem to be consistently reading slightly above or below the actual temperature or humidity, you can adjust it with a reference thermometer. For example, if the thermostat reading is higher than your reference temperature, apply “-1”. or “-2” in this setting. You can update these features in Settings > Advanced > Temperature Correction or Settings > Advanced > Humidity Correction.

Minimum Runtime (Short Cycling Protection-alternative name) (N/A)
If the compressor is restarted too soon after a shutdown, system damage can occur. This feature allows the compressor to wait a few minutes before restarting, helping to prevent damage to the heating or cooling system. During the brief wait period, the thermostat will show Cool on (or Heat on if you have a heat pump) until the wait period is over, at which point the compressor will turn back on. The time is 5 minutes by default, but you can adjust it from 2 to 8 minutes by going to Settings > System > Minimum Runtime.

Changing Measurement Units
You can switch between using Celcius and Fahrenheit by going to Settings > Advanced > Temperature Units.
Note: this setting will be applied on both Wyze Thermostat and the Wyze app when adjusting and displaying the temperature. The unit for system settings will always be in Fahrenheit.

HVAC Accessories (* Terminal)
Wyze Thermostat offers an accessory terminal that is capable of connecting to 1 of the following 4 devices:

  1. Dehumidifier. To configure the dehumidifier, select:
    1. Cooling: Dehumidifier will only run when cooling stage is active and the humidity is outside the desired range.
    2. Fan: Run the fan when the dehumidifier is active.
    3. Energize: Active on or Active off.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-25
  2. Humidifier. To configure the humidifier, select:
    1. Fan: Runs the fan when the humidifier is active.
    2. Heating: Humidifier only runs when the cooling stage is active and the humidity is outside the desired range..WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-26
  3. Ventilator.
  4. Emergency Heat. Can be activated from the settings in the Wyze app. Note: This feature is only available when Emergency Heat is chosen as the * terminal during the setup process. Emergency Heat can only be turned on manually by going to Settings > Advanced in the Wyze app.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-27

Sharing Access

You can share access to the thermostat with your family members, roommates, and even Airbnb guests.

Restrictions on shared devices:
There are some restrictions to what a shared user can do in the Wyze app. A shared user:

  1. Cannot name or rename the device.
  2. Cannot share the device with others.
  3. Cannot execute OTA.
  4. Tapping on the Delete Device icon in Settings only removes the device from the shared user’s Wyze app device list, but does not delete the device from the primary user’s list.

Shared devices can use Auto Switch. This means anyone who leaves home who activates Auto Switch, changes the state to Away.

Hold Schedule (Going on Vacation)
Use this feature when you go on vacation or are away from home for an extended period of time. Quickly access the Hold function on the controls panel on Wyze Thermostat’s page in the app. When enabled, motion detection and the Auto Switch features will be disabled but you will still receive notifications. Three configurations are available:

  • Indefinitely: Schedule is on hold until you manually turn it off.
  • Time: Set the time for your schedule to resume.
  • Date: Set the day for your schedule to resume.

Filter reminder
Wyze Thermostat has a built-in filter management system that can store filter information like sizing factors. You will be notified when the filter needs to be replaced.

Installing Zone Control

Wyze Thermostat is compatible with most zone control systems, including zone systems with dampers. However Wyze Thermostat uses standard thermostat connections; proprietary connections such as DAMP or MISC are not compatible.
Zoned Systems: If your house has multiple thermostats connected, then it can be considered a zoned system. A zoned system will use dampers in the HVAC duct to open and close off zones in your house. You can replace one or all of your thermostats with a Wyze Thermostat.

In a master/slave controlled HVAC system, one thermostat (master) controls the other thermostats (slave). Some master slave configuration thermostats may not be compatible.

Thermostat controlled dampers
Some dampers are controlled from the thermostat through specialty wiring connections on the thermostat, such as Damp. Wyze Thermostat is not compatible in this case.

Zoned system panels
By far the most common type of zone system utilizes a zone system panel. Wyze Thermostat is compatible with most of these panels. If the old thermostat doesn’t have special terminals like MISC or Damp then it will be compatible. Follow the Wyze app to install as normal.

Zoned system panel without C-wire
Connecting the C-Wire Adapter (CWA) module to a zoned system is almost the same as connecting to a normal control board. Two things to remember:

  1. Identify the correct control board. Your system may have multiple control boards. You must identify the zone control board, as that will be the board used to connect the C-wire adapter.
  2. Identify the correct zone on the panel. As shown below, the panel can connect several thermostats. You must identify which zone thermostat you are changing.
  3. Connect the C-Wire Adapter (CWA). Follow the Wyze app for how to connect the thermostat. Remember, connect the CWA to the zone thermostat wires. Refer to the image below for a common wiring scenario.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-28


Common Stages

WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-29 WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-30 WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-33 WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-34


Determine if your B wire is a common or O/B wire
Most thermostat manufacturers use C to designate the connector for the common wire. However there are some Trane, American Standard, and York thermostats that use B for the common wire. To address this, check:

  1. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a heat pump system and the current thermostat has both a B and a C, connect the B to the Wyze O/B terminal and connect the C to the Wyze C terminal.
  2. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a heat pump system and the current thermostat has both an O and a B, connect the O to the Wyze O/B terminal and connect the B to Wyze C terminal.
  3. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a heat pump system and the current thermostat only has a B wire, connect the B to the Wyze O/B terminal and install a CWA.
  4. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a conventional system (non heat pump) and you see a B wire connected to the current thermostat, that B is a common wire and should be connected to the C terminal on Wyze Thermostat.

Important: If you have a B wire that is actually a common wire, not following the rules above can lead to blowing a fuse on your HVAC controller board and, most likely, damaging your WyzeThermostat.

When X, W1 or W2 is an AUX wire
In a heat pump system, W1, W2, X, X1 or X2 are used to turn on auxiliary heat and one of them should be attached to the W1 or W2 terminal in your Wyze Thermostat. You should, however, verify that the X wire on the old thermostat is not a common wire. Once you’re sure, you can assume that the X is the auxiliary heat and should be inserted into the W1 or W2 terminal on Wyze Thermostat depending on the available terminal after connecting the other wires.

  1. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a heat pump system and the current thermostat has both an X and a C, connect the X to the Wyze W1 or W2 terminal and connect the C to the Wyze C terminal.
  2. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a heat pump system and the current thermostat has an X and both O and B (where B is C), connect the X to the Wyze W1 or W2 terminal and connect the B to the Wyze C terminal.
  3. If you’re installing a Wyze Thermostat to control a heat pump system and you see an X wire connected to the current thermostat without a C-wire, that X is a common wire and should be connected to the C terminal on Wyze Thermostat.

Changing from an ecobee PEK

If you have an ecobee PEK, follow this guide to change the PEK to the Wyze CWA.
Note: The ecobee PEK and Wyze CWA are not the same, and Wyze Thermostat is not compatible with the PEK without some configuration.

Control Board:

At the control board, we will need to switch out the PEK for the CWA. Wyze Thermostat CWA and ecobee PEK wiring line up directly the same at the control board. So it is very simple to change the wiring from the PEK to the CWA.

  1. Ensure the HVAC system is power is shut off from the circuit breaker
  2. If the labels on the PEK thermostat side (4 wires) labels are missing, please label them with the stickers provided in the box for your Wyze Thermostat.
  3. Remove one wire at a time from the PEK and directly wire it to the CWA.
    • Y -> Y
    • G -> G
    • R -> R
    • W -> WWYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-37
  4. Remove the PEK wires attached to the control board. This can be done while simultaneously connecting the wires from the CWA to the control board.
    • Remove the PEK Y wire from the control board, then connect the CWA Y wire to the control board.
    • Remove the PEK W wire from the control board, then connect the CWA W wire to the control board.
    • Remove the PEK G wire from the control board, then connect the CWA G wire to the control board.
    • Remove the PEK C-wire from the control board, then connect the CWA C-wire to the control board.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-38WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-39

From the thermostat wiring, the change is also simple. Label the PEK wire as Y1.
For the rest of the installation, follow along in the Wyze app.

Installing a C-Wire Adapter

The C-wire Adapter (CWA) should be installed when your old thermostat has no C-wire, but has at least a G and Y wire. Please check the compatibility checker either online or in the Wyze app.

  1. Step 1. Initial steps
    Follow the initial installation guide in our Help Center until you reach step 6, then return here for step 2 for the C-wire adapter.
  2. Step 2. Make sure your HVAC system is off!
    It Is very important that your system is off. We want you to be safe when connecting wires at the control board. Ensure that your HVAC is turned off at the circuit breaker or furnace.
  3. Step 3. How to find your control board
    Please locate your control board, it will be near your HVAC system, usually in the basement. The HVAC control board is where the thermostat wires connect to your heating and cooling system. In most cases the control board can be found at your furnace or air handler. If you have a furnace, you will need to open your system’s cover.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-40The control board should look similar to the picture above. The control board has wires with the same colours and thickness as the wires on the thermostat. You will also find labelings similar to those at the thermostat.
  4. Step 4. Take a picture of your current control board wiring Make sure you can see the terminal letters and identify the colour of the wires in the photo.
  5. Step 5. Label the wires
    To install the CWA, you will need to disconnect the 4 wires (Y, G, R and W) from the control board and connect them to the CWA. Label the wires Y, G, R, and W. Note: If you don’t have a W wire, the system is still compatible. R can also be Rc.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-42
  6. Step 6. Disconnect the labeled wires from the control board You may need to loosen the screw holding the wire to the control board.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-41
  7. Step 7. Connect the labeled wires from the control board to the CWA
    Use the included screwdriver to tighten the screw after inserting each wire to ensure it’s securely connected.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-43
  8. Step 8. Connect the wires from the CWA to the control board Match the wire to the control board terminal and make the connection. Make sure to tighten the screw.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-44
  9. Step 9. You’re all done! Replace any covers removed during the installation
    With the CWA installed, return to Step 6 of the installation instructions in the Help Center to continue installing your thermostat.

Installing the C-Wire Adapter (CWA) when you have extra wires at the control board
When installing the CWA module for Wyze Thermostat, the CWA will need to be connected to the control panel. In some situations you will find the control panel terminals have multiple wires connected as shown below. The CWA will only need one wire from each terminal (W-R-Y-G-C), as shown in the image to the right, the Y terminal has two wires connected to it. To connect the CWA.

  1. Identify which wire from terminal will be used for the CWA
    1. At the thermostat identify the wire and colour of the terminal we are looking into, in this case the Y-terminal at the thermostat has a blue wire.
    2. At the control board, the Y-terminal has a blue wire and a white wire. In this case the blue wire at the control board will be used for the CWA connection. Label the blue wire with Y1 label provided in the box for Wyze Thermostat.
    3. Leave the remaining wire connected to the terminal, in this case when connecting the CWA wires to the control board, the white wire seen in the control board will remain.
  2. Continue with your CWA installation from the Wyze app.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-45WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-46

Thermostat wires with no label

If one or more wires in your current thermostat doesn’t have a label, don’t guess. You’ll need to know what wires are connected to your current thermostat before you can install your Wyze Thermostat.
It’s best that you check your system’s manual, contact an HVAC professional, or look at your system’s control board.
Important: Most systems don’t use all the wires in the bundle coming out of the wall. If any wires were not originally connected to your current thermostat (and don’t have a label), they typically aren’t connected to your system. There may be no need to connect these wires to your Wyze Thermostat.

Determining a Conventional or Heat Pump (W or O/B)WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-47WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-48

Note: If you mistakenly chose the wrong terminal during setup, you will need to reset the thermostat and select the correct terminal.
If you have the thermostat shown above it can be difficult to know which wires to select in the Wyze app. Heat pumps live outside your home and provide heating and cooling capabilities. That’s where the O/B terminal comes into play. If you have no equipment outside, you definitely have a conventional system. If you don’t know what system that you have off-hand, no worries!Here are a few dead giveaways:

  1. An easy way to identify a heat pump is to check on the control board for the terminal labels. A heat pump will have O, B or O/B terminals on the control board. Conventional units do not usually have the O, O/B terminal.
  2. Also, try turning on the heat, then check if your outside condenser/air conditioning unit starts running. If it does, you have a heat pump system.
  3. If turning on the heat doesn’t make your outside unit run, you’ll probably hear sound coming from your basement, a closet, or the ceiling when your heat is on. This would mean you have a conventional system.
  4. Check the labels on your condenser or indoor air handler for a model number or name. You likely can search this up to figure out what type of system you have.

Determining the kind of heating system you have
During setup, Wyze Thermostat will ask what type of system you have and the type of fuel it uses. It’s important that you enter the correct system information during thermostat setup. Wyze Thermostat needs to know the type of heating system you have so it can correctly control it. To help you choose the system you have, here’s a breakdown of how each system works.

Forced Air With this kind of heating system, warm air comes out of vents throughout your home. Image
In-Floor Radiant This utilizes electric coils or hot water pipes under the floor of your home to provide heating. Image



Radiators are sealed metal containers filled with hot water, steam or electric coils.

They’re similar to in-floor systems, since they don’t use vents or fans, but radiators aren’t installed under the floor.



My Thermostat isn’t turning on after installing (No Power)
You must have a wire in both the Rc and C terminal. Follow the below guide, before attempting to adjust any wiring ensure the power is shut off at the circuit breaker. Use either the breaker box switch or Power switch at the furnace to turn off the power before attempting to adjust the wiring.
Regardless of with or without CWA, the wiring on Wyze Thermostat must match one of the two images below.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-49

  1. Before checking/adjusting any wiring, check that power to the heating/cool system is powered on. If it is, turn it off again before checking/adjusting any wires.
  2. Check your wiring. Please note that Wyze Thermostat power configurations only support the two images shown above.
    1. Important: Rh cannot be used independently, the Rh will have to be changed to Rc. Note the above image.
    2. To change Rh to Rc:
      1. Turn off the heating/cooling system.
      2.  Disconnect the wiring from Rh.
      3. Connect the wiring to Rc.
      4. Power on the heating/cooling system.
  3. Check the C-wire.
    1. Turn off the power to your HVAC system.
    2. The thermostat must have a C-wire. If you installed a CWA, the old G-wire will become the C-wire. Don’t worry, you won’t lose independent fan control.
    3. Ensure C-wire and Rc-wire is properly installed at the thermostat.
    4. Sometimes the C-wire in your old thermostat is unused, even if it is plugged into the C-terminal on your old thermostat. If you have R (or Rc), G, W, Y (or Y1) and unused C (or no power running through), you are likely to fall into this case. To make it work, you can try one of two ways:
      1. Remove the C-wire at the thermostat, restart the installation process without selecting C- terminal and follow the app to install the C-wire adapter.
      2. Identify the C-wire coming from the thermostat at the control board and wire it to the control board C-terminal. Identifying the wire can be challenging, we recommend the assistance of an HVAC professional. Ensure the power is off at the circuit breaker, before starting.
  4. If you have installed C-Wire Adapter (CWA)
    1. Turn Power off
    2. Ensure C-Wire Adapter is properly installed
      1. Review your photo of the old control board wiring and ensure the labels were applied correctly. Do you have an extra wire in one of the control board terminals (R-G-W-C)?
      2. Check that the correct wires are connected to the CWA.
      3. Double check the correct CWA wires are connected to the control board.
      4. Check all connections are secure and screws are firmly tightened.
    3. Check the equipment cover has been reinstalled (some have kill switches there)
    4. At the thermostat: If the C-Wire Adapter is installed, the G- wire is used as the C-wire now. Ensure old G -> new C.

Heating or cooling system isn’t responding
If the thermostat is powered on and heating/cooling is engaged but your HVAC system is not responding:

  1. Turn off the power to the HVAC system.
  2. Check your wiring at the thermostat, ensuring that each wire is secure
    Also check the wires at the control board, ensuring each wire is secure
  3. Turn the power back on and go through testing the system (testing can be found under Settings > Advanced > System Test).
  4. If you continue to have issues, restart the reinstallation process.

System Testing results are inaccurate
Upon completing testing, your system shows results similar to the image below. The system returns “Not Tested” even after being given a “Yes” response during the testing phase. This is due to a communication delay between Wyze Thermostat and the app. This result should not raise any concerns and can be ignored.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-50

Resolving Wire Detection Issues

The wire detection operation is completed when the device first turns on.

Wire(s) not detected

  1. Unplug the thermostat and check the wires.
  2. Plug in the thermostat again. Wait ~2 minutes for the device to reconnect to the server.
  3. Connect the wire again, making sure the wire connection is secure.
  4. Go to the control board and verify that the wire is securely connected.
    Is there a wire not connected at the control board? This wire is unused and can be removed from the thermostat’s connections, and ignored in the wire selection step during setup.
  5. If the above suggestions do not work, skip the stage by tapping on Try Again till the Skip option appears.
  6. Follow the troubleshooting flowchart below if needed.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-51WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-52

Extra Wire(s)

  1. Unplug the thermostat and check the terminals showing extra wire(s) to ensure that there is no wire or obstacle in the terminal.
  2. Plug in the thermostat again. Wait ~2 minutes for the device to reconnect to the server.
  3. Attempt the wire connection again.
  4. If the above suggestions do not work, skip the stage by tapping on Try Again till the Skip option appears.

Resolving WiFi Communication Errors

If your Wyze Thermostat has issues connecting to the Wyze app or your WiFi network, try one of the following tips to resolve the issue:

  1. Check your app version.
    Make sure that you have the latest version of the Wyze app on your phone or tablet. You can download it in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Make sure your home WiFi is online and working.
    Since your thermostat uses your home’s WiFi network, check that you can get online with another device in your home. If you can’t connect, try using a different device to double-check. If you can’t connect to WiFi with any device, contact your internet service provider to check the service status in your area.
  3. Check your SSID.
    Unusual characters or spaces in your SSID can cause problems during setup. Check the SSID (name) of your network. If it has special characters or blank spaces before or after the name, rename the network to something simpler. Once the device is online, update its firmware. Once updated successfully, you should be able to set your network back to its previous settings, then set the device back up to see if your device will connect.
  4. Restart your router
    Restarting your router will reset your internet connection. You should also restart any WiFi range extenders or repeaters. Here’s how to restart your router:
    1. Unplug your modem and router power cords. You may have a combination modem/router, or they may be separate devices. All the lights on your modem and router should be off.
    2. Wait for 30 seconds, then plug your modem and router back in.
    3. Your modem and router will restart. Wait a couple of minutes or until you see steady power and connection lights. You may also see a quickly flashing data light.
      Note: Every router is different. You may need to consult your router’s user manual for specific instructions on how to restart your router. Once your router has been restarted, test the WiFi connection with a computer or phone (make sure that cellular data is switched off). Then try adding your Wyze Thermostat to the Wyze app again.
  5. Reset your thermostat.
    Reset your thermostat to its default settings. For more information and instructions on resetting your thermostat, check out our Help Center. You should also restart your phone or tablet and reopen the Wyze app.
  6. If the above steps don’t work, try connecting via mobile hotspot. If you are able to connect with the mobile hotspot, then your WiFi settings are not compatible with the thermostat.
    Important: Make sure you have Bluetooth and WiFi enabled on your phone or tablet before trying to add your thermostat again.

WiFi Compatibility:

  1. Wyze Thermostat only supports 2.4 GHz bandwidth. Wyze Thermostat does not support 5 GHz bandwidth.
  2. Not compatible with Mesh WiFi.
  3. Not compatible with a WiFi portal that requires a username and password to access the Internet.

Resolving Bluetooth Pairing Issues
If you are unable to add your Wyze Thermostat to the app and continue to see the page below after several attempts, follow the following steps to troubleshoot.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-53

  1. Follow the instructions in the Help Center to reset your Wyze Thermostat.
  2. During setup in the Wyze app, tap Adding Your Thermostat.
  3. Repeat from step 1 above. Remember to reset the device each time. After 5 failed attempts, move on to step 4.
  4. Try again with a new phone, then repeat from step 1.
    Note: Once connected, you will still be able to control Wyze Thermostat with your original phone.
  5. If none of the tips above work, please contact Wyze Support.

Resolve Firmware Update Issues
If the thermostat is not working correctly after a firmware update, try these tips before attempting to adjust any wiring:

  1. Power cycle the thermostat. Unplug the thermostat from the wall and plug it back in.
  2. Factory reset the thermostat. Follow the instructions in the Help Center for how to do this.

Handling Extra Wires
Extra wires are found exposed from the thermostat as shown in the image below, and sometimes extra wires are found inside the wall behind the thermostat. Usually, you can ignore the extra wires. However if there is no C-wire in the C terminal, one of these extra wires could be a potential C-wire. You will need to check where these extra wires go at the control panel.

  1. Follow the extra wire back to the control panel.
  2. If the wire is unused at the control panel as well. (If the wire is connected to another terminal but unused at the thermostat, it can be disconnected).
  3. Connect the wire to the C-terminal at the control board.
  4. Label the wire at the thermostat as the C-wire.

Using the thermostat without the Wyze app

  1. Single-press the knob on the thermostat to enter the control menu.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-55
  2. Scroll the knob to the right to select State, Mode, Fan Control or Settings.
  3. Press the knob again to select the control you want.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-56

Installing Wyze Thermostat on Dual Transformers
Some systems with heating and cooling are configured with a dual transformer design. That means you have both Rc and Rh wires being used, Rc = cooling side, Rh = heating side. As long as you have a C terminal on the same board as Rc, your system is compatible with Wyze.
There are four cases that you should be aware of:

  1. C-wire coming from the Rc board.
  2. C-wire coming from both Rc board and Rh board.
    In both cases above, nothing needs to be done at the control board. Please continue installation from the Wyze app.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-57
  3. C-wire is coming from the Rh Board: For compatibility with Wyze Thermostat:
    1. Remove the C-wire from the Rh board.
    2. Connect the wire directly to the C terminal of the Rc board.
  4. No C-wires – In the case that you have no C-wire connected. Review the image below for the modified CWA installation. The CWA will be solely connected to the Rc board.
    Note: If you open your thermostat wiring and see a jumper wire between the Rc terminal and the Rh terminal, this is not a dual transformer system.

Resetting your Wyze Thermostat

A: If you want to reset the device:

  1. Press and hold the wheel/knob on the thermostat for 10 seconds.
  2. Turn the wheel to select “Yes” to answer the question “This will reset all settings, Continue?”
  3. Push/press the knob to reset the thermostat.

Product FAQ

  • Q: Is Wyze Thermostat compatible with a 2-wire system?
    A: No, Wyze Thermostat requires power at the C-terminal. A 2-wire system is not able to use a C-Wire Adapter. It is not recommended to try to power the C-terminal with external power. To use Wyze Thermostat on a 2-Wire system, a new C-wire must be wired in from the HVAC control board/ air handler.
  • Q: How do I identify my thermostat wires?
    A: Remove the front cover of your old thermostat, then remove jumper wire(s) if any. Follow the wire from the wall to the terminals of the control board where the wire is connected. Finally, label the wires based on the letter on its terminal accordingly.
  • Q: How do I identify the Control Board?
    A: Check out how to find your control board in our Help Center.
  • Q: Will the system reconnect after a power outage?
    A: Yes, Wyze Thermostat will reconnect with your WiFi once it turns back on and resumes its mode and schedule.
  • Q: What do I do if Heat and Cool are Swapped?
    A: When a Heat Pump system is set up, the heat and cool stage can be configured in reverse. If you have a Heat Pump system and your heating/cooling are reversed, swap them into the correct configuration in Settings > Advanced > Swap Heat and Cool.
    Note: “Swap Heat and Cool” is not available for a conventional system (no O/B wire).WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-58
  • Q: Can I share my thermostat with the others? E.g., family, guests, Airbnb users.
    A: Yes, you can share the thermostat with others by going to Settings Share, and then adding the new user’s email address to connect him/her to the device.
  • Q: Does it work with a millivolt system? E.g., fireplace.
    A: No, Wyze Thermostat does not work with millivolt systems.
  • Q: Can I control the fan independently?
    A: Yes, if you have a G-wire, then you can control the fan even if you have CWA installed.
  • Q: How precise is the temperature reading and set points?
    A: In Fahrenheit, it shows 0 decimal places (e.g., 70°F), and 1 decimal point in Celsius (e.g., 23.5°C)
  • Q: Is there an option for normally open or normally closed on Wyze Thermostat when using the accessory terminal for dehumidification?
    A: Yes, during the setup you can set this. It is called Energize on the Wyze app.
  • Q: Is this capable of working with remote sensors?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I set up the thermostat temporarily without WiFi at home?
    A: Yes. You can use your mobile internet hotspot to set up the thermostat if you do not have a working WiFi.
  • Q: How do I set the Heat and Cool temperature in Auto Mode?
    A. The minimum allowable temperature difference between heating and cooling is 5 degrees fahrenheit (2.5 degrees Celsius). To set the temperature for Auto Mode:
    1. In the Wyze app, on the thermostat, tap either the Heat to or Cool to on the thermostat main page to display the temperature dial.
    2. Swipe along the dial to the right or left to increase or decrease the temperature setting.
      Note: Always make sure the minimum temperature between Heat to and Cool to is more than 5 degrees Farenheit to be able to increase the “Heat to” temperature or decrease the “Cool to” temperature.
  • Q: When does the next stage turn on?
    A: The heat and cool stages change based on two factors; the differential temp (set Temp – current temp), and default run time. After the default run time, if the current temperature has not reached the set temperature, the system will move to the next stage.
    • Stage 1: 1 – 5 degrees from the set temp.
    • Stage 2: 5 – 10 degrees from the set temp.
    • Stage 3: 10 – 15 degrees from the set temp.
  • Q: Can I set what stage will be used?
    A: No. You can not manually set the heating or cooling stage to be used by the system. See our Help enter for details on the various stages.
  • Q: If wires are not automatically detected during the app setup, how can I configure the wires manually?
    The wire detection may not work well for some HVAC systems because they do not provide feedback signals. If you are certain that the wires are firmly inserted into the correct terminals, you can skip the wire detection procedure by tapping Try Again twice. The app will allow you to continue and test the system.
  • Q: How do I submit a log?
    A: You can submit a log one of two ways. Through your Wyze Thermostat’s app settings or through the Wyze app’s home page. Submit the log and write down the Ticket ID to give customer support later.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-59
  • Q: What is a jumper wire?
    A: A self connection, from thermostat terminal to thermostat terminal. Is quite common on older model thermostats. Common jumper connections:
    • Rc — Rh
    • Y1 — Y2
    • W1 — W2
      All of these jumper cables can be removed when installing Wyze Thermostat.
  • Q: Will Wyze Thermostat still work if the WiFi connection is lost?
    A: Yes, it will keep operating based on the last updated schedule; you can control your temperature or change status from the thermostat device as well.
  • Q: Is Wyze Thermostat compatible with zoning?
    A: Yes, in most cases Wyze Thermostat is compatible. See how to install your zone control to install a zoning system in our Help Center.
  • Q: A change was made on the Wyze app but it has not shown up on the thermostat?
    A: Check the thermostat to see if it still has a WiFi connection. If the thermostat WiFi is disconnected you will see a no-WiFi icon on the top right corner of the thermostat screen. If the thermostat is connected to the WiFi, there may still be a delay for connecting the app to the thermostat.
  • Q: Can Wyze Thermostat work without the Wyze app?
    A: Yes. You can use Wyze Thermostat without the app. To use the thermostat directly, see how to use the thermostat without the app in our Help Center.
  • Q: Why is my Wyze Thermostat temperature and home temperature different?
    Wyze Thermostat is very accurate, however it may require calibration. Temperature can be adjusted with Temperature correction, found in Settings >Advanced >Temperature Correction.
  • Q: How do I change my WiFi?
    A: You must reset the thermostat to change the WiFi it connects to.
  • Q: If I change addresses, what do I do?
    A: Reset the device and delete it from your account in the Wyze app. You must repeat the setup process at your new address.
  • Q: Does it have a heat anticipator setting?
    A: No.
  • Q: What if I have a K Terminal and what do I do with it?
    A: The K terminal located on the Honeywell thermostat combines the Y and G wires. It does this using the Honeywell wiresaver. The Wyze system is not-compatible with the Honeywell wiresaver. However your system is compatible with Wyze Thermostat once the Honeywell wiresaver is removed.

Please follow the following step to install your Wyze Thermostat.

  1. Take photos of your control board, thermostat wiring and Honeywell wiresaver.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-60
  2. Remove the Honeywell wiresaver.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-61

At the Control Board

  1. On the “Thermostat” side of the Honeywell wiresaver, label the wires as follows.
    • 1.1. Rc terminal -> Rc Label
    • 1.2. K terminal -> Y Label
    • 1.3. C terminal -> G Label
    • 1.4. W-O/B terminal -> Please follow the W-O/B terminal wire from the wiresaver to the control board. Label the wire on the thermostat side of the wiresaver corresponding to the terminal label found on the control board. Note: If the control board also is labelled W-O/B, you will need to determine if your system is a heat pump system(O/B) or conventional (W).
  2. With the wires correctly labelled, remove the wires from the wire saver.
  3. Remove the wires from the control board connected to the wire saver.
  4. Wire the labelled wires to their corresponding terminals on the control board. Note: You may notice you no longer have a C- wire. Don’t worry, the app will walk you through setting up the Wyze C-Wire Adapter.
  5. Correct the thermostat wires.

At the Thermostat

  1. Remove the thermostat cover panel (your wiring should be similar to the wiring on the above left side photo).
  2. To be compatible with Wyze Thermostat, wires K and C will need to be adjusted.
  3. Place the wire in the C terminal into the G terminal.
  4. Place the wire in the K terminal into the Y terminal.WYZE-Smart-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-Works-With-Alexa-And-Google-Assistant-62

Your system is now compatible with Wyze Thermostat, please open the Wyze app and add a new thermostat. Select the wires currently connected in your system and the App will guide you through how to connect the Wyze C-Wire Adapter.

  • Q: What do I do if I have GH and GC wires terminals at the control board?
    Some systems have GH and GC terminals on the control board with a jumper wire between R and GH. The GH provides low fan speed during heating, while the GC is for high fan speed during cooling.
  1. Disconnect the wire connected to GH and connect it to R.
  2. Disconnect the jumper wire between R and GH.
  3. Connect a jumper wire between GH and W.
  4. Install the CWA if there is no C-wire at the thermostat.
  5. When choosing the type of heating system, choose radiator or in-floor radiant.
  • Q: Why won’t the heat turn off?
    A. Example: Your heat won’t turn off after reaching the set temperature, and the room gets too hot. Here are some things that could cause that problem:
    1. The thermostat might have been configured incorrectly. For instance, if the system is a conventional unit but you configure it as a heat pump. Verify the kind of system you are using (Heat pump or Conventional unit) and make sure that you wired the system correctly.
    2. In some cases, the temperature will go up about 2 to 4 degrees higher than the set point temperature because the residual heat from the furnace causes the temperature in the room to rise till it dissipates, even after heating has stopped. Set the thermostat heating 2 to 3 degrees below the preferred set point if you realise this situation.
    3. The thermostat or its wires have been damaged and are not reliably signaling the heating system primary controller. For example, an internal relay is sticking and keeps heat on even after the thermostat has sent a signal to shutdown heating.
    4. The thermostat is being blocked from properly sensing room heat. That could be due to the movement of the warm air supply registers to a new, more distant location, or more often, due to furniture, drapes, or even dust that blocks the air inlet openings around the thermostat that allow it to sense room temperature. This results in the thermostat inaccurately sensing the temperature in the room.
    5. The thermostat is located on a cold outdoor wall or where cold air blows on it. However, if your thermostat was not moved and is on an interior wall and in a draft of cold air, this isn’t likely to be the cause of your issue.
  • Q: What can cause the thermostat fuse to blow?
    A. Some of the reasons why the thermostat fuse will blow or emit smoke are:
    1. The voltage from the C terminal of your control board is higher than 28 VAC. Currently, Wyze Thermostat only supports voltages lower than 28 VAC and as such voltages equal and above 28 VAC will cause the fuse to blow.
    2. A short circuit between Rc and C on the thermostat will also cause the fuse of the furnace to blow. This is a rare case caused in the manufacturing process.
    3. The fuse of the furnace will blow if you mistakenly connect the RC wire to the Rc terminal and the C-wire to the Rh terminal. Always make sure you are connecting the right wires to the right terminals.
  • Q: Why does my Furnace fuse keep blowing?
    A. Under normal circumstances, a well installed thermostat will not cause the furnace fuse to blow. However, this may happen if there is a short circuit between any of the wires and C. For example, if the W1 wire and the C-wire are touching each other, then there will be a short circuit whenever the thermostat calls for heat, resulting in the fuse of the furnace to blow. To resolve this, check your wirings to ensure that you do not have any exposed wires touching each other.
  • Q: Why does my temperature settings and schedule keep changing?
    A. Your temperature settings or schedule may change if there is a switch between states. Any change in State (Home, Away, Sleep) during a schedule will result in the schedule being canceled. The temperature preference is the basic temperature setting for the thermostat. Changing states (Home, Away or Sleep) during a schedule will cancel the schedule at that particular time. The temperature for the temperature preference will then be activated.


Download Manual: WYZE Smart Thermostat User Guide


WYZE Smart Thermostat User Guide





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