Worcester Bosch EasyControl Adapter Installation Guide


Worcester Bosch EasyControl Adapter 


Safety instructions

  • Avoid high ambient temperatures (table 2).
  • Avoid moisture and a dusty atmosphere.
  • Prevent short circuit or damage to the product.
  • Before starting the installation, switch off the boiler mains voltage.
  • Only use the provided cables.
  • Only clean the product with a dry cloth.
  • Incorrect connection of this product can cause damage to the unit. The unit must therefore only be installed by an approved contractor.

Product information

This product provides communication between a boiler without an EMS function (Energy Management System) and:

  • a thermostat with an EMS interface,
  • a function module.

This product converts the following protocols to EMS and viceversa:

Functional capability can be lost, if protocols are converted. This product may also be used:

  • to increase the electrical output of an EMS/iRT bus.

The standard delivery consists of (fig. 1):


  1. EasyControl adaptor
  2. screw with rawl plug (2x)
  3. technical documentation
  4. power adaptor

This product has the following connection possibilities fig. 2):Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-2

  1. room thermostat1)
  2. function module
  3. mains voltage
  4. power adaptor
  5. EasyControl adaptor
  6. zero volt contact
  7. function module
  8. other units
  9. EMS or iRT or OpenTherm bus or on-off
  10. boiler

This product has a warranty period of 2 years.
This product is in accordance in design and operation with the European Directives and the supplementary national requirements. The conformity is indicated by the CE mark. You can ask for a copy of the declaration of conformity for this product. For this see the contact address on the back cover of these instructions.

Environmental protection/disposal

Environmental protection is a key company principle for the Bosch Group. Product quality, economical profitability and environmental protection are equally important to us. We strictly adhere to environmental laws and rules. To protect the environment, we adapt, subject to economical considerations, the best possible technology and materials.

In our packaging, we consider all country specific recycling systems to guarantee optimal recycling. All of our packaging materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Old electrical and electronic appliances 
Electrical or electronic devices that are no longer serviceable must be collected separately and sent for environmentally compatible recycling (in accordance with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive). To dispose of old electrical or electronic appliances, you should use the return and collection systems put in place in the country concerned.


The minimum requirements for installation of this product are:

  • 2-wire cable for connection with the boiler, which is suitable for the use of the EasyControl adaptor.
  • Before installation, check that the combination of the thermostat, the EasyControl adaptor and the boiler is possible.
  • Ensure that the cable length between the EasyControl adaptor and the boiler is max. 3 metres, since long data cables can cause faults.
  • Open the EasyControl adaptor casing (fig. 3).Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-4
  • Mark the drill holes using the centre distance between the elongated holes.
  • Install the product using the provided screws and rawl plugs.
  • Tighten the screws finger-tight.

Electrical connection

See the installation instructions for the boiler for more information on connecting the thermostat.

Thermostat and boiler connection
The “thermostat” and “boiler” cable clamps are not polarity sensitive.

  • Remove the boiler plug from the socket.
  • Disconnect the thermostat.
  • Cut the 2-wire cable between the boiler and the thermostat.
  • Connect the part of the 2-wire cable that connects to the boiler to the “boiler”Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-9 cable clamps.
  • Connect the part of the 2-wire cable that connects to the thermostat to the “thermostat” Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-10 cable clamps.

Bus connection

The EMS-bus is connected in the following way (fig. 4):Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-5

  1. base plate
  2. thermostat or EMS module(s)
  3. EasyControl adaptor
  4. boiler
  5. boiler 2-wire cable
  6. power adaptor
  7. thermostat 2-wire cable

Zero volt contact

An on-off switching unit can be connected through the zero volt contact (fig. 5):Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-6

  1. normally open connection (NO)
  2. normally closed connection (NC)
  3. common (COM)

The default connection is COM-NO. Following a heat demand, the NO contact closes.

  • Close the EasyControl adaptor casing (fig. 6).Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-7
  • Connect the power adaptor to the EasyControl adaptor.


  • Position the thermostat.
  • Insert the power adaptor into a socket.
  • Insert the boiler plug into a socket.
  • Turn on the boiler.

The EasyControl adaptor will start initialising (fig. 7). The steps in table 1 are run through automatically.Worcester-Bosch-EasyControl-Adapter-8

Table 1 LED indication during initialisation



The EasyControl adaptor:
1 Flashing red … is receiving power and is waiting for protocol detection.
2 Flashing blue … is processing protocol detection.
3 Constantly blue … has detected a supported protocol and is initialising the internal database.
4 Constantly green … has received data from the boiler as well as from the thermostat.
5 Dimmed green … is in operation.

Technical data

Table 2 Technical data, module

Volume Unit Value
Voltage supply VDC 20
Nominal electrical load W < 2.5
Dimensions (width x height x depth) mm 134 × 115 ×


Weight g 230
Permissible ambient temperature range °C 0 – 50
Max. storage temperature °C 0 – 60
Permissible relative humidity % 10 – 90
IP classification



Table 3 Technical data, zero volt contact

Volume Unit Value
Contact load (min.) @ 18VDC mA 10
Contact load (max.) @ 250VAC A 5
Cable diameter (max.) mm2 2.5
Cable length (max.) EasyControl adaptor

– boiler

m 3
Cable length (max.) EasyControl adaptor

– thermostat

m 100


Table 4 Malfunctions

LED Error Solution
Blinking alternating red and blue No boiler detected.

Turn on the boiler.

Check the cable clamps between the power adaptor and the connection to the boiler. Check the 2-wire cable.

Refer to the boiler installation instructions.

Constantly red Short circuit connection to the thermostat. The boiler is turned off:

▶ Turn on the boiler.

▶ Check all connections.

No communication with the boiler. The boiler is switched on:

▶ Remove the EasyControl adaptor power adaptor from the socket, wait at least 10 seconds, and reconnect it.

Constantly blue No communication with the thermostat.

Turn on the boiler.

Check the cable clamps between the power adaptor and the thermostat. Check the 2-wire cable to the thermostat.

Out No power.

Connect the EasyControl adaptor power supply.

Replace the power adaptor.

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Tel. 603-552-1100
Fax 603-965-7581


Download Manual: Worcester Bosch EasyControl Adapter Installation Guide


Worcester Bosch EasyControl Adapter Installation Guide





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