TCS-Bays-Controls-SZ1022N-Conventional-Multistage-Heating & Cooling-Heat-Pump-Thermostats-PRODUCT

TCS Bays Controls SZ1022N Conventional Multistage Heating & Cooling/Heat Pump Thermostats Product Guide

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TCS Bays Controls SZ1022N Conventional Multistage Heating & Cooling/Heat Pump Thermostats

TCS-Bays-Controls-SZ1022N-Conventional-Multistage-Heating & Cooling-Heat-Pump-Thermostats-PRODUCT


The TCS/Basys Controls SZ1020N Series thermostats feature a 7-day time clock and are specifically designed to connect to the Johnson Controls N2 bus. The SZ1022N is designed to control conventional heating and air conditioning. The SZ1024N is designed to control heat pumps.
The SZ1022N and SZ1024N features:

  • Stand-alone or network operation
  • 7-day time clock
  • Discharge air sensor input with high and low limits
  • The conventional model offers up to three heating and two cooling stages, or two heating and three cooling stages
  • Heat pump model offers two compressor stages, two auxiliary heat stages and a configurable reversing valve output
  • Adjustable delay on power-up for soft starts
  • P+I control option
  • Smart recovery
  • No battery backup required
  • Minimum on/off times for HVAC equipment protection
  • 32-character LCD display
  • Six status LEDs
  • Remote room sensing capability
  • User setpoint adjustment limits
  • Local override and remote override capability
  • System and fan switching with access lockouts
  • Auxiliary time clock output (economizers)
  • Fan interlock safety option
  • Filter service input and indication
  • Equipment monitoring inputs and indication
  • External time clock input
  • Energy management input for setpoint shift
  • Access to programming or schedule may be locked out.



  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
  • Display resolution: +/-1°F (0.6°C)
  • Display: 32-character LCD
  • Programming: Front panel keypad or EIA RS485 interface
  • Communications: RS485, half duplex
  • Memory backup: Non-volatile EEPROM, no battery required
  • Override: Programmable from 0 to 255 minutes


  • Operating temperature: 32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C)
  • Operating humidity: 0 to 100% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage temperature: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)


  • Supply voltage: 24 VAC +/- 20%
  • Inputs: Built-in and remote platinum RTDs,
  • momentary override and three digital (dry contact)
  • Range: Room Temp: 40 to 90°F (built-in or remote)
  • Discharge Air Temp: 0 to 150°F (remote)
  • Common mode rejection: 100 db @ 60 Hz
  • Outputs: Seven digital (SPDT dry contact, 24 VAC @ 2 A)
  • Power consumption: 8 VA max.

Specification Suggestions

Microprocessor-based room thermostats shall have a built in keypad and display for programming and scheduling, and utilize a 7-day time clock with two setback intervals per day. Thermostats shall be of the low voltage type.
Thermostats shall have a limited temporary setpoint adjustment, definable in programming, and a local override button with remote override capability. The status of all inputs and outputs shall be monitored locally through the use of the keypad and display. Thermostats shall support discharge air temperature high and low limits, fan proving, and be able to monitor filter status. An adjustable delay on power up shall be available for soft start of systems on power loss. Thermostats shall support a setpoint shift feature in which a digital input is used to shift the heating setpoint down and the cooling setpoint up by an adjustable amount. All system and fan switching shall be done through the microprocessor and must allow for disabling. The ability to edit operating control parameters shall be password protected via a user-definable security access code. The thermostat housing shall be off-white or white and mounted 60″ above the finished floor. The keypad, unoccupied override and RS485 communications jacks shall be accessible, without requiring the removal of the housing. Thermostats must support non-volatile memory, so that in the event of power loss, all programmed operating parameters shall be unaffected without the use of battery backup. All control functions shall continue in the event of a communications failure.
Thermostats shall provide both remote and local communications in accordance with EIA RS485 standards. All firmware communications protocol and command codes shall support and provide compatibility with the Johnson Controls N2 bus. Room thermostats shall be model SZ1020N series as manufactured by TCS/Basys Controls.

Ordering Information

  • Part No. Description
  • SZ1022N Programmable 7-day thermostat for conventional heating and cooling
  • SZ1024N Programmable 7-day thermostat for heat pumps

SZ1020 Series Accessories

  • TS2000 Remote sensor, room mount
  • TS3000 Remote sensor, room mount, decorator style
  • TS1002 Remote sensor, duct mount
  • PO Series Occupancy sensors
  • PR Series Encased relays
  • PS Series Current switches
  • PT Series Control transformers


SZ1020N Series

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TCS Bays Controls SZ1022N Conventional Multistage Heating & Cooling/Heat Pump Thermostats Installation Guide

TCS Bays Controls-LOGO

TCS Bays Controls SZ1022N Conventional Multistage Heating & Cooling/Heat Pump Thermostats Product Guide

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TCS Bays Controls SZ1022N Conventional Multistage Heating & Cooling-Heat Pump Thermostats Product Guide


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