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Stelpro ET120 Electronic Thermostat User Guide


Stelpro ET120 Electronic Thermostat

Stelpro -ET120 -Electronic -Thermostat-pro 

Mounting location

The thermostat must be installed indoor only. It should be mounted on a wall, at about 1.5 m above the oor, where it can detect the temperature variations and where the air is circulating freely. Avoid to mount it near hot surfaces (e.g. TV, heater, refrigerator), or to expose it directly to sunlight, drought or equipment radiation, or in a laundry room. Do not expose this unit to dripping or splashing

Mounting procedure

  • Mounting the thermostat:
    • With a screwdriver, pull one side of the cover and gently pull the lock hook towards the inside of the thermostat on each side, and then remove the front cover (see image 2).
    • Ensure the surface is levelled.
    • Route the wires in the terminal block.
    • Insert the two wall anchors into the wall.
    • Secure the thermostat to the wall with the two screws provided.
  • Electrical connections:
    • Make the proper electrical connections according to the circuit diagram (see image 1).
    • Afterward, push all the wires back into the wall.
    • To close the cover, align the openings on each side of the cover with the lock hooks, and push.
  • Temperature setting up:
    • Select the temperature by pressing down the buttons.
    • The display returns to the room temperature after 10 seconds.

Wiring diagramStelpro- ET120- Electronic- Thermostat - 1


Stelpro- ET120- Electronic- Thermostat - 2


Caution: Switch off the power supply before maintenance. The maintenance of the thermostat should be performed by a qualified person.


  • Temperature range: 10.0 – 32.0 ºC
  • Proportion band: 2 ºC
  • Voltage: 24 VAC +/-10%
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Analog output: 0-10 VDC
  • Sensing Element: NTC thermistor
  • Terminals: 14 AWG cable
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 45 ºC
  • Storage temperature: -10 to 55 ºC


Download Manual

Stelpro ET120 Electronic Thermostat Uset Guide



Stelpro ET120 Electronic Thermostat User Guide


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