Siemens RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Operating Instructions


Siemens RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat 


Operating Instructions

After your RDG160TU thermostat has been installed, this document will guide you through the basic operations, such as changing the setpoint, switching between heating and cooling modes, and adjusting the fan speed. For the advanced user, see RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588).

Front Panel



  • A: Heat/Cool Mode
  • B: Programming
  • C: Fan Mode/OK
  • D: Rotary knob

Main Display

  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-1Room temperature
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-2Temperature in degrees Celsius
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-3Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-4Buttons are locked
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-5Alert/Fault indicator
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-6 Condensation indicator
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-7System active by temporary timer
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-8Day of Week
    • 1 = Monday
    • 7 = Sunday
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-9Setting time and weekday
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-10Setting the timers
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-11Current time of day
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-12Escape (Cancel)
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-13Confirmation (OK)

Operating Modes

  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-14Heating
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-15Electric heater on
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-16Cooling
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-17Comfort mode
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-18 Economy mode
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-19System active by programmed timer
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-20Protection mode (Freeze Protection)
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-21Indicates active icon

Fan Mode/Speed

  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-22Automatic
  • Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-23ManualSiemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-24

Changing Room Temperature

  • The room temperature setpoint can be adjusted with the rotary knob when the system is in Comfort mode ( ) or is active by programmed timer ( )
  • Turn the rotary knob clockwise (+) to increase, or counterclockwise (-) to decrease the current room temperature setpoint.
    NOTE: The default setting range is from 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C). To change the limits, see RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588). – Parameters P09 and P10.Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-25

Adjusting the Fan Speed

  • Press the FAN/OK button until the desired fan mode is reached.
  • In Automatic mode ( Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-22), fan speed is automatically controlled by the thermostat. When the setpoint is reached, the fan stops or keeps running at low speed.
  • In Manual mode, the fan operates independently and always runs at the same speed: Low/Medium/High.

NOTE: To customize available fan modes, adjust Parameter P03. See RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588). Change Parameter P15 to set fan to OFF or LOW if the setpoint is reached.Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-26

Changing Between Heating and Cooling

  • Depending on the heating/cooling system, the changeover between heating and cooling is either automatic by a changeover sensor, or manual by pressing the HEAT/COOL button.
  • If the system is set up for manual changeover, press the HEAT/COOL button until the desired mode is selected.
  • With automatic changeover or continuous heating/cooling, icons / indicate that the system is in heating or cooling mode.
  • With manual changeover, the ( Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-21) icon highlights the heating or cooling icons. NOTE: To set auto or manual heat/cool changeover, adjust Parameter P01. See RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588).Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-27

Changing the System Mode


Press the HEAT/COOL button until the ( ) icon appears. Continue until your choice of Protection, Comfort, Auto (Programmed) Timer, or Economy mode is selected.

  1. Protection mode (Freeze protection)
    The system is turned off, unless the room temperature falls below 46°F(8°C). At that point, heating is turned on to prevent freezing.
  2. Comfort mode
    The thermostat maintains the setpoint, which are adjusted with the rotary knob.
  3. Auto (Programmed) Timer mode
    The thermostat automatically switches between Comfort and Economy mode settings according to timers, if they are programmed (maximum eight).
  4. Economy mode
    The room temperature is maintained between a lower heating setpoint and a higher cooling setpoint, to save energy and money.
    NOTE: To change available options, and to adjust the default Comfort mode and Economy mode setpoints, change Parameter P02. See RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588).
    CAUTION: The setpoint for Economy can be set to OFF. This means that the thermostat is completely turned off, and there is no protective heating or cooling provided.

Setting the Time of DaySiemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-31

  1. Press the PROG button.
  2. Press the FAN/OK button to edit the time of day. The time digits start blinking.
  3. Turn the rotary knob clockwise or counterclockwise to set. To change from 24-hour format to 12-hour format, turn the knob clockwise past 23:59 or counterclockwise past 00:00. Reverse those steps to return back to the 24-hour format.
    Setting the Day of WeekSiemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-32
  4. Press the FAN/OK button to confirm the time of day. The weekday indicator starts blinking.
  5. Turn the rotary knob clockwise or counterclockwise to set the day of week.
  6. Press the FAN/OK button to confirm the current weekday.
  7. Press the HEAT/COOL button untilSiemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-34 (Esc) displays to exit the program mode.
    NOTE: After a power failure, the time of day blinks. However, the auto (programmed) timers continue to run. Select the setting mode to readjust the time if needed.

Programming the Programmable TimersSiemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-33

The RDG160TU provides eight programmable timers A1 to A8. Any one of the timers can be assigned to one or multiple days. To set a timer, do the following:

  1. Press the PROG button ( ).
  2. Turn the rotary knob to the highlight the desired timer A1 to A8 to set and press the FAN/OK button .
  3. Turn the rotary knob to set the Comfort mode start time ( ). Press the FAN/OK button to confirm.
  4. Turn the rotary knob to set the Comfort mode end time ( ). Press the FAN/OK button to confirm.
  5. Select which days of week to apply this timer to:
    1. The icon for the first day of the week blinks. Press the FAN/OK button to select or the HEAT/COOL button (Esc) to deselect. The next day of week blinks.
    2. Repeat select or deselect and advance to the next day.
    3. Repeat until the 7th day is set. All selected days of week will blink. Press the FAN/OK button to confirm the setting and to advance to the next timer.
  6. To set the next timer, repeat Steps 3 through 5, or press the HEAT/COOL button (Esc) to exit the Timer Programming mode.


  • Press the FAN/OK button in Step 6 before pressing Esc (to exit the programming mode) to save your settings.
  • To disable the timer function, set Parameter P02 = 3 or P02 = 4. See RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588).

Reviewing the Settings


  1. Press the PROG button twice. .
  2. Turn the rotary knob to review the eight auto timers.
  3. Press HEAT/COOL button until (Esc) displays to return to normal operation.

Temporary Timer for Extended Presence or Absence
The Comfort and Economy modes can be temporarily extended from 0.5 to 9.5 hours.


To set the temporary timer, press and hold the HEAT/COOL button for a maximum of 3 seconds. While holding the button, do one of the following:

  1. Turn the rotary knob clockwise to extend the Comfort mode. Display: Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-360 to +9:30.
  2. Turn the rotary knob counterclockwise to extend the Economy mode. Display:Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-42 0 to -9:30.
    After the temporary timer has elapsed, the thermostat will resume operation in Auto Timer mode.

Reloading the Factory Default Timer (Schedule) Settings


  1. Press the PROG button twice (Siemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-19 ).
  2. Press the FAN/OK button to enter the Temporary Timer Setting mode.
  3. Press the PROG button for at least 3 seconds; rES displays.
  4. Press the FAN/OK button to confirm reloading the default settings, or (Esc) to exit without changing.

Table 1. Default Settings.

Day of Week Time of Day When Thermostat is in Comfort Mode
Mon (1) through Fri (5) 06:30 to 08:30 (A1) 17:30 to 22:30 (A2)
Sat (6) 08:00 to 23:00 (A3)
Sun (7) 08:00 to 22:30 (A4)
For the remaining time, the thermostat is in Economy mode.

Timers A5 through A8 are blank, without settings.

Locking the Front ButtonsSiemens-RDG160TU-Commercial-Thermostat-40

  • To lock or unlock the buttons manually, press and hold the FAN/OK button for 3 seconds. The buttons are locked or unlocked in this manner if Parameter P14 is set to 2.
  • If Parameter P14 is set to 1, buttons are locked 10 seconds after the last user adjustment.
    NOTE: To enable the button locking from front panel, set Parameter P14 to 2. To enable the automatic button locking after 10 seconds, set Parameter P14 to 1. See RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Installation Instructions (129-588).

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Download Manual: Siemens RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Operating Instructions


Siemens RDG160TU Commercial Thermostat Operating Instructions


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