SALUS RT510TX Programmable Thermostat Quick Guide


SALUS RT510TX Programmable Thermostat



RT510 / RT510RF is a programmable room thermostat used to control room temperature. Device launching heating system by shorting terminal blocks, simultaneously informing the action and showing this information on the LCD display. Extended features allows us to use various operating modes – automatic (time schedules), manual, frost protection or holiday. Before use please read this manual carefully. Use only AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries in the thermostat. Place the batteries into the battery slot located under the cover. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Product Compliance

Directives: EMC 2014/30/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU, RED 2014/53/EU and RoHS 2011/65/EU.
Full information is available on the website

Safety Information

Use in accordance to national and EU regulations. Use the device as intended, keeping it in dry condition. Product for indoor use only. Installation must be carried out by a qualified person in accordance to national and EU regulations.

Technical specification

RT510 Thermostat RT510TX Thermostat
Thermostat supply 2 x AA alkaline batteries 2 x AA alkaline batteries
Thermostat rating max 3 (1) A


Voltage free NO / COM / NC



Temperature range 5 – 35°C 5 – 35°C
Temperature accuracy 0.1°C or 0.5°C 0.1°C or 0.5°C
Control algorithm TPI or hysteresis ±0.25°C TPI or hysteresis ±0.25°C
Radiofrequency 868 MHz
Dimension [mm] 120x96x27 120x96x27
RXRT510 Receiver
Receiver supply 230 V AC
Receiver rating max 16 (5) A
Outputs Voltage-free NO / COM terminals
Radio frequency 868 MHz
Dimension [mm] 96x96x27

Button functions


  1. Boost function
  2. Manual Mode
  3. Frost protection / Holiday Mode
  4. Increase button
  5. Decrease button
  6. When in Manual Mode, ON will turn the boiler on.
  7. When in Manual Mode, OFF will turn the boiler off.
  8. Receiver operates in automatic mode according to the thermostat
  9. The receiver output is controlled by the On/Off slide switch.

LCD Icon Description


  1. Day of the week
  2. Program number
  3. Program indicator
  4. Settings
  5. Temperature measured / set
  6. Boost function
  7. Low battery status
  8. Wireless connection with the receiver
  9. Heating Mode On
  10. Manual Mode On
  11. Holiday Mode On
  12. Frost Protection Mode On
  13. Temperature unit
  14. AM / PM
  15. Clock

RT510 Terminals description

Terminal Description
1 – COM Common Terminal
2 – NC Switched Live OFF
3 – NO Switched Live ON


RXRT510 Receiver terminals description


Terminal Description
NO Switch Terminal
COM Common Switch Terminal
L, N Supply (230 V AC)

DIP Switch Settings


Control feature TPI Span
Operation When TPI is selected on When Span is selec-
DIP switch № 2, the DIP ted on DIP switch №
switch № 1 is functional. 2, the DIP switch №
You can choose the 1 is not functional.
Cycles Per Hour between The SPAN value is
a lower comfort level set to ± 0.25°C – it is
(6CPH) and a higher recommended to use
comfort level (9CPH). with heating devices.

Wiring diagram

RT510 Wiring diagram


RT510RF Wiring diagram


Setting the time



Programming – automatic mode

In this mode, the user can set the schedules for the thermostat (temperature setpoints for specific periods of time). You have the option to choose between a 5-2 days program or a daily one by using the parameter d04 from Installer mode. Programmed schedules should use all time periods.

salus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.10 salus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.11

Temporary Override mode

This function is available only in automatic mode (schedule). If a new setpoint temperature will be set during the schedule – it will be maintained until next time interval starts according to a programmed schedule salus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.12

Temporary Override mode will be disabled when new schedule will be set.

Manual Mode and setting setpoint temperaturesalus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.13

In this mode thermostat does not work according to the programmed schedule but it will maintain selected temperature.


To turn off the Manual Mode presssalus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.13button. Once the manual mode is off, the handsalus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.13icon on the thermostat will disappear.

Hourly temperature Override Mode (+Hr)

This function is available in Automatic and Manual Mode. It is used to change the setpoint temperature for a specified number of hours (up to 9 hours). Once that time is over, thermostat returns to previous mode.


Frost Protection

temperature of the Frost Protection mode is set as default at 5°C. This temperature can be changed in Installer Mode in d03 parameter.


Sleep mode


Holiday Mode


To turn off the Holiday Modesalus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.20 salus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.19, hold down button for 3 seconds. The airplane icon should disappear from the display.

RT510TX thermostat pairing with the receiver

Note: If you are using the RT510RF pack, the pairing between the thermostat and the receiver is already done

If you want to re-pair thermostat with the receiver, make sure that the device is disconnected from the power supply and the switches on the receiver have been set to AUTO and ON. Then connect the receiver to the power supply and wait for the red LED to light steadily. Next switch to the OFF position and again to ON position quickly. The red flashing LED will confirm entering the pairing mode.

Begin the pairing process


End the pairing process salus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.22

Test the pairing process salus-rt510tx-programmable-thermostat-FIG.23

If you purchased an RXRT510 or RT510TX and intend pairing with other devices in the 5×5 range, please refer to the Receiver Units manual or the relevant manuals available at

Installer mode


dxx Function Parametr Default value
d01 Temperature display increments 0.1°C or 0.5°C 0.5°C
d02 Temperature offset +/- 3.0°C 0.0°C
d03 Frost Protection setpoint temperature 5.0°C – 17.0°C 5.0°C
d04 Programmer selection 5/2 or 24 hr (7d) 52 d

Reset of the RT510 thermostat

Press the RESET button once. You can use a paper clip. Your thermostat will be reset and will start up automatically.


Reset of the RT510TX thermostat

Remove the batteries without pressing any button. Wait 2 minutes and insert the batteries again. Your device will be restarted.


When you want to change the batteries your device will use the internal memory to backup your settings. You have 30 seconds to change the batteries before losing your settings.

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SALUS RT510TX Programmable thermostat Quick Guide


SALUS RT510TX Programmable Thermostat Quick Guide


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