SALUS HTR-RF(20) Wireless Digital THERMOSTAT Quick Guide


SALUS HTR-RF(20) Wireless Digital THERMOSTAT



The HTRP230V(50) from SALUS Controls is a stylish and accurate 5/2 or 24h programmable electronic thermostat with a large, easy-to-read Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). It is a surface-mounted temperature controller dedicated to surface heating/cooling, characterized by high thermal inertia. It is connected to the wired wiring center KL08NSB. The thermostat has the function of creating your own schedules. It can control group (SLAVE) thermostats – via the wiring center, it sends them an NSB (nighttime temperature reduction) signal and switches them to economic temperature. The time schedule is common to all thermostats (according to weekly (MASTER) thermostats), but temperatures are set individually on each thermostat. Thanks to the built-in algorithms, it offers much better temperature control accuracy than traditional mechanical thermostats. The thermostat is characterized by silent operation. The controller is characterized by silent operation.

Product Compliance

The product complies with the following EU directives: 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2011/65/EU. Full information is available at

Please note!
This document is a quick guide to the installation and operation of the product and indicates its main features and functions. Detailed information are in the full manual, which is available at www.saluscontrols.EU and must be used for proper installation and operation of the product.

Safety information

Use in accordance with national and EU regulations. Use the device as intended and keep it dry. Product for indoor use only. Please read the entire manual before starting the installation and using the product.


Installation must be carried out by a qualified person, with appropriate electrical authorizations, in accordance with national and EU standards and regulations. The manufacturer shall not be liable for failure to comply with the manual.
There may be additional protection requirements for the entire installation.
The installer shall be responsible for compliance with such requirements.

Box Content

  1. HTR-RF(20) ThermostatSALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.1
  2. Quick Guide
  3. 2 x AA alkaline batteries SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.2
  4. 2 x fixing screws

Overlay Information

For reference only. The image on the left explains the correlation between the temperature scale and the pairing scale. To be used for the initial set-up or in case of Lost Link Error. Please keep the sticker on until installation is complete.


LED Indication SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.4

Only in offline mode

Note: When the thermostat is calling for heating/cooling, the LED will be OFF. If you encounter the lost link error, repeat the Pairing procedure.

Installation SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.5

Jumper Feature Default
TPI*/SPAN TPI (jumper ON) or Span 0.5°C (remove jumper) TPI ON
NSB** Night Setback ON (jumper ON) or OFF (remove jumper) ON
Setback value*** -2°C (jumper ON) or -4°C (remove jumper) -2°C for heating and

+2°C for cooling

  • TPI will determine the pattern of your heating periods and will adjust it so that the temperature point will be maintained longer.
  • NSB will only operate if there is a master thermostat set on the Wiring Centre. If there is no master set, there’s no need to remove the jumper.
  • If you have a master thermostat connected to your system and NSB is active, NSB will automatically adjust the setback value according to the selection of the jumper.

Make sure that the thermostat dial is set in position 1.

Insert the batteries.


Check the status of the HTR-RF(20) during the first power-up. Flashing RED for 2 sec = NOT PAIRED. Flashing GREEN for 2 sec = PAIRED. If HTR-RF(20) flashes green, but you need to repair it, please check the Reset section

Pair (offline)

The offline pairing method should be used by non-internet users only.
WARNING! Do not use CO10RF coordinator with UGE600 simultaneously.

Use the pre-set dial position for pairing 1 wiring Centre, 0 Groups and 1 Zone. For more Wiring Centres, Groups or Zones please move the dial in the desired position.
Note: The number of times the LED flashes green will correspond with the number of the Wiring Centre, of the Groups or of the Zones selected.

  1. Install the wiring centre according to the instructions attached to the product.SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.7
  2. Open the ZigBee networkSALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.8
  3. Press the SYNC button until flashing red.SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.9
  4. HTR-RF(20) has joined the network once the LED is solid red.
  5. Select the Wiring Centre number (up to 9 centers)
    • 1 WC=position 1;
    • 2 WC=position 2;
    • 9 WC=position 9SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.10
  6. Select the Group number No Grouping=position 1;
    • Gr1=position 2;
    • Gr2=position 3SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.11
  7. Select the Zone number (up to 12 zones)
    • Zone 1=position 1;
    • Zone 2=position 2;
    • Zone 12=position 12SALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.12
  8. Close the ZigBee networkSALUS-HTR-RF(20)-Wireless-Digital-THERMOSTAT-FIG.13

Identify (online)


Identify (offline)




Salus Limited
6/F, Building 20E, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park, 20 Science Park East Avenue, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

[email protected]
tel: +49 6108 8258515
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tel: +33 (0) 134 724 039
[email protected]
tel: +44 (0) 1226 323961

SALUS Controls is a member of the Computime Group Maintaining a policy of continuous product development SALUS Controls plc reserves the right to change the specification, design and materials of products listed in this brochure without prior notice.
Issue date: 03 2021
Version: V016



Download Manual:

SALUS HTR-RF(21) Wireless Digital THERMOSTAT Quick Guide


SALUS HTR-RF(20) Wireless Digital THERMOSTAT User Manual

SALUS HTR-RF(20) Wireless Digital THERMOSTAT Wiring Diagram


SALUS HTR-RF(20) Wireless Digital THERMOSTAT Quick Guide


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