Robertshaw RS9110T Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat Installation Guide


Robertshaw RS9110T Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat




  • power source by unscrewing fuse or switching circuit breaker to the off position before installing, removing, cleaning, or servicing thermostat.
  • Read all of the information in this manual before installing or programming this thermostat.
  • This is a 24V AC low voltage thermostat. Do not install on voltages higher than 30V AC.
  • All wiring must conform to local and national building and electrical codes and ordinances. Do not short (jumper) across terminals on the gas valve or at the system control to test installation.
  • This will damage the thermostat and void the warranty.

Thermostat System Types

Gas, Oil, or Electric Heat with Air Conditioning
Heat Pumps (without auxiliary or emergency heat)
Multi-Stage Systems
Heat-Only, including for Floor and Wall-Furnace
750 Millivolt Heating Systems

Power Type

  • Battery Power
  • Hardwire (Common Wire)


  • Temperature Display Range…………….. 32°F to 99°F (0°C to 40°C)
  • Temperature Control Range……………. 41°F to 90°F (5°C to 32°C)
  • Load Rating…………………………………………. 1 amp per terminal, 1.5 amp maximum all terminals combined
  • Differential…………………………………………… Heating is adjustable from 0.2° to 2.0°
  • Cooling is adjustable from 0.2° to 2.0°
  • Power Source……………………………………… 18 to 30 VAC, NEC Class II, 50/60 Hz for hardwire
  • Battery power from 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
  • Operating Ambient Temperature…… 32°F to +105°F (0°C to +41°C)
  • Operating Humidity…………………………..90% non-condensing maximum
  • Dimensions…………………………………………. 4.7”W x 4.4”H x 1“D

Installation Location

Install the thermostat 4 to 5 feet above the floor in an area with good air circulation and average temperature.
For new installations, mount thermostat on an inside wall, 4-5 feet above the floor.
Do not install the thermostat in the following locations:

  • Behind a Door
  • In a Corner
  • Near Air Vents
  • In Direct Sunlight
  • With an Outside Wall Behind the Thermostat
  • Near any Heat or Steam Generating Fixtures
  • Near any Concealed Pipes or Chimneys
    Installation at these locations will affect thermostat operation.

Wallplate Installation


  1. Horizontal Mount
  2. Vertical Mount

For a vertical mount, put screws on the top and bottom. For a horizontal mount, put screws on the left and the right.

Electrical Hazard
Disconnect power before installing this product. Failure to do so can cause electric shock or equipment damage.
Mercury Notice
This product is mercury-free. However, if this product is replacing a control that contains mercury, it needs to be disposed of properly. Contact your local waste management authority for instructions regarding recycling and proper disposal of the control.

Mounting & Battery Installation

Mounting Thermostat


Align the 4 tabs on the faceplate with the corresponding slots on the back of the thermostat, then push gently until the thermostat snaps into place.

Battery Installation


Battery installation is optional if used with AC power (the C terminal is connected). During power outages, the batteries will save settings and power the display.


High quality alkaline batteries are recommended. Rechargeable batteries or low-quality batteries are not recommended.


Thermostat Quick Reference

Getting to know your thermostat


  1. Fan Buttons
  2. Next Step Buttons
  3. Set Time Buttons
  4. Program Buttons
  5. Menu Buttons
  6. System Buttons
  7. Set-Point Buttons
  8. Battery Cover
  9. Button/Battery Access Door


  1. Days of the week and time
  2. Indicates the current room temperature
  3. Displays the user selectable set-point temperature
  4. Hold is displayed when thermostat program is overridden.
  5. System Operation Indicators: The compressor delay is active if these are flashing.
  6. Programmable Time Periods: Residential uses 4 time periods – WAKE, RETURN, LEAVE and SLEEP.
  7. Program Menu Options: Shows different options during programming.
  8. Low Battery Indicator: Replace batteries when this indicator is shown.


Terminal Designations

  • C 24 VAC Common Wire
  • O Heat pump reversing valve energized in cooling
  • B Heat pump reversing valve energized in heating
  • W Heat relay
  • RH 24 VAC power for heating
  • RC 24 VAC power for cooling
  • G Fan relay
  • Y Compressor relay

Wiring Notes

  • RH & RC Terminals
    In a single-transformer system, leave the metal jumper in place between the RH and RC. Remove the metal jumper in two-transformer systems.
  • Heat Pump Systems (With NO Auxilary or Emergency Heat)
    If wiring to a heat pump, use a small piece of wire (not supplied) to connect terminals W (Heat relay) & Y (Compressor relay).
  • Common wire
    The C (common wire) is optional when the thermostat is powered by batteries.
  • Wire Specifications
    Use 18- to 22-gauge thermostat wire. Shielded wire is not required.
    Installation Tip: Do not overtighten terminal block screws, as this can damage the terminal block. A damaged terminal block can keep the thermostat from fitting on the subbase correctly or cause system operation issues. Max Torque = 6in/lbs.

Wiring Diagrams`

  1. Power supply
  2. Factory-installed jumper. Remove only when installing on 2-transformer systems.
  3. Use either O or B terminals for reversing valve.
  4. Use a small piece of wire (not supplied) to connect W and Y terminals. ONLY for a heat pump system without AUX or EMERGENCY heat
  5. Set fan operation switch to electric for heat pump systems.

Robertshaw-RS9110T-Programmable-Touchscreen-Thermostat-FIG.7 Robertshaw-RS9110T-Programmable-Touchscreen-Thermostat-FIG.8

Installer Setup Menu

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Press and hold INSTALLER SETUP for 3 seconds.
  3. Configure the installer options as desired using the table below.
  4. Use or to change settings and NEW STEP or PREV STEP to move from one step to another.
    Note: Only press DONE when you want to exit the Installer Setup options.

Robertshaw-RS9110T-Programmable-Touchscreen-Thermostat-FIG.9 Robertshaw-RS9110T-Programmable-Touchscreen-Thermostat-FIG.10 Robertshaw-RS9110T-Programmable-Touchscreen-Thermostat-FIG.11 Robertshaw-RS9110T-Programmable-12Touchscreen-Thermostat-FIG.12


Programming Notes

Keypad Lockout
The function of activating your lockout choice takes place after you have exited
Tech Setup. To lock or unlock the keypad hold down the MENU for 3 seconds.

Contractor Call Number
If contractor call number is selected ON, the selected phone number will show in the display if there has been a continuous call for heating or cooling for 24 hours or if the FAN button is held down for 3 seconds. To remove the phone number from the display, hold the FAN button down for 3 seconds.

Set Time of day and day of week (If using programming)

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Press SET TIME.
  3. Day of the week will be flashing. Use or to select the current day of the week.
  4. Press NEXT.
  5. The current hour will be flashing. Use or to select the current hour.
    Note the correct a.m. or p.m. indicator is selected.
  6. Press NEXT.
  7. The minutes will be flashing. Use or to select the current minutes.
  8. Press DONE when completed.

Custom Programming

This thermostat can be configured to have 7 Day or 5+1+1 programming. If 7 Day is selected, all seven days will need to be programmed individually. If 5+1+1 programming is selected, Monday–Friday will be programmed together and Saturday and Sunday will need to be programmed individually. There are four time periods for each day (WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, SLEEP).
Follow the steps below to customize your program schedule:

  1. Select HEAT or COOL. Note: Heat and cool need to be programmed separately.
  2. Press MENU (If menu does not appear first, press RUN SCHED).
  3. Press SET SCHED. Note: Monday–Friday (or Monday if in 7 Day mode) will be displayed and the WAKE icon is shown.
  4. Time will be flashing. Use or to make your time selection for the WAKE time period for Monday–Friday (or Monday if in 7 Day mode).
  5. Press NEXT STEP.
  6. The set-point temperature will be flashing. Use or to make your set-point selection for the WAKE time period for Monday–Friday (or Monday if in 7 Day mode).
  7. Press NEXT STEP.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for the LEAVE time period, for the RETURN time period, and for the SLEEP time period for Monday–Friday (or Monday if in 7 Day mode).
  9. repeat steps 4 through 8 for the Saturday WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, and SLEEP time periods, and then again for the Sunday WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, and SLEEP time periods for the 5+1+1 program schedule, and for each day for the 7-day program schedule.

This thermostat is pre-programmed for energy saving operation. The default program is below:

Default Program
Day of the Week Events Time Set-Point Temperature (HEAT) Set-Point Temperature (COOL)




Wake 6 AM 70°F (21°C) 75°F(24°C)
Leave 8 AM 62° F (17°C) 83°F(28° C)
Return 6 PM 70°F (21°C) 75°F(24°C)
Sleep 10 PM 62°F (17°C) 78°F(26°C)




Wake 6 AM 70°F (21°C) 75°F(24°C)
Leave 8 AM 62°F (17°C) 83°F(28°C)
Return 6 PM 70°F (21°C) 75°F(24°C)
Sleep 10 PM 62°F (17°C) 78°F(26°C)




Wake 6 AM 70°F (21°C) 75°F(24°C)
Leave 8 AM 62°F (17°C) 83°F(28°C)
Return 6 PM 70°F (21°C) 75°F(24°C)
Sleep 10 PM 62°F (17°C) 78°F(26°C)


  • Auto Changeover: In Auto mode, users can toggle between Auto Heat or Auto Cool by pressing System only when the current mode has reached its temperature set point. To switch out of Auto mode, hold down System. To return to Auto mode, toggle the System key to Auto.
  • Programmable Fan: The programmable fan feature will run the fan continuously during any time period it is programmed to be on. This is the best way to keep the air circulated and to eliminate hot and cold spots in your building. Reminders: Once a Reminder has been turned on and set, the elapsed time can be checked by navigating the Tech Setup step. The time can be reset by pressing and holding the third button from the left for 3 seconds. Resetting an expired Reminder can be done by pressing and holding the 3rd button from the left for 3 seconds.

Technical Service +1.800.445.8299

[email protected] • 352-00301-001 6Year
Limited Warranty Use Phone to Scan for Warranty Info
Customer Service +1.800.304.6563
Technical Service +1.800.445.8299
[email protected] • 352-00301-001 6Year
limited warranty
Use to 00306-001 Rev. B Warranty Programming Programming
© 2021 Robertshaw Controls Company.
Robertshaw® is a trademark of Robertshaw Controls Company


Other  Manual: Robertshaw RS9110T Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat Product Guide


Robertshaw RS9110T Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat Installation Guide





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