OWON PCT513-TY Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat Product Guide


OWON PCT513-TY Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat


Smart HVAC Control 


  • 2H/2C Conventional & 4H/2C Heat PumpOWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-2
  • Automatic heating and cooling changeoverOWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-3
  • Flexible 4-period/7-day SchedulingOWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-4

New Comfort Experience

  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-5Touch Screen: 4.3” TFT LCD Display.
  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-6Voice Control: Works with Alexa & Google Home.
  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-7Remote Zone Sensor: Scattered multi-sensors enable location-based temperature control.
  • Geofencing: Know when you leave or return for better comfort and energy saving.
  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-9Weather Forecast: 5-day local weather forecast.
  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-10Smart Warm-up: Preheat or precool before you get home.
  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-11Smart Alerts: Heating or cooling alerts and air filter change reminders.
  • OWON-PCT513-TY-Wi-Fi-Touchscreen-Thermostat-12Vacation Mode: Run your system economically when you are on vacation.

Main Features

Basic HVAC Control

  • 2H/2C conventional or 4H/2C Heat Pump system
  • 4-period/7-day scheduling on the device or through the APP
  • Multiple HOLD options
  • Periodically circulates fresh air for comfort and health
  • Automatic heating and cooling changeover

Advanced HVAC Control

  • Remote Zone Sensors for location-based temperature control
  • Geofencing: know when you leave or return for better comfort and energy saving
  • Preheat or precool your house before you get home
  • Run your system economically while on vacation
  • Compressor short cycle protection delay

User Interaction

  • 4.3” TFT LCD touchscreen for comprehensive information display and easy operation
  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • System status indicated by different backlight colors: Red for heat-on, Blue for cool-on
  • Backlight brightness level adjustable
  • Screen lights up when movement detected
  • Intuitive UI to ease the operation even without manual

Information & Notification

  • Weather forecast: display 5-day local weather
  • Indoor humidity sensing
  • Multi-room temperature display
  • Air Filter change reminders
  • Unusual heating or cooling alert

Installation & Setup

  • Power adapter available with no requirement for a C-Wire
  • Interactive wizard guides you through the quick setup
  • Built-In level for mounting
  • Multi-level keypad lockout for special occasions

Smart IoT Features

  • Supports Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N 2.4
  • Control and setup the thermostat remotely using an APP
  • Access to multiple thermostats from a single APP or Web portal
  • Over-the-Air firmware upgrade

PCT513 Technical Specifications

HVAC Control Functions

Compatible Systems

• Conventional (2H/2C)

• Heat Pump (4H/2C)

• Supports natural gas, electric,hot water, steam or gravity, gas fireplaces (24 Volts),

oil heat sources

System Mode • Heat, Cool, Auto, Off, Emergency Heat

(Heat Pump only)

Fan Mode • On, Auto, Circle



• Setting temperature locally or remotely

• Auto-changeover between heat and cool mode (System Auto)

• Compressor protection time is available for select

• Failure protection by cutting off all circuit

relays after power outage

Auto Mode Deadband • 3° F
Temp. Setpoint Span • 1° F
Humidity Accuracy • ±3% Accuracy through the range of 20%

RH to 80% RH

Wireless Connectivity
Wi-Fi • 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
OTA • Over-the-Air Upgradable via Wi-Fi
Radio • 915MHZ
Physical Specifications
LCD Screen • 4.3-inch color touch screen; 480 x 272 pixel display
LED • 2-color LED (Red, Green)
C-Wire • Power adapter available with no

requirement for a C-Wire

PIR Sensor • Sensing Distance 4m, Angle 60°
Speaker • Click sound
Data Port • Micro USB
DIP Switch • Power selection
Electrical Rating • 24 VAC, 2A Carry; 5A Surge 50/60 Hz
Switches/Relays • 9 Latching type relay, 1A maximum


Dimensions • 135(L) × 77.36 (W)× 23.5(H) mm
Mounting Type • Wall Mounting
Wiring • 18 AWG, Requires both R and C wires

from the HVAC System

Operating Temperature • 32° F to 122° F, Humidity range: 5%~95%
Storage Temperature • -22° F to 140° F
Certification • FCC
Zone Sensor
Dimension • 62(L) × 62 (W)× 15.5(H) mm
Battery • Two AAA batteries
Radio • 915MHZ
LED • 2-color LED (Red,Green)
Button • Button for join network
PIR • Detect occupancy
Operating • Temperature range:32~122° F(Indoor)
Environment • Humidity range:5%~95%
Mounting Type • Tabletop stand or Wall mounting
Certification • FCC

OWON Technology Inc.
Web: www.owon-smart.com


Download Manual: OWON PCT513-TY Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat Product Guide

Other manuals:OWON PCT513-TY Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat Quick Start Guide


OWON PCT513-TY Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat Product Guide





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