Minco Heat M9.716 Touch Screen Period Programming Thermostat Installation Manual

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Minco Heat M9.716 Touch Screen Period Programming Thermostat 

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Touch Screen Period Programming Thermostat

Touch Screen Period Programming Thermostat Weekly circulation, it is possible to set 6 periods called events each day with corresponding pre-set temperatures, also you can select “period control mode” or “manual mode” according to your individual requirements. The thermostat is recommended for the control of electric heating devices or on/off valve actuators used in water-based heating systems.

Selection Table

Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.1

Technical data

  • Voltage: AC230V 50~60Hz
  • Power consumption: 2VA
  • Setting range: 5℃…90℃
  • Limitation range: 5℃…60℃ (factory setting:35℃)
  • Accuracy of temperature measurement:0.5~10℃Adjustable, factory setting±1℃
  • Ambient temperature: -5~50℃
  • Protective housing: IP20
  • Housing material: anti-flammable PC

User operation

  1. Power key “Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.2
    You can turn the on/off thermostat by pressing this key. Also, you can confirm and exit by pressing “Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.2 “key when you have completed the setting of every parameter.
  2. The increased key” “and the decrease key” Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.3
    In the period controlMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.5 mode or comfort mode, when you press the increase/decrease key once, the alternate display stops in the bottom right region and the value of the pre-set temperature will increase/decrease 1℃. It will recover the alternate display with no operation for 3 seconds.
  3. Time setting key “Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.4
    You can adjust the time and week by pressing the key once. If it is pressed, the hour bit flashes. Then you can press “Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.5 ” key and ” Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.5“key to change its value. When you complete the setting of the hour bit, you can press this keyMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.2to to confirm and continue the setting of the minute bit and week bit sequentially. After the completion of time, you can press” “to confirm and exit.
  4. Mode selection key” M ”
    You can select period control mode or comfort mode by pressing the key. If you press this key and hold it for 3 seconds, you can enter the mode of period programming.
  5. Locking “Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.6 ” and unlocking
    When you press  Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.5  and Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.5at the same time and hold for 3 seconds, the thermostat will be locked/unlocked. When it is locked, no operation can be carried out until it is unlocked.

Display symbols

  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.7Manual mode
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.4Clock-controlled program mode
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.8Wake-up, event 1
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.9Leave (am), event 2
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.10Return (am), event 3
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.11Leave (pm), event 4
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.12Return (pm),event 5
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.13Sleep, event 6
  • Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.14Heating

Programming: 6-event time and temperature

Press the ” Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.15” key for 5 seconds to begin programmingMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.16Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.17

Advanced setting (qualified person preferred)

You can press “M” and” “and hold for 5 seconds at the same time to enter the mode of advanced setting Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.4when the thermostat is turned off. The following seven functions can be chosen by pressing “M”.

Symbol Setting or







Adjust measured temperature












Sensor mode

IN: built-in sensor OUT: floor sensor ALL: both sensors (floor sensor is the limit


3 LIT Limitation temperature Adjust limitation value,

Limitation range:5℃~90℃

4 DIF Switching


Adjust switching differential
5 LTP Antifreeze function Turn on/off the Anti-frozen function







Set vacation mode

2: 5/2 day mode 1: 6/1 day mode

0: 7-day mode

7 RLE Potential-free


00: in the same way

01: in a different way






output delay


Change the delay time







Max. Limitation temperature

setpoint (99℃)





Reset to factory settings

Programming parameters will

be reset to factory settings when the symbol ” —- ” appears

Explanation of symbols

Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.18Dimension:(mm)

Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.19

Mounting steps

  1. Release the front cover by inserting a screwdriver into bottom crackMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.20
  2. Taking the backing plate apart according to following diagramMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.21
  3. Install the thermostat in electrical connection box with screwsMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.22
  4. Install the housing cover and lock the external frameMinco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.23

Connecting Diagram

Minco Heat-M9.716-Touch-Screen-Period-Programming-Thermostat-FIG.24


Download Manual:

Minco Heat M9.716 Touch Screen Period Programming Thermostat Installation Manual

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Minco Heat M9.716 Touch Screen Period Programming Thermostat Installation Manual


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