King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-featured

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V Thermostat Installation Instruction


King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V Thermostat

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V Thermostat-PRODUCT


  • 1 Pole 3 Wire
  • Power Supply: 120 VAC
  • Program Backup
  • Max Range: 1920 @ 120V (16A)
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment: 55-74°F (13-23°C)
  • Temperature Display Range: 32-122°F (0-50°C)
  • Differential: 1°F (.5°C)
  • Adjustable Display Offset: 1-18°F (1-5°C) Lower
  • Temperature Control Range: 40-74°F (4-23°C)
  • Tenant Temperature Range: 55-74°F (13-23°C)
  • Anti-Freeze Low setting: 40°F (4°C)
  • Set Back Timings: Minor, Hrs: 1,2,3,4,8,12,16
  • Major, Hrs:12,24,36,48,60
  • Setback Temperatures:
  • Minor, 66,62,58°F. (19,17,14°C)
  • Major, 55,52,40°F. (13,11,4°C)

READ CAREFULLY – These instructions will help prevent difficulties that might arise during thermostat installation. Studying the instructions first may save considerable time and money later. Observing the following procedures will keep installation time to a minimum. Save these instructions for future use.

Product Applications

K701-1-DTSB Autonomous Dual Timed Setback is designed to be used where an Automatic timed electric heat setback is needed and a second lower setback for longer away times. This is typically used in College dormitories, Motels, Temporary housing, anywhere the tenant is not finically responsible for the cost of heating and has an active life pattern. This guarantees and reinforces good energy saving habits and places the burden on the Tenant for the higher heating levels and their efforts to remain above a predefined reasonable and typically comfortable level. Be safe and smart, electricity can cause severe injury or death.
If you are uncomfortable hire an electrician for the project
This Autonomous Dual Timed Setback is for small fan electric heater, baseboards, radiant ceiling, wall panel heaters, cove heaters, or any 120 Line voltage resistance heating systems that do not have an electric motor over 1/3 hp. The thermostat will be warm to the touch on top. This is normal operation and also provides air currents across the face of the thermostat that better help it sense room temperature.

Features of Front Display and Controls

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-fig.1

  • 2 ) Up Temperature Button
  • 4 ) Down Temperature Button
  • C ) Heating ON LCD Indicator
  • D ) Manual Setting Icon
  • E ) Preset Temperature Display
  • F ) ECO Setback Indicator (Illuminates When Operating with Set Temp Under 62°F/17°C)
  • G ) Room Temperature Display
  • H ) Temperature Offset Display Compensation


Wiring Requires a Phillips Screwdriver

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-fig.2

  1. Disconnect power supply to prevent electrical shock or damage to the product.
  2. Loosen screw on the bottom of plastic housing.
  3. Run line voltage wiring from the main panel to the j Box location for the thermostat and another set off to the Heater/s you are controlling.
  4. Connect output terminals to heating system in accordance with instructions from the 240 volt electric heat system.
  5. Make sure your wire nuts are very tight or they can melt. Mount Stat to the J box making sure it is COMPLETELY RECESSED into the junction without pinching wires and flat to the wall without gaps. NO WIRES SHOULD BE EXPOSED outside the metal or plastic junction box. Do not overtighten the J Box mounting screws. Display or circuit boat could be damaged. Carefully replace cover aligning the 3 pins that mate up to the front cover and screw the cover on with a phillips tip driver.

Operation Instructions

  1. The Autonomous Dual Timed Setback series thermostat default is programmed to automatically set back to 66°F/19°C in 2 hrs. and 55°F/13°C in 48 hrs.
    See Chart for other options.
  2. King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-fig.3

Manual Temperature Adjustment Range: 55°-74°F (13-23°C)

  1. Press the “Up” and or “Down” arrow key and LCD will show a flashing temperature with “Set Temp” symbol.
  2. Proceed by pressing the “Up” or “Down” arrow key to set the desired temperature.
    Every time you press the “Up” or “Down” arrow key, the temperature will change the temperature value by 1°F/1°C.
  3. When you’ve completed setting the desire temperature, wait 3 seconds until the LCD stops flashing and the thermostat will start operation and backlite will turn off. When the room temperature reaches the desired setting, the thermostat will cycle to maintain the set temperature for the time programmed.

Display Temperature Offset Compensation:
In unusual cases, your Autonomous Dual Timed Setback may register “Room Temperature” higher than what the actual temperature is. You can adjust the registering value by using Temperature Compensation value.

  1. Press and hold the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys at the same time for 5 seconds.
  2. The initial value is 0°F/0°C. Press the “Up” or “Down” arrow key to adjust the value.
  3. After the adjustment value has been completed, do not press any key, wait for 10 seconds until the display returns to normal operation.
    NOTE: The TimerStat can only adjust the displayed temperature compensation downward by up to 18° F/10°C.

Reset Your Autonomous Dual-Timed Setback:
In case your thermostat is not functioning correctly, (possibly due to a static charge) you can reset the unit back to the factory settings.
Locate the RESET button on the right side of the unit, lightly press the button with a pointy object and the unit will reset.

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-fig.4

Instructions for Timing and Temperature Settings

Autonomous Dual Timed Set Back

Timed comfort is where the burden in on the tenant to maintain their set point. Where the Landlord is providing comfortable heating and the tenant is responsible for maintaining the set point. Typical uses are Dormitory, Public or temporary housing applications. Public bathrooms, Motel and Hotel applications, or anywhere a guaranteed setback is required not based on time of day.

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-fig.5

Manual Programming of Jumpers JP1,2,3,4:

  1. 2-time Jumpers: JP1 Minor, JP2 Major (set back)
  2. 2 temperatures Jumpers: JP3 Minor, JP4 Major (set back)
  3. Adjustable on-site at the time of installation.
  4. Set back and Timings are Modifiable at any time for special needs or if conditions change for a tenant.
  5. Default set for University Domitory application. No jumpers required

Manual Temperature Adjustment Range: 55°-74°F (13-23°C)

King Electric K701-1-DTSB AUTONOMOUS DUAL TIMED 120V thermostat-fig.6

The sequence of Operation of the thermostat in the Default setting. Tenant sets the thermostat to 70’FI21″C for Comfort: After 2 hrs. Minor set back drops the temperature to 66 F/19 C. If tenant doesn’t increase the temperature after 48 hrs. thermostat will drop to 5 FI13C. The tenant may increase the temperature at any time but will continually reset timing but will eventually set back to guaranteeing energy savings.

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