King Electric K302PE electronic non programmable thermostat Installation Instruction


King Electric K302PE electronic nonprogrammable thermostat






  • Power Supply: 120VAC/208VAC/240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Max Range: 1800W @120V 3120W @208V or 3600W @ 240 V
  • Max Range: 15A Max, Resistive
  • Accuracy:±01F 01C
  • Temperature Control Range: 41 °F-95°F
  • Temperature Adjustment Scale: 1 °F
  • Listing: c ETL us


READ CAREFULLY – These instructions will help prevent difficulties that might arise during thermostat installation. Studying the instructions first may save considerable time and money later. Observing the following procedures will keep installation time to a minimum. Save these instructions for future use.


This Thermostat has been designed to control fan-forced and radiant line voltage electric heaters.

  • Dual Voltage (120vac or 240vac)
  • Touch-Sensitive Buttons
  • Blue Backlit Display
  • Temperature Lock Feature: Set a Min and Max
  • Temp Limit
  • Electric Heater Y System On/Standby switchKing-Electric-K302PE-electronic-non-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-2


The ClearTouch K322E combines user-friendly touch-sensitive buttons with a sleek modern design. Offering simple non-programmable control of your comfort.


ELECTRIC SHOCK OR FIRE HAZARD READ ALL WIRE SIZING, VOLTAGE REQUIREMENTS, AND SAFETY DATA TO AVOID PROPERTY DAMAGE AND PERSONAL INJURY The installation of the thermostat must comply with the applicable local and/or national electrical code and utility requirements. This installation should be performed by a qualified electrician where required by law. Ensure that all wiring connections to the thermostat are correct and tight to prevent electrical shorts. Use the appropriate wire to meet local and national electrical codes for rated power consumption

Warning: Turn OFF the power at the circuit breaker before Installing. Installation to be performed by a qualified electrician or authorized technician. Refer to thermostat and heater load specifications before installation of the thermostat to see if it can handle the amp load. The maximum this thermostat can run is 1800W @120V or 3600 W@ 240 V (15A). Install unit in a grounded metal or plastic wall junction box, indoors 4 ½’ to 5′ above the floor. Avoid any area where it can come in contact with external sources of heat and cold. This includes plumbing pipes, direct sunlight, a T.V set, lamps, and drafts from a door or window, as this may cause inaccurate temperature readings. The most convenient place is above the light switch. Not for Outdoor use.

Caution: Turn off the power at the circuit breaker before performing any work on the electrical connections. None of the electrical connections must be live until the installation has been completed and the housing is closed. Only a qualified electrician or authorized technician are permitted to open the terminal box.


Wiring requires a Phillips screwdriver

  1. Disconnect the power supply to prevent electrical shock or damage to the product.
  2.  Run line voltage wiring to the location of the thermostat.
  3.  Use a screwdriver to separate the Display Panel and power board of the thermostat, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2
  4.  Choose the proper installation location. Installation height is about 4,;z to 5 feet above the floor. For indoor use only.
  5.  Do not install close to a heat source, such as hot water pipe, heating pipe, wall-mounted light fixture or in direct sunlight.
  6. Connect the incoming power wires to Line 1 (L) & Line 2(N) wires on the power board, using the provided wire nuts, as shown on figure 3.
  7.  Connect the heater load wires to the Load 1 & Load 2 wires of the power board, using the connectors, as shown on figure 3.

(Optional) Connection to a Slave Relay (K312RELAY}
If the heating area requires the addition of a Slave Relay, connect the low voltage wire for an auxiliary Slave Relay (K312RELAY) into terminals 5 & 6 (Relout) on the back of the power board to add a zone. See the drawing below Install the power board into tl1e electrical box with the 2 screws provided, and then clip & fasten the front Display Panel into place with the bottom screw. Make sure your K322E thermostat is COMPLETELY RECESSED into the junction box and flush with the wall. NO WIRES SHOULD BE EXPOSED outside
the metal or plastic junction box




Safety Information

  • Installation must be carried out by a certified professional electrician.
  • Disconnect all power before performing maintenance work to avoid product damage.
  • Shocking, dropping or stepping on the product will damage it and void the warranty.
  • The thermostat should be kept away from corrosive chemicals.
  • Damage to the product could result in a faulty electrical system that may cause fire

Control Wiring 

  • Remote Con11ol the input(term al No. 3)
  • Remote Control the input (term al No. 4)
  • Setback Tl1is is an input signal driven by a remote contact. One terminal connects ls the internal power source by 1 OK resistance: another terminal connects to the internal ground. The circuit diagram as shown on the left.
  • Report This is an output allowing the remote control of a series of Slave Relays (K312RELAY). Inside the thermostat is an open drain circuit, driving a 24V relay. The maximum rn drive current is 30mA.
  • Tile circuit diagram as shown in tile left. This is used to connect to a Slave Relay (K31 2RELAY) to expand the heating surface. Multiple Slave Relays can be interconnected in a daisy chain.

Master / Slave Wiring Diagram


ON/OFF Settings
ON From the OFF status, slide the ON/OFF side switch up to turn the unit on. The time clock, actual probe temperature, working mode, and output status will be displayed on the screen.
OFF From the ON status, slide the ON/OFF switch down to turn the unit off. It will display OFF and all outputs will be open.

Setting the Set Temp

In any mode, press theKing-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8 or  King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8buttons to enter into the Set Temp settings interface of the corresponding mode. The Set Temp is blinking.
Press King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8 button to decrease the temperature, and press King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8 button tKing-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8increase the temperature set point.
After entering into the interface of Set Temp settings, press the 0 or 0 buttons for 3 sec. to decrease/ increase the temperature continuously.
Once completed, press the CONFIRM button on the right side of the thermostat to confirm changes or wait for 1 Os without any operation to save the values an return to the normal working interface automatically.

Keypad Lock
In the normal working interface, press King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8buttons King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8 simultaneously to lock the keypad, at the same time the icon King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-12will display on the screen. When the keypad is locked,King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-12 no adjustment is possible. When the icon of Keypad Lock displays on the screen, press King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8 and King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-8 buttons simultaneously to unlock the keypad, King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-12and the icon will disappear from the screen and the keypad is back to its normal state.

Room Temperature Control Mode
When the icon King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-18 displays on the screen it indicates the system is in Room Temperature Control Mode, when the icon King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig19displays on the screen, indicating the ambient temperature from the built-in probe. When the detected indoor temperature is below the set temperature by -2°c -4°F), electrical heating will be turned on, and the icon /1/11 will display on the screen; when the detected indoor temperature is above the set temperature, electrical heating will be turned off, and the icon /1/11 will disappear from the screen.

Remote Control of Thermostat
When there is a remote control signal input, the Remote icon (bar) blinks; when the detected indoor temperature is below the set temperature by -2°C -4F), electrical heating will be turned on, and the icon King-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-20will display on the screen; meanwhile, the Relout sends the output signals. When the detected indoor temperature is above the set temperature, electrical heating will be turned off, and the icon willKing-Electric-K302PE-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-20 disappear, and the Relout turns off the power Module output signal. The default set temperature is 16.5 61 on the remote control mode. Note: Remote signal control signal has the highest priority in the logic sequence.

Sensor Failure
When the sensor fails to work, the error icon EEE will be displayed on the screen. The output relay will open. The heating output will stop. Replace sensor.


Configuration of User Parameters (Hidden Menu)
When the thermostat is OFF: Press and hold the CONFIRM button to enter into the setting interface. Default values and options are defined below:King-Electric-K302PE-electronic-non-programmable-thermostat-Installation-Instruction-fig-6




King Electric K302PE electronic non programmable thermostat Installation Instruction


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