KALOR TECH AC603H for Electric Baseboard Heaters Installation Guide


KALOR TECH AC603H for Electric Baseboard Heaters

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WARNING: This product should only be installed by a qualified electrician or installer experienced with high voltages and electrical devices. If you are unsure about any aspect of the installation, please consult a professional. KALOR TECH assumes no responsibility for injury due to negligence, improper installation, or deviation from the recommended installation method. Please observe electrical codes for your area.

Thank you for choosing KALOR TECH. We feel you made a wise investment by deciding to control your home heating and energy costs. We provide you with exceptional tools to help you meet your goals, while achieving maximum comfort and peace of mind, whether you control your devices from the comfort of your sofa via voice commands through your Alexa or Google Assist devices, or from the other side of the world on your easy-to-use Tuya or Smart Life app.
This booklet covers the following topics:

  • Requirements for installation
  • New thermostat preparation
  • Physical installation and testing
  • Wireless connectivity for remote management

KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.1


  • Small, Phillips screwdriver
  • Cable stripper (optional)
  • Voltmeter (optional)
  • Small, REQUIRED slotted
  • Wire nuts


  • 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network (only required for device installation)
  • Voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assist
  • Wi-Fi network access for voice assistant management
  • Smartphone or tablet, (optional, but


  1. Turn power off at the electrical panel for this unit. DO NOT attempt to install this device without turning the power off from the main panel!
  2. Unscrew the plate to the thermostat you’re about to replace and take note of the cabling. Take pictures and label cables if necessary.
  3. Insert the Kalor Tech wall plate into the back of the new thermostat, ensuring that the 6 raised tabs on the wall plate make contact with the back of the thermostat’s metal plate.
  4. Using a small, slotted screwdriver, loosen the screws on the underside of the back of the thermostat corresponding to numbers 4, 3, and 1.
  5. Insert the BLACK pigtail into slot 4. Tighten the screw and ensure the cable cannot be pulled. Do not over-tighten, but you should be able to tug on the cable when it is secured.
  6. Repeat the process for slot number 1, using a BLACK pigtail, and for number 3 using the RED pigtail.


  1. Using the required wire nuts, attach the pigtail from slot 4 to the hot (live) wire (usually BLACK) in the box.
  2. Attach the number 3 (RED) pigtail to the neutral wire in the box (usualy WHITE).
  3. Attach the number 1 pigtail to the load wire (usually BLACK) leading to the heater. Ensure all connections are tightly secured. Verify connections. Push all cables in the box to make room for the back of the thermostat, and push the device back into the wall plate/electrical box.
  4. While holding the plate against the wall, carefully pull the thermostat away from the wall plate. Using a Phillips screwdriver, secure the wall plate to the electrical box using the longer 6/32 screws. Now, hold the body of the thermostat and push thee casing upward to open the device, allowing you to secure the back of the thermostat to the wall plate using small Phillips screws provided. DO NOT overtighten. Once in place, slide the thermostat casing downward against the back to snap in place.


  1. Turn the power on at the main panel. If properly installed, the thermostat should display the temperature and the power button a the center of the thermostat should glow orange.
  2. Using the up and down arrows, try raising the temperature by a few degrees. Ensure your baseboard heater responds.
  3. Test by turning off the thermostat, waiting a few minutes, and checking to see if your baseboard heater has cooled off.


KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.2

  • KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.3ON-OFF Button Short press to turn on or off
  • KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.4MODE Button Short press for manual or program mode
  • KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.5Clock Short press for time setting
  • KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.6Up arrow to increase parameters for a given setting
  • KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.6Down arrow to decrease parameters for a given setting.


KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.8

  1. From the Google Store or Apple Store, download and install either the Tuya or Smart Life apps. Alternatively, scan the QR code on the first page to easily find the app.
  2. Once installed, open the app and create a new account or sign in if prior devices had been added to the account. To continue, please ensure your wireless network can emit a 2. GHz signal to add devices. Your phone or tablet should be able to switch between 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz NOTE: This is only required for the device installation. Ordinary management of the device occurs through your preferred Wi-Fi network.
  3. In the app, click the Add Device icon (+) to add a device to find. KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.9
  4. Select Small Home Appliance from the categories on the left. Scroll down and choose Thermostat (Wi-Fi’) from the choices.
  5. The app should show the name of your 2.4 GHz network(s) or phone hotspot. Enter the password for such a network and click Next.
  6. On the device, hold the Mode Band and the Up arrow simultaneously the Wi-Fi icon begins until te blink,
  7. On the app, confirm that the Wi-Fi indicator is blinking. If so, choose Blink Quickly.
  8. After 2 minutes or less, the app should find the device.KALOR TECH-AC603H-for-Electric-Baseboard-Heaters-FIG.10
  9. The app will now show the new device and a suggested name, which you can change on the next screen. Select Done. To the right of the name, a pencil icon allows you to change the name. The name should reflect the location of the device. This name will also be used when giving voice commands to Alexa or Google Assistant.
  10. After successfully adding the device, your list of manageable devices should display. You can now open the new device to begin managing settings from anywhere, such as raising the temperature, using the digital dial, changing to manual settings or program settings, enabling the child lock. etc
  11. At this point, you may reconnect the phone or tablet to the preferred network.


  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. From the “hamburger” menu, select Skills & Games. On the top right, select the magnifying glass to search and enter the name of the application you installed on page 5, Tuya or Smart Life.
  3. Once found, select it to link to your Alexa account.
  4. Select Enable to Use if this is the first time using it. You’ll need to provide your Tuya or Smart Life username and password for Alexa to be able to manage the devices.
  5. After entering the login information, select Authorize.
  6. You should receive a message such as “Smart Life has been successfully linked”. Click on Done.
  7. Click the option to Discover Devices. After a brief moment, the new device should show up. If no device is found, close the Alexa app and wait a few minutes, relaunch the Skills and Games options and reopen the Tuya or Smart Life applications.
  8. Once found within Alexa, you may use voice commands to control your thermostat.
  9. For a list of common commands or to view a step-by-step video of the, go to the Alexa Commands section of the Kalor Tech website at ideasolver.com



KALOR TECH AC603H for Electric Baseboard Heaters Installation Guide





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