hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- FEA

hotowell htw-31-dt12f Color Touch Room Thermostat User Manual

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hotowell htw-31-dt12f Color Touch Room Thermostat  

hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- PRO


  • Attractive Color Touch Screen Operation
  • Adjustable Heat, Cool, Heat/Cool, Fan Mode control
  • Adjustable Manual 3-speed and automatic fan speed control
  • 5+1+1 weekly programmable
  • Clock and Date Display
  • 4-pipes & 2-pipes(optional)
  • 0-10V(optional)
  • RS-485, Modbus(optional)
  • Key card(optional)
  • 86*86mm mounting

LCD Display

hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 1 hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 2

1 On/off Button Turn on/off Thermostat
2 Manual/Auto Button Select Manual Mode or Auto Mode
3 Mode Button Select Modes
4 Fan Button Select different fan speeds
5 Menu Button Menu Settings
6 Down Button Adjust the temp. and other settings
7 Up Button Adjust the temp. and other settings
8 Room Temp. Display Indicate actual room temp.
9 Set Temp. Display Show desired set temp. range: 5-35℃
10 Current Working Mode Indicate current working mode
11 Room Temp. Icon Room Temp. Icon
12 Clock Icon Show actual time & enter parameter settings
13 Weekday Icon Show current weekday
14 Auto Mode Icon Current working mode
15 Time& Date Setting Button Adjust the time & date
16 Auto Mode Setting Button Set 5+1+1 PRG. Schedule
17 Language Select Button Select English or German Language Display
18 Low Fan Speed Button Select Low Fan Speed
19 Middle Fan Speed Button Select Middle Fan Speed
20 High Fan Speed Button Select High Fan Speed
21 Low Fan Speed Button Select Auto Fan Speed
22 Heat Mode Button Select Heating Mode
23 Cool Mode Button Select Cooling Mode
24 Ventilation Mode Button Select Ventilation Mode
25 Heat/Cool Mode Select Heat/cool Mode(4-pipe system)
26 Auto Mode Button Select Auto Mode
27 Manual Mode Button Select Manual Mode

Technical Data

Voltage – 110/220/24Vac, 50/60Hz optional Backlight                   – Color
Consumption 1.5A Sensor                        – NTC 10Kohms at 25℃
Temp. Setting Range 5~35℃ Accuracy                    – ± 0.5℃
Ambient 0~50℃ Protection Class        – IP30
Relative Humidity 85% Housing     –  ABS to UL94-5 fire retardant plastic

Schedule Setting

Schedule Review
Press the Menu button, and selecthotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 5 ,then enter the schedule review. If you want to change the schedule, touch that part tohotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 3

Edit My Schedule
For example, if you want to edit Sat. schedule, you can press Sat. part, then you will enter the edit page. Every on/off time can be finished through the hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 6 button. After setting press APPLY to save.

hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 4

Edit Date and Time & Language Select

  • Presshotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 8 to enter the date & time edit page, then press hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 6 to select the correct date and time. After setting press APPLY to save.
  • Presshotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 9 to enter language page to select English or German Language display. After setting press APPLY to save.hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 7

Parameter Settings

Menu Description Range
01 Temp. Offset -8 ℃ ~8℃
02 Dead Zone 0℃ ~3℃
03 Set Point Max. 5 ℃ ~80℃
04 Set Point Min. 5 ℃ ~80℃
05 Unoccupied Set Point 5 ℃ ~35℃
06 Key-card NO/NC
07 Relay Output DT/PI/FL
08 Working Mode Heat/Cool/C&H/F&C&H/FAN/
09 Fan Low /Stop
10 NTC Select(Internal, External) I only/E only/ I & E/I or E
11 RS485 Address 1-255
12 Backlight off Time after Operation. 3s~180s
13 Min. Backlight Brightness of Standby


14 Relay Delay Time 0s~250s
15 Relay Output Normal(NO); Inverted(NC)
16 Restore

Typical Wiring Diagramshotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 11

Dimension (mm)

hotowell -htw-31-dt12f- Color- Touch- Room -Thermostat- 12



hotowell htw-31-dt12f Color Touch Room Thermostat User Manual

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hotowell htw-31-dt12f Color Touch Room Thermostat User Manual


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