Hitachi PC-ARC Eco–Compact Controller THERMOSTAT User Manual


Hitachi PC-ARC Eco–Compact Controller THERMOSTAT


Climate control in a compact size

  • Great value for money that combines the best of form and function.
  • Minimalist design aesthetic that reflects Hitachi’s Duality Design philosophy.

Ideal for

Hitachi-PC-ARC-Eco–Compact-Controller-THERMOSTAT-fig-1Budget-sensitive VRF projects

Users who prefer simple controls

Functional spaces


Stylish & Intuitive
With distinctive curves and an aesthetic inspired by Hitachi’s Duality Design philosophy, the Eco-Compact Controller is stylish, ergonomic, cost-effective, and convenient. Enjoy climate control made easy through an optimized interface with easy-to-understand pictograms for a truly intuitive user experience. With Near-field communication (NFC) contactless-enabled system commissioning via the airCloud Tap smartphone app, you can now save, copy, and transfer settings to the Eco-Compact Controller with a simple tap.


Easy access to essential controls
Simplified navigation enables users to change temperatures and adjust essential controls directly from the home screen in one touch.


Energy-saving features
The Eco-Compact Controller includes energy-saving features to minimize unnecessary AC operation.


Accrued comfort


Include GentleCool, which controls the discharged air temperature for a smooth cooling down and prevents cold drafts.AutoBoost activates for 30 minutes every time the AC is turned on, helping the room reach the desired temperature faster with a powerful automatic mode, which is ideal for meeting rooms and other areas requiring fast temperature reach.

Supports easy maintenance

A filter symbol appears when it’s time to clean the filter. In the event of an error, the error code and the related indoor unit number are clearly displayed for ease of maintenance.


Embedded IR receiver
For use with the Wireless Remote Controller. Ideal for indoor units without embedded IR receivers (ex: ducted units)


Special features


air Cloud Tap: Use your phone to set the controller!


The Eco-Compact controller is embedded with NFC functionality, enabling short-distance communication between your controller and the phone. Use NFC commissioning to set up the Eco-Compact Controller via the airCloud Tap app.

air Cloud Tap time-saving tip
Save your setting preferences inside the app to quickly apply them again later. A simple tap is all it takes to copy, paste and apply your saved settings. This is particularly useful for multiple zones with similar needs, e.g. hotel guestrooms, office meeting rooms, condominium units, etc. Users can specify all the settings for one zone, save them, then apply these settings to other zones in one tap.

App highlights
Installation & commissioning

Operation Maintenance & service



Simple ‘Read & Write’ process


  1. Activate the NFC function on the controller.
  2. Open the air Cloud Tap app and tap the controller with your phone to create a connection
  3. Edit the desired settings on your phone. You don’t need to be close to the controller while editing.
  4. Tap the controller again with your phone to write the new settings and apply them to the controller.

iCloud Tap is available for free through your local smartphone app store. All that’s required is a quick sign-up with minimal personal information.




  1. Set Temperature
  2. Operation mode
  3. Run indicator
  4. On/Off button
  5. Operation mode button
  6. Fan speed button
  7. Menu buttons
  8. Directional key
  9. Fan speed
  10. Louver direction
  11. Current time
Eco-Compact wired remote controller PC-ARC-*
Power Supply Powered by indoor unit, 15VDC±10%


W 90mm × H 90mm × D 15.5mm(thinnest part) W 90mm × H 90mm × D 18.5mm(thickest part)
Weight 100g (approx.)
Installation Indoor, on the wall or switch box
Connection capacity Up to 16 indoor units (with the same wired remote controller)

Example of System Configuration


Features & Controls List

Hitachi-PC-ARC-Eco–Compact-Controller-THERMOSTAT-fig-16 Hitachi Cooling & Heating Australia 2022/12



Hitachi PC-ARC Eco–Compact Controller THERMOSTAT User Manual


Hitachi PC-ARC Eco–Compact Controller THERMOSTAT User Manual


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