Haisen HY312WE-2 Weekly Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat User Manual


Haisen HY312WE-2 Weekly Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat



  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Setting Temperature Range: 5~35°C
  • Sensor: Built-in And External NTC Sensor
  • Voltage: 200-240V 50/60Hz
  • Display accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Relay: 16A
  • Weekly Programmable Mode: 5+2,6+1,7 Days Programmable
  • Brand: Haisen


The HY312WE-2 Weekly Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat is a cutting-edge and user-friendly appliance designed to provide effective temperature management and scheduling choices for your heating and cooling systems. This thermostat provides a contemporary and simple method to control the temperature of your home thanks to its stylish touchscreen interface. You may program a weekly plan on the HY312WE-2 thermostat to set different temperatures at different times of the day or days of the week. This thermostat provides you the freedom to tailor your comfort according to your tastes and lifestyle, whether you want to guarantee a warm and comfortable house in the morning or a setback temperature while you’re gone throughout the day.

It is simple to go through the thermostat’s settings and choices thanks to the touchscreen interface. You may choose the preferred temperature, create a schedule, and use other sophisticated functions with only a few touches. The simple and user-friendly display gives you a rapid overview of the state of your HVAC system by clearly showing the actual temperature, the desired temperature, and other pertinent data.

What’s In the Box?

  • HY312WE-2 Thermostat
  • Screws
  • User Manual

App Control

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (1)

3 Programming Modes

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (2)

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (3)


Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- 9

How To USE?

To use the HY312WE-2 Weekly Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat, follow these general steps:

  1. Learn how to use the touchscreen
    A touchscreen user interface is included on the thermostat. Spend time comprehending the many icons, buttons, and menu choices that are visible on the screen.
  2. Turn the thermostat on
    A power source should be connected or batteries should be used to power the thermostat.
  3. Specify the time and date for now
    On the thermostat, look for a setting that allows you to change the time and date. For program settings and scheduling, this information is crucial. Enter the right time and date by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Elevate the temperature as required
    The current temperature should be shown on the main screen. Look for a setting that allows you to change the temperature. To adjust the intended temperature to your choice, tap on the relevant button or symbol.
  5. Make a weekly plan
    You may set different temperature settings for various times of the day or days of the week using the thermostat to program a weekly plan. Look for a menu item or symbol for scheduling. To access the scheduling options, tap on it.
  6. Create the schedule
    You may define the preferred temperature values for various time periods in the schedule settings. Use the touch screen to choose the days of the week and adjust the temperature for each time period while following the on-screen instructions. Depending on your choices, you may have options for the morning, day, evening, and nighttime hours.
  7. Save your preferences
    Look for a save or apply button on the screen after you have modified the temperature and set the schedule. To confirm and save your changes, tap on it.
  8. Keep an eye on things and adapt as necessary
    Following the thermostat setup, you may check the temperature and see how the thermostat responds to your schedule. If you need to adjust the temperature or the schedule, use the touch screen to access the proper settings and then follow the instructions.

Installation Instruction

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (4)

  • Electric Heating Wiring Diagram

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (5)

  • Water Heating Diagram

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (6)

  • Water Heating No External Sensor Wiring Diagram (disconnection when electric value close)

Haisen-HY312WE-2-Weekly-Programmable-Touch-Screen-Thermostat-Fig- (8)

  • Water heating and gas wall-hung boiler heating no contact wiring diagram. ( disconnection when electric value close)

Note: 3 & 4 connect with power, 5 & 6 connect with gas boiler, and 1& 2 connect with a thermal actuator, please do not connect 1 & 2 to a gas boiler, If you connect it wrongly, there will be a Short circuit, our gas boiler board will be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install the HY312WE-2 thermostat?
A: The installation process may vary depending on your specific HVAC system and wiring configuration. It is recommended to consult the installation manual provided by the manufacturer or seek the assistance of a professional HVAC technician for proper installation.

Q: Can I program different temperature settings for each day of the week?
A: Yes, the HY312WE-2 thermostat allows you to program different temperature settings for each day of the week. This flexibility allows you to customize your comfort and energy-saving preferences according to your weekly schedule.

Q: How many program periods can I set in a day?
A: The HY312WE-2 thermostat typically supports multiple program periods in a day. You may have options for morning, day, evening, and night periods, allowing you to set different temperature levels for each period.

Q: Can I override the programmed schedule temporarily?
A: Yes, the HY312WE-2 thermostat usually offers a temporary override feature. This allows you to temporarily adjust the temperature without affecting the programmed schedule. It is handy if you want to make immediate changes for a specific period.

Q: Is there a vacation mode or hold option available?
A: Many programmable thermostats, including the HY312WE-2, offer a vacation mode or hold option. This feature allows you to set a constant temperature while you are away or on vacation, ensuring energy savings during your absence.

Q: Can I control the thermostat remotely?
A: The HY312WE-2 thermostat may offer remote control functionality if it is compatible with a mobile app or a connected smart home system. Check the manufacturer’s specifications or user manual to determine if the remote control is supported.

Q: How do I reset the HY312WE-2 thermostat to factory settings?
A: To reset the HY312WE-2 thermostat to factory settings, look for a “Reset” or “Restore” option in the settings menu. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual to perform a reset. Typically, it involves accessing a specific menu option or using a combination of buttons.


Haisen HY312WE-2 Weekly Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat User Manual





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