FERROIL FRTH818 WIFI Programmable Raditor Thermostat User Manuals

FERROIL FRTH818 WIFI Programmable Raditor Thermostat



As of the knowledge cut-off date in September 2021, it appears that the “FERROIL FRTH818 WIFI Programmable Radiator Thermostat” is not a well-known device. Unfortunately, without access to current or official information from the manufacturer, I am unable to provide detailed information regarding this particular thermostat model.

A WiFi Programmable Radiator Thermostat: A General Overview

  • WiFi Capability: You can adjust the temperature settings from your smartphone, tablet, or computer by using a WiFi-enabled thermostat to connect to your home’s wireless network. This allows you the freedom to change the settings remotely from your home or while traveling.
  • Programmable thermostats allow you to set precise temperature regimens in accordance with your daily or weekly plan. In order to improve comfort and energy economy, you can configure it to turn up the heat right before you get home or wake up and turn it down when you’re away from home or asleep.
  • Compatible with Radiator Systems: A radiator thermostat is made specifically to control the temperature in specific rooms or heating zones that use radiators. You can improve comfort and perhaps lower heating expenses by precisely adjusting the temperature of each radiator.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Many contemporary thermostats have user-friendly controls, such as touch displays or simple buttons, as well as logical smartphone apps for remote operation.
  • Energy Efficiency: A programmable radiator thermostat can help you conserve energy by allowing you to precisely manage and adjust the temperature settings, lowering both your carbon footprint and your energy expenses.
  • Integration with Smart Home Devices: Some WiFi thermostats might support voice control and coordination with other smart home devices through integration with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, among other smart home platforms.
  • Installation and Support: The thermostat may need expert installation or may be appropriate for DIY installation with manufacturer guidance, depending on its design and functionality.

Without specifics regarding the FERROIL FRTH818 model, I advise visiting the manufacturer’s website or getting in touch with their customer service team for comprehensive details regarding this specific WiFi programmable radiator thermostat. They can offer a comprehensive list of features, details on compatibility, technical specifications, and support choices relevant to this particular product.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 2x AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries
  • Display accuracy 0.5oC
  • Ambient sensor TC(10k)1%
  • Maximum opening 4.5 mm
  • Temperature setting range 5..35oC
  • Working environment temperature: -10..60oC
  • Storage temperature: 0..50oC
  • Dimensions 53×89.5 mm
  • Temperature display range: 0..70oC
  • Connection size: M30 x 1.5 mm.


Intelligent thermostat Ferroli Fer 818 The Zigbee FER 818 is an intelligent thermostatic head with a lateral digital display, vertical or horizontal mounting options, and WIFI programming that enables you to set the appropriate temperature in the room where it is positioned for increased comfort and efficiency.
The Smart RM app allows you to manage it straight from your smartphone or tablet.
The thermostatic head must be linked to the FER 900 receiver, which, in contrast to earlier models, may instruct the heating plant to switch on and off, in order to be managed by the Smart RM application.


  • The ability to manually program the weekly calendar by selecting one of the three established programs—5+2, 6+1, or 7 days—and setting the desired temperature for six-time intervals.
  • There are three preset modes: Vacation Mode, Auto Mode, and Boost Mode.
  • Depending on who is in the room, you can choose between the working day and rest day modes to determine the ideal temperature.
  • Possibility of remote management from a smartphone or tablet using the Smart RM application.
  • When the temperature in the room unexpectedly lowers, the valve will automatically close for 15 minutes.
  • If the temperature then rises beyond the set temperature, the valve will continue to work as before.
  • The digital display, which is simple to read, displays the temperature in Celsius.
  • The device can be secured with the child lock feature to prevent changes to the settings.
  • includes three distinct valve adapter types: RA, RAV, and RAVL
  • uses two AA alkaline batteries to operate.



The thermostat should be installed in accordance with the packaging’s directions.
Make sure it’s not close to a window, vent, or any other heat sources and that it can read the temperature of the room accurately.

Wi-Fi connection:

Install any necessary apps if a smartphone is in control.
To connect the thermostat to your Wi-Fi network, follow the instructions on the app or device.

Setting up the thermostat:

Set daily or weekly schedules using the buttons on the device or the app’s user interface.
As necessary, alter the temperature settings at various hours of the day and other days of the week.

Adjusting the temperature manually:

Using the device’s user interface or app, you ought to be able to manually change the temperature whenever you want.

Reporting and Monitoring:

The app or device interface may offer access to any energy usage information or other insights that the device offers.

Adding Other Smart Devices to the Integration:

If necessary, adhere the instructions to link the thermostat to additional smart home platforms or devices.

Upkeep and problem-solving:

Check the device frequently to see if any updates or maintenance are needed.

If any problems occur, refer to the product handbook for troubleshooting instructions.
This manual is broad in nature, thus it might not exactly apply to your particular thermostat model. For specific instructions designed for the “FERROIL FRTH818 WIFI Programmable Radiator Thermostat,” it is strongly advised to refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer care.


The FERROIL FRTH818 WIFI Programmable Radiator Thermostat is what it says it is.

It appears to be a WiFi-enabled programmable radiator thermostat that enables users to remotely manage and monitor their heating system.

What is the operation of WiFi?

WiFi programmable thermostats typically link to a home’s wireless network and can be controlled via a specialized app on smartphones or tablets.

Is it capable of remote control?

Yes, WiFi connectivity typically allows remote control via a suitable app, giving you flexibility to change the heating settings from anywhere.

Which types of heating systems does it work with?

WiFi programmable radiator thermostats are typically compatible with standard radiator heating systems, though specifications may differ. For precise compatibility details, consult the product handbook.

Is installation simple?

The methods used to install radiator thermostats can differ. Professional installation might be advised, but it could also be a do-it-yourself project with the right instructions from the manual.

Is there any energy savings?

By enabling users to select heating schedules that coincide with their regular activities, programmable thermostats frequently aid in energy savings.

What are the actual measurements?

The product specifications or manual will provide particular dimensions.

Is multi-zone control available?

There may be multi-zone control options, providing varied temperature settings for various rooms in a house. For details, consult the product’s documentation.

What type of warranty is it covered by?

The seller or manufacturer will normally disclose specifics about the warranty, and the terms may change.

Do other smart home systems integrate with it?

It might be feasible to integrate the thermostat with other smart home systems, but this would depend on the compatibility and specific characteristics of the thermostat.

The thermostat’s power source.

Batteries or straight wire could be used as power sources. For details, consult the product documentation.

What is the range of the temperature control?

Specific information would probably be found in the product specifications. Temperature control ranges may vary.

Can it remind you to update your filters or do maintenance?

Depending on how well the thermostat works, features like maintenance reminders might be added.

Is it offered in a variety of hues or textures?

Availability in various hues or finishes would depend on the products offered by the manufacturer.

Does it offer in-depth reports on energy usage?

Energy usage reports are provided by some WiFi-programmable thermostats, enabling customers to monitor and reduce their energy use. To find out if the FERROIL FRTH818 has this feature, check the product specs.

FERROIL FRTH818 WIFI Programmable Raditor Thermostat User Manuals





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