Emerson Sensi1 St75S Smart Thermostat User Manual


Emerson Sensi1 St75S Smart Thermostat




The Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat can be operated through Wi-Fi using the Sensi app or it can be operated at the actual wall unit. Advanced features such as thermostat settings, scheduling, and email alerts are only available through the Sensi app.



  1. MENU
    Access thermostat configurations. (See page 5 for more details).
    The room temperature at the thermostat.
    Adjusts the temperature set point or thermostat configuration.
    The current set temperature the thermostat will maintain.
    Adjusts the temperature set point or thermostat configuration.
  6. FAN
    Switches fan mode from Auto or On. Leave the fan mode on Auto to allow the thermostat to control the fan as necessary.
    Displays current humidity
  8. MODE
    Switches system mode between Heat, Cool, Off, Aux or Auto.
  9. TIME
    Displays current time.



Switching system mode
Press the mode button (see buttons and icons) to switch between all available system mode settings. When the mode is “Off” the thermostat will not bring on your heating or cooling systems.

Fan mode
If you want to circulate the indoor blower, you can switch the fan mode to “On.” Turn the fan back to “Auto” when you want the thermostat to control your indoor blower as necessary. Leaving the fan in “On” will run your blower continuously.

Holding one temperature
If you want to hold one temperature, turn Schedule “Off.” Then, adjust the set point using the up and down arrow buttons. The thermostat will hold this temperature, in the set system mode, until you turn Schedule back “On” or until you adjust the set point again using the up and down arrow buttons.

Temporary hold

When your Schedule is “On,” your Sensi thermostat controls your home based on the time and temperature settings in the current schedule. To temporarily change your temperature, use the up and down arrows in the app or on the thermostat. Your Sensi thermostat will display
the time it will hold next to the set temperature. It will hold your new temperature until the next scheduled set point with a minimum hold time of two hours.


Menu settings
You can access several settings and options about your thermostat in the menu.


Note: The “Time Setup” sub-menu will only be available when Wi-Fi is turned “off.”

Sleep Mode
You have the option to display the room temperature even when the Sensi Touch screen goes to sleep. Simply toggle your selection from this menu.

Back Glow
This light can be used to help you see your wiring and terminals when installing the thermostat on the wall. The switch is on the thermostat base. Be sure to turn the light  “off” before snapping the thermostat face to the base. After installation, you have the option to toggle the back glow on and off from the thermostat menu to help light the area near the thermostat.
Note: The back glow switch on the thermostat base must be in the “off” position for this feature to work via the thermostat menu.

Home Screen Content


Toggle what you want to see on the display from this menu. You can display the current time and humidity or change from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

The Sensi app will instruct you how to connect Sensi to Wi-Fi. You can also turn Wi-Fi on or off at any time.

Turn Wi-Fi Off

If connecting to Wi-Fi is not an option, turn off Wi-Fi on the thermostat and manually set a time and a schedule from the unit.

  • Press Menu.
  • Press Wi-Fi.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi “Off.”
  • Press the back arrow to return to the main screen.


If your Sensi Touch is connected to Wi-Fi, the schedule is programmed based on time and temperature set points from the Sensi app. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, you can set a basic schedule with 4 points from the unit.

Setting a schedule for the unit

  •  Turn Wi-Fi “Off.” (See page X.)
  •  Go back to the main menu options.merso-Sensi1-St75S-Smart-Thermostat-User-Manual-FIG-7
  •  Select “Schedule.”
  •  Make sure “Schedule” is toggled “On.”
  • Select which day grouping you want to edit: weekdays or weekends.
  •  Select which set point you want to edit.
  • Adjust the set point using the up and down arrows.Emerso-Sensi1-St75S-Smart-Thermostat-User-Manual-FIG-8
  • “Save” when you have the set point to your desired time and temperature.
  • Use the arrow in the upper left-hand corner to return to the set points.Emerso-Sensi1-St75S-Smart-Thermostat-User-Manual-FIG-9
  • Continue to edit the set points as you desire.
  • Use the arrow in the upper left-hand corner to return to the “Schedule” screen.

Time setup


If you have Wi-Fi turned “Off” you will be able to set the date and time on the thermostat. If you’re going to connect Sensi to Wi-Fi, the date and time will be automatically generated based on your time zone.

  • Select the date or time to edit them.
  • Adjust the date or time using the up and down arrow buttons.Emerso-Sensi1-St75S-Smart-Thermostat-User-Manual-FIG-12
  • Press “Save” when you’re done.
  • Use the arrow in the upper left-hand corner to return to the previous screen.

About thermostat

This menu displays a quick glance at your thermostat information. It includes your model number, MAC ID (uniquely identifies your thermostat), build date, firmware version, technical support contact information, and a factory reset button. Pressing the factory reset button will change all settings back to default (except for the HVAC Equipment settings) and clear any HomeKit pairing so someone else can connect the Sensi Touch to Wi-Fi.



Advanced Set Up

Here you can check the HVAC settings, set the Circulating Fan feature, and adjust your humidification settings if you have an accessory installed. (Humidification setup is recommended for a contractor only.)

Circulating Fan

Here you can set the Circulating Fan Feature. If you want to circulate the air in your home using your indoor blower fan, you can set this feature in the app or at the thermostat. A percentage is selected to indicate how often the fan should run each hour, You can set 5% increments from 10% – 100%.


If you set the Circulating Fan to 50%, the fan will run 30 minutes every hour. If any heat/cool cycles occur during the hour, their runtime is subtracted from the overall fan run time.

Setting the feature from the thermostat

  1. Press Menu
  2. Press Advanced Setup
  3. Press Fan Mode Options
  4. Toggle Circulating Fan on
  5.  Use the up or down arrow button to set the percentage  want the fan to run per hour
  6.  Press the back arrow button until you’re back at the main screen


Set up HVAC equipment
This allows you to change a series of settings to customize the thermostat for your specific system. Refer to the chart below for a complete listing of thermostat configurations and what they stand for. If you are installing the thermostat on the wall for the first time, we highly recommend that you download the Sensi app and follow the installation instructions. However, if you are experiencing an issue or you want to check your system configurations, you can manually configure your thermostat as well. Learn more about how to properly configure your thermostat by searching “configure” on our support site at sensi.emerson.com/en-us/support.



If the old thermostat has separate RC and RH wires coming out of the wall, clip the RC/RH jumper on the back of the thermostat above the battery compartment. The common wire could be labeled “C” on your old thermostat, or it could be labeled “B or “X.” Please refer to the owner’s manual of your old thermostat for clarification.

Does Wire Color Correspond to the Thermostat Terminals?
Wire color does not always correspond to the thermostat letters. A white wire may be attached to the “W” terminal on the old thermostat, or it may be attached to a different terminal with a different letter. Be sure to take a photo of the old thermostat that shows the wire colors and terminal letters before labeling and removing any wires.

Thermostat base


    Switching this “On” illuminates the thermostat base. Make sure you switch this to “Off” after installation so you can still operate this feature from the thermostat display.
    Only clip this if you have separate RH and RC wires coming out of the wall. This indicates a two-transformer system.


Download Manual: Emerson Sensi1 St75S Smart Thermostat User Manua


Emerson Sensi1 St75S Smart Thermostat  – Energy Star Certification


Emerson Sensi1 St75S Smart Thermostat User Manual





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