Emerson 1F95-0680 Blue Series Touchscreen Thermostats Specification Guide


Emerson 1F95-0680 Blue Series Touchscreen Thermostats


Single Stage / Multi-Stage / Heat Pump

Programmable (7 Day, 5/1/1 Day) or Non-Programmable
Hardwired or Battery Powered
6-Square-Inch Display

Universal 4 Heat / 2 Cool
Economizer/damper control output
Lock feature secures thermostat to subbase and reduces tampering
Dual fuel with outdoor sensor (F145-1378)
Hardwired or battery powered with optional power stealing assist
Available only through professional contractors

Commercial Control. Customer Comfort.

Emerson® Blue™ Commercial Thermostat from White-Rodgers is designed specifically for commercial applications, delivering a new level of comfort and control to your customers.

Exclusive Blue™ Commercial Features

  • Pre-occupancy purge and/or programmable fan
  • Remote sensing indoor or outdoor and at the thermostat
  • Prioritizing or averaging between indoor sensor and thermostat
  • Keypad limited or total lockout
  • Limited temperature range
  • Large, 6-square-inch display with backlight
  • Exclusive Cool Savings™ feature saves energy during peak A/C demand periods
  • Automatic daylight savings option


Universal – installer selectable system applications
Choice of 7 day, 5/1/1 day programmable or non-programmable (installer selectable)
4 time and 4 temperature settings per program (2 setbacks) heat and cool, or selectable – 2 time and 2 temperature settings (1 setback)
Energy savings up to 33%
Patented pre-programmed schedule simplifies time and temperature programming

  • Large, 6-square-inch touchscreen display
  • Blue, lighted display for easier low-light viewing
  • Larger, easy-to-read character size
  • Large keys for easy operation


  • Universal Powered – choice of battery-powered with optional power stealing assist or hardwired with battery backup
  • Selectable Energy Management Recovery
  • Meets California Building Code, Title 24
  • Fast (FA) or slow (SL) heating cycle anticipation
  • Exclusive “Call for Service” diagnostic indicator
  • Compressor lockout protection
  • Millivolt compatible
  • Electric heat option

Comfort & Convenience

  • Intuitive menu-driven setup, programming and operation, with audio prompt to confirm entries
  • Permanent program retention during power loss
  • Indefinite setpoint Hold or temporary temperature override
  • A temporary temperature override will override program for two hours
  • Auto heat/cool changeover option – automatically switches between heating and cooling programs
  • Heating and cooling, heating only or cooling only configuration (installer selectable)
  • Setpoint temperature “limited range” capable
  • Enhanced locking security reduces tampering
  • Furnace filter change reminder
  • Maintains room temperature to within +/- 1°F
  • Room temperature display can be recalibrated up to +/- 4°F

Terminal Designations

* Terminal Block Wire ConnectionEmerson-1F95-1280-Blue-Series-Touchscreen-Thermostats-fig.1


  • Dimensions 4.2″H x 6.4″W x 1.7″D
    Thermal Specifications
  • Setpoint Temperature Range: 45° to 99°F (7° to 37°C)
  • Rated Differential: Heat 0.6°F; Cool 1.2°F
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 32° to 105°F (0° to 41°C)
  • Operating Humidity Range: 90% non-condensing maximum
  • Shipping Temperature Range: -40° to 150°F (-40° to 65°C)

Electrical Specifications

  • Battery Power: mV to 30 VAC, NEC Class II, 50/60 Hz or DC
  • Input Hardwire: 20 to 30 VAC 1.5 Amps (load per terminal) 2.5 Amps maximum load (all terminals combined)
  • Standard Systems
  • Single Stage gas, oil, electric
  • Single Stage heat pump
  • Millivolt Systems
  • Multi-Stage gas, oil, electric
  • Multi-Stage heat pump
  • Indoor Remote Sensor▼
  • Outdoor Remote Sensor▼
  • Thermostat Guards
    • Clear – F29-0198
    • Metal – F29-0220 (solid base)
  • Wallplates
    • F61-2600 (8.1″W x 5.4H”)
    • F61-2634 (6.5″W x 5″H)
  • For Additional Information
    Visit www.white-rodgers.com



Download Manual

Emerson 1F95-0680 Blue Series Touchscreen Thermostats Specification Guide


Emerson 1F95-0680 Blue Series Touchscreen Thermostats User Guide


Emerson 1F95-0680 Blue Series Touchscreen Thermostats Specification Guide





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