CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat User Manual


CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat


Introduction to the CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat

sophisticated programmable radiator thermostat called the CH-HYSEN HY368 is created to give you convenient and effective control over your heating system. It is component of the expanding ecosystem of smart home appliances designed to increase comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.
Key characteristics:

  • The HY368 thermostat has wireless connectivity, which enables it to interface with other smart devices and be managed remotely using specialized smartphone app. This means that no matter where you are—at home or away—you can change the heating settings.
  • Programmable Settings: The HY368’s programmable functionality is one of its primary advantages. Based on their tastes and daily habits, users can create custom heating schedules. This makes sure the heating system only activates when necessary, which helps to maximize energy usage.
  • Temperature Sensors: The thermostat has internal temperature sensors that enable it to precisely gauge the outside temperature. Using this information, it modifies the heating output to keep the inside climate stable and comfortable.
  • The HY368 comes with clear LCD display that clearly displays the current temperature readings, heating modes, and any other pertinent data. If necessary, simple manual modifications can be made thanks to the user-friendly UI.
  • Energy Efficiency: The HY368 strives to increase energy efficiency, which could result in cost savings on heating bills, by leveraging programmable capabilities and precise temperature control. Open-
  • Window Detection: The thermostat may have an open-window detection feature to reduce wasteful energy consumption. It has the ability to detect abrupt temperature dips and momentarily halt heating until the window is shut.
  • Integration with Smart Home Systems: The HY368 may be compatible with well-known smart home ecosystems like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit depending on its capabilities. This enables voice control of the thermostat and its integration with other smart home appliances.
  • Despite its intelligent capabilities, the HY368 frequently keeps manual control options, enabling customers to make immediate adjustments to the heating settings without opening the app.
  • Installing and Working With It’s important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions because installation processes can differ. The thermostat may work with variety of heating systems because it is made to accommodate standard radiator valves.

Conclusion: The CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat upgrades home heating with contemporary convenience and energy-saving features. Its intelligent connectivity, configurable features, and temperature sensors guarantee cozy living environment while possibly lowering energy use and heating costs. For the greatest experience, always check compatibility with your heating system and investigate the functions offered.









  1. Power: AA* 1.5V alkaline batteries
  2. Display accuracy: 0.5℃
  3. Probe sensor: NTC(10k)1%
  4. Working environment temperature:0~70°C
  5. Range of temperature adjustment: 5~70°C
  6. Range of temperature display: 0~70°C
  7. Insulating condition: Normal environment
  8. Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle
  9. Max. travel: 4.5mm
  10. Thread size: M30*1.5
  11. Max. current: 90mA
  12. Zigbee(option)
  13. Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT(option)


  1. Installation: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the radiator thermostat on your radiator. Make sure it’s securely attached and properly fitted.
  2. Connectivity: Typically, smart radiator thermostats can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Check the product manual for specific steps on how to connect it to your network.
  3. Mobile App: Download the dedicated mobile app associated with the radiator thermostat or use a compatible smart home app (e.g., Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit). This app will allow you to control the thermostat remotely.
  4. Pairing: Pair the thermostat with the app following the provided instructions. This usually involves putting the thermostat in pairing mode and then completing the setup process on your app.
  5. Programming: Once connected, you can program the thermostat to set heating schedules. You can specify different temperature settings for different times of the day and days of the week. This allows you to optimize heating based on your daily routine and preferences.
  6. Manual Control: Many smart thermostats also have manual control options, so you can adjust the temperature directly on the thermostat or through the mobile app if you deviate from your regular schedule.
  7. Temperature Sensors: Some smart thermostats have built-in temperature sensors and can use this data to regulate the heating more efficiently. They might also use external temperature data if available.
  8. Energy-saving Features: Check if the thermostat has energy-saving features such as detecting open windows and adjusting heating accordingly to save energy.
  9. Voice Control (Optional): If your thermostat is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control it using voice commands.
  10. Firmware Updates: Ensure the thermostat’s firmware is up-to-date to benefit from the latest features and security improvements.

Keep in mind that specific instructions might vary based on the model and brand, so always refer to the product manual provided by the manufacturer for the most accurate information on using the CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat.


The CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat is what it sounds like.
The clever and programmable CH-HYSEN HY368 radiator thermostat is made to regulate the temperature of each radiator in your house.
What is the operation of the HY368 thermostat?
The HY368 thermostat wirelessly links to your home’s heating system and enables you to individually control and regulate the temperature for each radiator.
Are all radiator types compatible with the HY368?
The HY368 thermostat is made to work with the majority of common radiators that contain TRVs, or thermostatic radiator valves.
What are the HY368 thermostat’s primary characteristics?
The HY368 thermostat has few important features, such as:

  • Programmable and intelligent functionality
  • Bluetooth connections control each radiator’s temperature
  • Energy-saving settings on LCD displays for simple programming and temperature monitoring

Is it possible to remotely control the thermostat?
Yes, you may frequently use dedicated mobile app on your smartphone or tablet to remotely operate the HY368 thermostat.
Is the HY368 compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant in smart homes?
It’s probable that the HY368 thermostat works with well-known smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling voice control of the thermostat. What advantage does programmable functionality provide? Utilizing the programmable capability, you can create various temperature regimens for various times of the day to maximize energy efficiency and provide comfort as needed. How should the HY368 thermostat be installed? The HY368 thermostat can be installed in variety of ways, but it is often as simple as removing the manual radiator valve head from the radiator and replacing it with the HY368. Does the thermostat require wiring to the mains or can it run on batteries?
Battery power is an option for the HY368 thermostat, doing away with the requirement for mains wiring. However, whether it runs on batteries or mains power may depend on the particular model you have.
Can use the HY368 thermostat to set different temperatures for various rooms? Yes, you can set various temperatures for various rooms or zones in your home since the thermostat regulates each radiator independently.
Does the HY368 have feature that detects open windows?
Some smart thermostats come equipped with an open-window detection capability that detects sharp drop in temperature and momentarily turns off the heating. It is important to find out if the HY368 has this function.
Is the thermostat equipped with vacation setting?
convenient option is the vacation mode, which enables you to reduce the thermostat while you are away from home to conserve energy. With the HY368 thermostat, can examine past temperature information? Some smart thermostats, depending on the model and companion app, offer historical temperature data, enabling you to monitor energy use and make educated changes to your heating plan. Are iOS and Android devices compatible with the HY368 thermostat?
The majority of smart thermostats are made to work with iOS and Android devices, but it’s important to double-check the details or app store information to make sure.
Are there any energy-saving certifications for the HY368 thermostat? The HY368 thermostat may be approved by specific organizations that promote energy conservation or it may meet particular requirements for energy efficiency. It is advantageous to search for these certifications when making purchase.


CH-HYSEN HY368 Smart Programmable Radiator Thermostat User Manual


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