CELECT DRT1 Electronic Thermostat Instruction Manual


CELECT DRT1 Electronic Thermostat 


Mounting Location

The thermostat is restricted to indoor use only. It should be mounted on an inner wall about 1.5m above the floor in a position where it is readily affected by the changes of the general room temperature with freely circulating air. Avoid mounting on hot surfaces or in damp areas. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Mounting the thermostat:

  • Ensure the surface is level
  • Place cables through the aperture near terminal block
  • Insert 2 wall anchors into pre-drilled holes in walls
  • Fasten the thermostat to the wall with 2 long screws through the mounting holes.


  • Wire the correct cables to the terminal block according to the circuit diagram which is attached inside the thermostat top cover
  • Push all cables back into wall prior to fixing to avoid trapping wires
  • It is recommended that a 5A fuse is fitted.

Install or replace the battery

Caution: Turn off the electrical devices and disconnect the supply to the appliances before replacing the batteries. Replace only with the same or equivalent type of batteries. Do not dispose the used batteries with household waste. Refer to your local area for the proper disposal.

  1. Pull out the battery drawer.
  2. Place the new batteries according to the marking on the battery drawer.
  3. Dispose of the old batteries properly.
  4. Slide the battery drawer back to its position.
  5. Check if the thermostat works properly or not. Press “Reset” if necessary.CELECT-DRT1-Electronic-Thermostat-fig-4

Switch off the electric source before maintaining the thermostat.We recommend that the maintenance should be performed by trained personnel.

Temperature setting

  • Select the comfortable temperature by pressingCELECT-DRT1-Electronic-Thermostat-fig-2 to the desired temperature
  • Room temperature display will resume after 8 seconds with the CELECT-DRT1-Electronic-Thermostat-fig-1icon disappearsCELECT-DRT1-Electronic-Thermostat-fig-3

Jumper Selection

Heating, Cooling Jumper Bridge. When the jumper bridge is connected to the Heater heating function is selected. When the jumper bridge is connected to the Cooling cooling function is selected. If there is no jumper connection selected then the thermostat will not operate.


No heating or cooling control

  • Check Heater/Cooler jumper connection, replace the jumper if necessary
  • Check relay on/off performance by applying DC voltage at the coil, if it works then trace the control circuit otherwise replace it
  • Check rubber key performance by pressing CELECT-DRT1-Electronic-Thermostat-fig-2 , the icon CELECT-DRT1-Electronic-Thermostat-fig-1should appear with the temperature setting changes. Otherwise, align the rubber key or the LCD connector properly. If the problem is not fixed then replace the PCB
  • Check the thermistor sensor performance by measuring the corresponding variable resistance under different temperature, if it is in good condition and the LCD value will change accordingly, then trace the control circuit or the LCD connection, otherwise replace it
  • If the control circuit has problem, replace the PCB if necessary


  • Temperature Range: 5 to 35 C adjustable
  • Switching Differential: Approx 0.5 C
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA battery
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rating: 24…250VAC 5(3.5)A
  • Sensing Element: NTC thermistor
  • Electronic Control: Type 2.B action
  • Time Constant: Approx. 2 min
  • Terminals: 2mm Cable
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 45 C
  • Storage Temperature: -10 to 55 C




CELECT DRT1 Electronic Thermostat Instruction Manual


CELECT DRT1 Electronic Thermostat Instruction Manual





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