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Blyss Valkla Digital Thermostat

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What is in the box

Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.1Check the contents of the packaging and the visual condition of the products.
Contents of the box:

  • Thermostat
  • Floor Sensor

WARNING! If one of the elements is faulty, do not install it.
Contact the seller.


Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.2

First steps

Removing the faceplate
Using a small flat screwdriver, unlock latches on both sides of thermostat’s cover. Carefully insert the screwdriver into the slot on the panel cover and lightly press at the same time pulling back the cover from the decorative frame.
This operation should be performed on the right and left sides of the cover, so as to unlock the latches on both side s. Please refer to drawing A.

  1. Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.3Control panel cover
  2. decorative plate
  3. thermostat.

The installation process

Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.4

  1. Connecting the thermostat
    Shut off the main power before starting and all along electrical installation”
    Refer to local building regulations and consider thermostat protection against water (IP 21) to place your thermostat in the room.
    Pull the wires through from your heating system and expose if required. Loosen the tension screws to allow the wires to be inserted and fixed.
    Position the cables as shown at the drawing “B” and tighten the tension screws one by one.
    WARNING! If the thermostat is to work on a floor sensor or air and floor sensor mode, the floor sensor must be connected. Otherwise, the heating system is turned off the and the error code “E2” will appear on the display.
    WARNING! The installation should be performed by a qualified electrician.
  2. Wall installation
    Please refer to drawing B.
    Insert the thermostat into the electrical box and fasten it with the fixing screws.
    Put the mount decorative plate on the thermostat.
    Put the mount the front panel cover on to the thermostat and press it, fasten it on the side latches.
    Immediately after mounting on the wall, the thermostat is ready for operation.

General device description

This thermostat is designed to work with electric under-floor heating. It is equipped with weekly schedule software and the “Open Window” energy saving function. The thermostat can work as programmable temperature controller or as a simple controller with manual mode. Correct setup of the thermostat settings is required for proper operation of the device.

Technical Data

  1. Voltage: ~ 230V 50Hz +/- 10%
  2. Power consumption: 2W
  3. Room temperature seting range: +5 ~ 35°C
  4. Floor temperature seting range: +5 ~ 45°C
  5. Ambient temperature – operation: 0 ~ 50°C
  6. Switching differential: +/- 1ºC / 0,5ºC
  7. IP rating: IP21
  8. Output: 16A / 3500W

Thermostat and button description

Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.5

  1. Clock and Menu buttonBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.6
  2. Enter buttonBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.7
  3. Power buttonBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.8
  4. Up buttonBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.9
  5. Down buttonBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.10
  6. Reset switch
  7. Screen
  8. Cover
  9. Frame
    Please refer to drawing C
    Screen description
  10. Manual control modeBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.11
  11. Program settingBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.12
  12. Program mode indicatorBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.8
  13. Activation air sensor and floor sensorBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.13
  14. Time and setting temperatureBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.14
  15. Periods
  16. Heating onBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.15
  17. Set temperatureBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.16
  18. Days of the week (1,2,34,5,6,7)
  19. Menu itemBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.17

Advanced setting

WARNING! Correct setup of the thermostat settings is required for proper operation of the device.
The configuration menu allows you to adjust the basic controller settings, according to your own scenario.
Turning ON the thermostat menu:

  • hold the buttons Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18for about 5 seconds.
    The first setting item (CL) will appear in the display.
    By pushing the SET button we switch to other setting options.
    Press buttons Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18to change settings.
  • to exit the menu, push the OK button.
    If no button is pressed for 10 seconds, the controller will automatically exit the menu. To restore factory settings, reset the controller by pressing the RESET button e.g. with the help of a paper clip


Push Default settings Change

Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18

1 Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18

5 seconds

CL (O) – 4 – +4 calibration of the displayed temperature
2 SET BL (2) 1, 2, 3 selection of the display backlight version
3 SET AF (RF) AF, A, F choosing the type of sensor
4 SET AH (35ºC) + 18ºC – +35ºC (A/AF) + 18ºC – +45ºC (F) type A or AF: setting the maximum air temperature. type F: setting the maximum floor temperature
5 SET FL (10ºC) +5ºC – +20ºC type AF or F: minimum floor temperature setting
6 SET FH (280C) +25ºC – +50ºC type AF or F: maximum floor temperature setting
7 SET PS (3) 3 / 7 3: programming the first 5 days of the week + Saturday separately + Sunday separately. 7: programming each day of the week separately.
8 SET CS (P4) P4 / P6 selection of the number of daily events
9 SET CF (ºC) ºC / ºF choice of temperature scale (ºC) Celsius, (ºF) Fahrenheit
10 SET CO (24H) 24H / 12H selection of the time display mode
11 SET LD (L) HH, H, L changing the contact load IMPORTANT!
12 SET SE (100) 100, 10 choice of floor sensor resistance [kOhm] 100 kOhm or 10 kOhm
Press OK to confirm the changes


  1. (CL) Air sensor – calibration of displayed temperature (range: +/- 4ºC)
    The regulator has the ability to calibrate the displayed temperature to +/- 4ºC.
    The device is factory calibrated to the correct temperature (O) but it is possible to change it so that you can eliminate errors reading the sensor.
  2. (BL) Select the display backlight
    Position 1; backlight permanently off.
    Position 2; backlight activated when any button is touched. Position 3; backlight on permanently.
  3. (AF) Selection of sensor
    1. Setting (A) air sensor
      The thermostat switches on and off the heating system based on the air temperature reading inside of
      the room. The floor sensor is not used and should not be connected.
      This option is signaled by the Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.19symbol displayed on the right side of the display.
    2. Setting (F) floor sensor
      The thermostat switches on and disconnects the heating system based on the floor temperature reading.
      With this setting, the air sensor is not used and is not active.
      This option is signaled by the Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.20symbol displayed on the right side of the display.
    3. Setting (AF) air and floor sensor
      The thermostat switches on and disconnects the heating system based on the air and floor temperature reading. The measurement of air temperature is a priority. The maximum floor temperature should be set individually.
      Factory set to + 28ºC. (position in the regulator menu No. 6, FH)
      This option is signaled by the Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.13symbols displayed on the right side of the display.
  4. (AH) Limiting the maximum air temperature
    Options (type A and AF) allow setting the maximum air temperature limitation.
    By default, the value is + 35ºC, which can be changed in the range from +18 to: + 35ºC.
    If the thermostat communicates with the floor sensor only (type F), this option allows limiting maximum floor temperature. Default: + 45ºC, which can also be changed from +18 to: + 45ºC.
  5. 5 – (FL) Limitation of the minimum floor temperature (only F and AF)
    Setting range from +5 to + 20ºC. The minimum set by default in thermostat is + 10ºC.
  6. (FH) Limiting the maximum floor temperature (only F and AF)
    Setting range from +25 to + 50ºC. The minimum set by default is + 28ºC.
  7. (PS) Choosing the weekly working mode
    The thermostat has two types of programming for the days of the week.
    Option 7: programming every day separately
    Option 3: programming for the first five days of the week, Saturday and Sunday separately.
  8. (CS) Number of daily events selection
    P4 – four events to set up during the day
    P6 – six events to set up during the day.
  9. (CF) Choice of temperature scale (ºC or ºF)
    Set the switch in the ºC position for the scale in Celsius or ºF for the Fahrenheit scale.
  10. (CO) Selecting the clock operation mode
    Set 12 H or 24 H
  11. (LD) Changing the setting of the contactor load
    For the proper functioning of the thermostat, it is necessary to set the contactor load parameter correctly. Its value depends on the full power of the heating mat.
    WARNING! The LD position is very important. Incorrect setting of the contactor load will.
  12. (SE) Choice of floor sensor type
    The option allows you to change the resistance of the floor sensor.
    Factory setting 100 kOhm (this sensor is included).
    Changing this setting to 10 kOhm is required if sensor with such resistance is installed in the floor (for example. after thermostat replacement).

Setting options

HH load 12-16 ( A)
H load 8-11 ( A )
L load 0-7 ( A )

Simplified pattern calculation

  • W ÷ V = A
  • W – the power of the heating element
  • V – power supply
  • A – load

920 W ÷ 230 V = 4 A

Clock setting

WARNING! Prior to programming the thermostat weekly schedule make sure to set the correct time and day of the week in the device!
Push the SET button twice.
The minutes indicator will flash on the display. Use Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18buttons to set the current minutes.
Push the SET button – the hour indicator will flash on the display.
Use Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18 buttons to set the current time.
Push the SET button – the day of the week indicator will flash on the display.
Use Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18buttons to set the current day of the week.
When finished, push the OK button. The settings are saved and the controller returns to the basic operating mode.

Manual settings

  1. MANUAL MODE – fixed setting
    At any time, you can stop the thermostat program.
    Push and hold the OK button for 3 seconds. AnBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.11 icon will be displayed to inform you that the manual mode begins. With Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18buttons you can quickly change the temperature.
    This option works separately from the device program. Pressing OK again will return device to fallow the programmed schedule.
  2. TEMPORARY MANUAL MODE – fast temperature change
    At any time you can use the button Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18 make a quick temperature adjustment. The new temperature will be followed during the time remaining until the end of the currently programmed event.
    When the next daily event is activated, the thermostat automatically returns to the basic work cycle A temporary change of settings is indicated by a glowing symbolBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.11.
    This option is available only in the air-floor mode (AF) Push the Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.9button for 3 seconds. The current floor temperature is shown and the symbol “After pressing” will appear on the display next to the temperature indicator. Pushing the OK button brings back the device to working according to the program.
  4. RESET
    • RESET MENU – push and hold for 5 secondsBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.10 button until the message (ConF) appears Push the OK button. The menu has been reset.
    • PROGRAM RESET – push and hold for 5 secondsBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.10button until the message (ConF) appears Push the SEC button, and the text (Pro9) will be displayed. Push the OK button. The program has been reset to factory default.
    • FULL RESET – To do this, lightly press the hidden button (reset) located above the button
      This can be done with a pin or an office paper clip.
      After pressing the (reset) button, wait until the thermostat re-installs the software.

Open window function

The thermostat has been equipped with an automatic energy saving function. In the event of a rapid temperature drop of 1.5ºC or higher within a period of 1 minute, the electrical supply is disconnected and the heating system is blocked for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes a forced start occurs and if the temperature on the sensor increases, the device goes into normal operation mode (heating). If the temperature does not rise but remains at the lowest recorded level, the energy supply is again cut off.

Heating schedule

Weekly program setting for the first five days plus Saturday and Sunday separately (Thermostat menu, position 7 – PS – option 3 and position 8 – CS – option P6).

  1. Push and hold the SET button for 4 seconds. The symbols Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.12 and will appear on the screen, the days of the week will flash and the symbol of the first event will be displayed.
  2. You will set the start time and temperature for 6 events Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.14.
  3. Push SET will start to flash the start time of event 1.
  4. Firstly, set the start time for (event 1) using theBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.9 up and downBlyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.10buttons.
  5. Push SET and select the right temperature using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18 .
  6. Push SET to advance to (event 2) and select the desired time using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18
  7. Push SET and select the right temperature using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  8. Push SET to advance to (event 3) and select the desired time using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  9. Push SET and select the right temperature using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  10. Push SET to advance to (event 4) and select the desired time using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  11. Push SET and select the right temperature using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  12. Push SET to advance to (event 5) and select the desired time using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  13. Push SET and select the right temperature using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  14. Push SET to advance to (event 6) and select the desired time using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  15. Push SET and select the right temperature using Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.
  16. Now you have a set schedule for 5 days.
  17. Push SET to set your weekend heating.
  18. The day of the week no. symbol will flash on the screen.
  19. Repeat steps for the 6th and 7th day of the week.
  20. After programming, press OK.
  21. The thermostat will start working with the program settings and the appropriate symbols will appear on the screen Blyss-Valkla-Digital-Thermostat -fig.18.

Device error codes

  1. Short circuit in the floor temperature sensor – the controller disconnects the entire system.
  2. The minimum temperature of the floor has not been reached – the controller switches on the system until it is reached.
  3. The floor temperature sensor has not been installed or is damaged – the controller disconnects the entire system .
  4. Damage to the air sensor.
  5. The maximum temperature of the floor has been exceeded – the controller disconnects the entire system.

Handling the device

  1. Electric underfloor heating does not require any ongoing or seasonal maintenance.
  2. Cleaning the thermostat should be done with a slightly moistened, soft cloth.
  3. Do not use any caustic detergents. It is best to use a solution of water and soap to clean the device.
  4. Disassembling or reassembling of the device must be done with 230 V power supply turned off!

A Recycling
Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or local store for recycling advice.
yyWxx: Manufacturing date code; year of manufacturing (yy) and week of manufacturing (Wxx)
Conforms to all relevant European Directives

Commercial Guarantee

At Blyss we take special care to select high-quality materials and use manufacturing techniques that allow us to create ranges of products incorporating design and durability. That’s why we offer a 24 months guarantee against manufacturing defects on our thermostat.
This thermostat is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase, if bought in store, or delivery, if bought online, for normal (non-professional or commercial) household use. You may only make a claim under this guarantee upon presentation of your sales receipt or purchase invoice.
Please keep your proof of purchase in a safe place.

The guarantee covers all parts and labor costs associated with the repair of the thermostat if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within 24 months from the date of purchase or delivery subject to the exclusions set out below and provided it was used for the purpose for which it is intended and subject to installation, cleaning, care, and maintenance by the information contained in the user manual. This guarantee does not cover defects and damage caused by normal wear and tear of thermostats and damage that could be the result of improper use, faulty installation, storage or assembly, neglect, accident, modification of the product, or consumable items. The guarantee is limited to parts recognised as defective.
If the thermostat is defective, we will repair it. However, if, during the guarantee period, the thermostat becomes irreparable as agreed by an engineer approved by our authorized agent then we reserve the right, at our discretion, to exchange the defective thermostat with a replacement thermostat. If the same thermostat is no longer available an alternative thermostat will be offered with the equivalent functions and specifications. During the service work carried out it may be necessary to remove the built in thermostat from its fitted position. If the thermostat is glued, grouted or tiled in such a manner that it cannot be removed, it is the responsibility of the customer/installer to remove and reinstall the thermostat to facilitate the repair or replacement.

After the thermostat has been repaired or replaced any remaining balance of the guarantee period will apply to the repaired or replaced thermostat. Should any person other than an engineer approved by our authorised agent modify or attempt to repair the thermostat then the guarantee will be invalid. This guarantee only applies to the country of purchase or delivery and is not transferrable to any other countries. This guarantee is non-transferrable to any other person or product. Relevant local law will apply to this guarantee. This guarantee is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights relating to faulty goods as a consumer.
Guarantee-related queries should be addressed to a store affiliated with the distributor you purchased the thermostat from.

  1. [For France, add: The distributor you purchased the thermostat from is liable for any conformity or hidden defects in the thermostat in accordance with the following provisions:
  2. Article L217-4 of the Consumer Code
    The vendor must deliver goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for the lack of compliance existing at the time of delivery. It is also responsible for the lack of compliance caused by the packaging, assembly instructions or installation when it is responsible for such under the contract or when it was carried out under its responsibility.
  3. Article L217-5 of the Consumer Code
    The goods are in conformity with the contract:
    • If they are fit for the purpose usually expected for similar goods and, where appropriate:
      • if they correspond to the description given by the vendor and possess the qualities presented by the vendor to the purchaser in the form of a sample or model;
      • if they present qualities which a purchaser can legitimately expect with regard to the public declarations made by the vendor, by the manufacturer or by its representative, in particular in the advertising or labelling;
    • Or if they present the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the Parties or are fit for any special use sought by the purchaser, brought to the attention of the vendor and which the latter agreed.
  4. Article L217-12 of the Consumer Code
    Action resulting from the lack of compliance is limited to two years after delivery of the goods.
  5. Article L217-16 of the Consumer Code
    When the purchaser asks the vendor, during the course of the sales guarantee which was granted to same at the time of purchase or repair of the movable property, restoration covered by the guarantee, any period of downtime of at least seven days shall be added to the remaining guarantee period. This period runs from the request for intervention by the purchaser or from the availability for repair of the goods in question, if such availability is after the intervention request.
  6. Article 1641 of the Civil Code
    The vendor is bound by the guarantee as a result of hidden defects in the item sold which render same unfit for the use for which it was intended, or which reduce such use so much that the purchaser would not have bought it, or would have paid a lower price, if it had known about them.
  7. Article 1648 of the Civil Code
    Any action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect.]
  8. [For Spain. add: All related expenses (shipping, incorrect installation) as well as any related direct and indirect damages are excluded from the warranty.
    The distributor shall be liable for any conformity defects of the thermostat according to the provisions established in Articles 114 to 124 of the Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, dated November 16th, which approves the consolidated text of the General Consumer and User Protection Law and other complementary laws.]
  9. [For Portugal, add: Distributor is liable for any conformity defects of the thermostat under the terms of the Warranty Law (Decree-Law No. 67/2003), amended by Decree-Law No. 84/2008.]
  10. [For Romania, add: A supplemental warranty certificate will be given to you in store upon your purchase of the thermostat.
  11. [For Germany, add: If you have purchased the thermostat in store, the distributor is liable if it is defective under (section 312a (2) sentence 1,3 of the German Civil Code – “BGB”, art.246 (1) (5) Introductory Act to the Civil Code – “EGBGB”); if you have purchased the thermostat online, the distributor is liable if it is defective under (section 246a 1 (1) sentence 1, (8) Introductory Act of the Civil Code – “EGBGB”).


Blyss Valkla Digital Thermostat User Manual


Blyss Valkla Thermostat User Manual





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