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Aube Technologies TH134 Pilot-wire Programmer Thermostat Installation and User Guide


Aube Technologies TH134 Pilot-wire Programmer Thermostat

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TH134 is an electronic six-order pilot-wire programmer that allows separate temperature control of three zones using four programs per day. The TH134 programmer has three pilot-wire outputs can be connected to thermostats or controllers that accept pilot-wire signals. The TH134 programmer has a remote input to which a telephone controller (such as Aube’s CT240), a home automation system (HAS) or an energy manager can be connected. When a signal is received from any of these devices, TH134 forwards the order to the heating units.

Product Overview

Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.1

  1. Order buttons
  2. Mode selection button
  3. Zone selection button
  4. Time/day setting button
  5. Program button
  6. Return button
  7. Selection button
  8. Display


Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.3

  1. Time
  2. Heating modes
    • Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.4Comfort mode
    • Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.5 Setback modes (icon is steady in 3,5k setback; flashes in 1k and 2k setbacks)
    • Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.6Frost protection
    • Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.7Off
  3. Operating modes
    • Manual mode
    • Auto mode
  4. Zone selected (the letter A appears when all 3 zones are selected)
  5. Current program (applicable to automatic mode only)


Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.8

The following table shows the different means of initiating an order.

Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.2


The installation must be performed by an electrician. The programmer must be installed on an electrical box.

  1. Remove the faceplate
    • Loosen the locking screw (the screw is captive and cannot be completely removed).
    • Pull and lift the bottom of the faceplate to remove it from its mounting plate.Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.9
  2. Connect the programmer
    Connect power to terminals L (line) and N (neutral). Connect the pilot wire inputs of the thermo-stats to terminals FP1, FP2 and FP3.Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.10Note: The terminals accept wire thicknesses between 0,32 and 2,1 mm.
  3. Connect the remote input (optional)
    • CT240 telephone controller
      Connect terminals 2 and 1 of the CT240 to terminals L and TEL of the programmer respectively.
      CT241 telephone controller
      Connect the terminals of one of the outputs of CT241 to terminals L and TEL of the programmer.
    • Home automation system
      Connect the normally open relay of the home automation system terminals L and TEL of the programmer.
    • Energy manager
      Connect the pilot wire output of the energy manager to the TEL input of the programmer.
  4. Complete the installation
    • Fix the mounting plate to the wall.
    • Install the faceplate on the mounting plate and lock them together using the locking screw.Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.11
  5. Apply power to the programmer


During power-up, the TH134 perform a series of test for approximately 5 seconds. Afterwards, the programmer displays the following:

Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.12

Time and day setting

  1. Press Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.13. The hours display flashes.
  2. Set the hours using the Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.14 buttons.
  3. Press Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.13. The minutes display flashes.
  4. Set the minutes using the Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.14buttons.
  5. PressAube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.13 . The day display flashes.
  6. Set the day using the Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.14buttons.
  7. Press Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.15 to exit the time and day settings


Note: If the “setback” and “off’ orders received by a heating unit are reversed, reverse the “Ph” and the “N” wires on the heating unit.

Manual mode
Transmits the order selected via one of the order buttons. To use this mode:Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.16

  1. Select the zone by pressing the Zone button. (Press for 3 seconds to select all 3 zones.)
  2. Select the manual (Man) mode by pressing the Man/Auto button.
  3. Select the order by pressing the appropriate order button.

Automatic mode
The orders are sent to each zone according to the schedule programmed for that zone. To use this mode:

Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-17

  1. Select the zone by pressing the Zone button. (Press for 3 seconds to select all 3 zones.)
  2. Select the Auto mode by pressing the Man/Auto button.

You can bypass the automatic mode for 2 hours. At the end of the 2 hours, the programmer returns to the automatic mode.

Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.18

  1. Select the zone using the Zone button. (Press for 3 seconds to select all 3 zones.)
  2. Press the desired order button.
    The auto mode icon flashes during the bypass.

Remote input
Whenever an order is received via the remote input, it becomes the active order for all 3 zones. To know which orders can be initiated by the energy manager, the phone controller or the home automation system, see the table on page 1Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.19. This is displayed when signals are received via the remote input.
Orders received via the remote input have priority over orders initiated via the TH134 programmer. However, you can bypass the remote input order for each zone for 2 hours. At the end of the 2 hours, the remote input order becomes active again.Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.18

  1. Select the zone using the Zone button. (Press for 3 seconds to select all 3 zones.)
  2. Press the desired order button.
    The icon flashes during the bypass.

Preprogrammed Schedule

The same schedule is used by default for all 3 zones as shown below.

Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.21

Schedule customization

Use the following procedure to select the order and the start time for each of the 4 programs for each zone. The settings of each program will be the same for each day. However, you can then select which programs to be executed for each day and each zone.

  1. Press the PGM to start programming.
  2. Select the zone using the Zone button. (Press for 3 seconds to select all 3 zones.)Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.22
  3. Select the program using the PGM button.
  4. Set the program start time.
  5. Select the mode by pressing the corresponding button.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the remaining programs for the selected zone.
  7. Go to step 2 if you wish to select another zone.
  8. Press a to exit programming.

Note: TH134 will automatically exit programming if no button is pressed for the last 60 seconds.
When selecting the number of programs,Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.23

  1. Press the MAN/AUTO button for 3 seconds until PPd is displayed.
  2. Select the zone using the ZONE button. (Press for 3 sec. to select all 3 zones.)
  3. Press MAN/AUTO until the desired day is displayed.
  4. Set the number of programs for the selected day using the Av buttons. The options are:
    • 4 (to select all 4 programs)
    • 2 (to select programs 1 and 4 only)
    •  0 (no program is selected for that day)
      Note: If no program is selected for a particular day, TH134 uses the order of the last program until the start of the next program.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each remaining day.
  6. Go to step 2 if you wish to select another zone.
  7. Press + to exit.
    Enter your settings in the following table.Aube Technologies-TH134-Pilot-wire-Programmer-Thermostat-fig.24

Technical Specifications

  • Model: TH134
  • Power supply: 230 VCA / 50 Hz
  • Consumption: 25 mA maximum
  • Pilot wire output: 60 mA per output / 230 VCA
  • Maximum load: 10 units per pilot wire output (FP)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C
  • Storage temperature: -20 – 50°C
  • Protection: class 2
  • Protection index: IP20
  • Automatic action: 1Y type
  • Environment: normally polluted
  • Software: Class A
  • Memory type: program settings are permanently saved time settings are saved for 4 hours during power outage
  • Remote input: universal relay (230 VCA / 500 MA) or pilot wire
  • Wire thickness: 0,32 – 2,1 mm


This product is guaranteed against workmanship defects for three years following the initial date of purchase. During this period, AUBE Technologies Inc. will repair or replace, at our option and without charge, any defective product that has been used under normal conditions.The warranty does not cover delivery costs and does not apply to products poorly installed or randomly damaged following installation. This warranty cancels and replaces any other manufacturer’s express or implied warranty as well as any other company commitment. AUBE Technologies Inc. cannot be held liable for related or random damages following the installation of this product. The defective product as well as the purchase invoice must be returned to the place of purchase or mailed, prepaid and insured, to the following address.
Technical Support
For any questions regarding the product installation or operation, contact our technical support team at:

705, Montrichard Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec J2X 5K8
Tel. : (450) 358-4600
[email protected]
10, rue Ampère 95500 Gonesse, France
Tel. : 33 (0) 1 34 07 99 00
Fax: 33 (0) 1 34 07 99 19
[email protected]


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Aube Technologies TH134 Pilot-wire Programmer Thermostat Installation and User GuideAube-logo

Aube Technologies TH134 Pilot-wire Programmer Thermostat Installation and User Guide


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