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  • SUMING L202 Electric Thermostat User Manual

    SUMING L202 Electric Thermostat User Manual

    SUMING L202 Electric Thermostat  INTRODUCTION The user-friendly and adaptable SUMING L202 Electric Thermostat is made for managing electric heating systems. In order to maximize energy economy and improve comfort in residential and commercial settings, it offers accurate temperature control and a variety of programming functions. The thermostat uses cutting-edge technology and simple controls to offer a convenient and individualized heating experience. The SUMING L202 Electric Thermostat is a dependable and effective option for controlling the heating in a bigger space or maintaining a suitable temperature in your house. It is a popular option for both professionals and homeowners because of its accuracy, dependability, and usability. The SUMING L202 Electric Thermostat offers precise control over your electric heating system and perfectly integrates into any contemporary home thanks to its sleek form and simple controls. SPECIFICATION Rating Load 1200W Voltage AC 110v-240v Temperature regulation range internal control 5-35 ℃ Temperature display accuracy ± 1 ℃ Temperature sensor ntc10k Load current 10A Power consumption ≤ 3W Boundary dimension 86 * 86 * 15mm Shell material ABS Protection class IP21 Output…