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  • ANLT HY316 Smart WiFi Thermostat User Manual

    ANLT HY316 Smart WiFi Thermostat User Manual

    ANLT HY316 Smart WiFi Thermostat  Introduction The ANLT HY316 Smart WiFi Thermostat is a cutting-edge home heating and cooling device that allows you to control your HVAC system remotely through a smartphone app or a web browser. It is designed to provide convenience, energy efficiency, and customization options for optimal comfort in your home. Key…

  • ANLT ALTR9 WIFI Smart Thermostat User Manual

    ANLT ALTR9 WIFI Smart Thermostat User Manual

    ANLT ALTR9 WIFI Smart Thermostat Specifications Voltage: 110~240V Sensor: NTC Sensor, 3M Material: Flame retardant pc Function: WIFI Programmable Brand: ANLT INTRODUCTION Where comfort and energy efficiency go hand in hand, the ANLT ALTR9 Smart Thermostat emerges as a revolutionary device designed to transform the way we control the climate in our homes. With its…

  • ANLT 002 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat User Manual

    ANLT 002 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat User Manual

    ANLT 002 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat  INTRODUCTION Modern technology has been included in the ANLT 002 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat to offer effective and practical control over your home’s heating and cooling systems. It has a modern and simple touchscreen interface that makes it simple to set and modify temperature settings to suit your tastes. With this programmable thermostat, you can design unique heating and cooling plans to reduce energy use and increase comfort. The ANLT 002 thermostat’s touchscreen interface provides simple navigation and an aesthetically pleasing display, making it simple to use and comprehend. The touchscreen provides immediate access to a number of settings and features, doing away with the need for external controls or tricky button combinations. The programmability of the ANLT 002 thermostat is one of its primary characteristics. Using this function, For various periods of the day or week, you can choose different temperature levels. For instance, you could set the thermostat to automatically raise the temperature just before you wake up or arrive home after lowering it at night or while you’re away. With this feature, you can reduce heating or cooling when it’s unnecessary without compromising comfort. Advanced features like adaptive learning and smart technology integration are also available with the ANLT 002 thermostat. Through adaptive learning, the thermostat can assess your preferred temperature settings and modify its settings as necessary to gradually create a more individualized and cozy environment. Additionally, you may link the thermostat to your home’s Wi-Fi network so that you can operate it from a distance using a mobile device. To increase automation and convenience, connect it to a smartphone app or other smart home appliances. Additionally, the ANLT 002 thermostat offers data and insights on energy utilization to help you monitor and manage your energy use. Depending on your usage patterns, it might also provide advice on how to save energy, encouraging the adoption of more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. In conclusion, the ANLT 002 Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat combines cutting-edge technology, an intuitive layout, and energy-saving features to deliver effective temperature control and increased comfort in your home. Modern households will find it to be a flexible and practical option thanks to its programmability, smart home system integration, and an intuitive touchscreen interface. CONTROLLER Programmable LCD Touchscreen Thermostat Thermoregulator AC 85-250V Temperature Control for Home for Electric Floor Heating To regulate the temperature of electric heating devices, this digital floor heating thermostat makes use of a highly accurate sensor and cutting-edge microcomputer chip management. Control motorized ball valves , solenoid valves, thermal valves, heaters, electric heating films, and carbon crystal heaters. It mostly serves to heat floors. Features Thermostat with a touch screen that is simple to use, install, and adapts to your lifestyle. To reduce your electricity costs, schedule it according to your schedule. Flexible programming options include 5-2 and 6-1 days. In the shutdown state, the low-temperature anti-freezing feature will automatically activate…